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Confessions of a Guild Leader

As if playing 4 healers wasn’t masochistic enough…

I came back to Uldaman when Wrath hit after getting kicked from a T6 guild on Medivh because I was bad. In my defense, I was in Kara gear, never seen past Gruul/Mag AND I stood up for the entire Felmyst fight. AND I was on tanks and THEY DIDN’T DIE! So THERE!!!

Anyway, a couple of former members of DGF found me and offered me a healing spot in Naxx. When I transferred back I was still leveling – around lvl 74 or 75 at the time. They were patient, they ran heroics while waiting for me to hit 80. They ran some heroics with me after I hit 80… soon I was ready to get back into healing raids again. We were a 10 man guild that used 2 tanks, 6 dps and only 2 healers. My healing partner was a resto druid. We got through all the wings and it was time to give Sapphiron a look.

That weekend I was on vacation, but I logged into WoW on my laptop and saw there was nobody on in guild. But wait! A couple of them were on my friends list and were online. I checked the guild log and sure enough, a series of /gquits. I sent a tell to one of the guildies, and did a /who on him. New guild tag. I didn’t get a response. Finally later that night, they pulled me into vent, said they re-formed the guild under new leadership and I was welcome to join as a non-raiding member. What? “Frankly, you’re a bad healer. We’ll never get a KT kill with you. We want to progress to Malygos and you’ll just never get there.”


So I declined their invite and went looking for a new guild. In January of 2009, I posted a plea on the server forums, asking if casual guilds still truly existed? The recruiting officer of <Blood Red Skies> answered my plea. I thrived with BRS. We killed KT on 10 man and formed into a solid 25 man raiding guild, finishing off 25 man Naxx when 25’s were called “heroic”. We failed hard on Malygos for a couple of months. My old guild was too (ha ha). In the end we killed Maly before they did.

At this time Aly was my only focus, I was determined to make her the best healer I could be. I researched, I posted on the forums, I impressed the paladin class leader. I helped out a fellow holy pally who was gearing up. After 4 months of being in BRS, I was promoted to officer and leading successful 25 man Naxx raids. We had clear communication on the forums regarding raiding and loot policy.

At the end of May, the guild leader called an officer meeting and said he was going to need to step down due to some real life issues he had to deal with, and his hiatus would be indefinite (to this day he still hasn’t come back to the game!). The officer that recruited me was ready to step up and lead the guild.

The following weekend I couldn’t make the raid in order to attend my cousin’s graduation party. Said officer and another officer led the 25 man run in my place. I got home near the end time of the raid and logged on to see:

Recruiting Officer has left the guild

Her alts have left the guild

Officer 2 has left the guild

Raider 1 has left the guild

Raider 2 has left the guild

Raider 3-10 have left the guild

And a post on the forum alluding to some sort of loot drama during the run. The best guild I was ever a part of up to that point in my gaming experience had completely fallen apart.

The next day, the guild leader came on tried to get a sense of what happened and finally said in officer channel in vent “I still need to leave the game. Someone needs to step up or the guild will disband.”


The other 2 officers that were left were real life friends of the first officer that did leave. I knew they would eventually leave as well. Finally.. I took a deep breath.

“I’ll do it.”

And so I inherited the leadership of a guild that had just been shattered by drama.

To Be Continued….

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