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Confessions of a Healer

Healers get a lot of flack. Seriously.
Tank dies. Blame the healer.
DPS dies. Blame the healer.
Healer dies. Blame the healer.

To play a healer you have to be a serious glutton for punishment and abuse. I’ve played a healer since the end of Burning Crusade. That’s… 3 years give or take. I’ve played 4 different types of healers.

How did I become a healer? Well, I sucked at playing a hunter so I rolled a paladin Alykii. I was running quests in the Barrens and I got the tell. The tell heard round…my head. The tell that changed my life in Azeroth as I knew it.

“Do you want to heal Wailing Caverns?”

Well, okay. Let’s see, I have some healing buttons. What spec am I again? 2 points in holy 4 points in prot and 3 points in ret. Sure!

After that run I put all the rest of my talents into holy and officially respecc’d to holy at level 40. Talk about punishment! I suppose it was a good class to learn healing. “Aly you’re on tank heals!” Sure, no pressure! Spam Flash of light! woo!

I have 2 memorable moments when raiding on Aly:

TBC: Attumen’s mount drops. I win with a 97. Next roll was a 94.
WOTLK: Raiding Naxx with Blood Red Skies and healing Drol (the main tank) on Kel’thuzad while he was still equipped with frost resist gear and a broken dagger. And winning. I’d have to say running 10 man naxx while it was accidentally on 25 man mode and still clearing trash ranks up there as well.

During Wrath I leveled a 2nd healer. I remember it vividly. The ICC 5-mans were unlocked and Aly healed Halls of Reflection. Well not so much healed, but watched helplessly as the incoming damage killed the group faster than her holy shock CD could refresh. HS FOL FOL HS FOL HL HL LOH OMG DONT DIE!! The piddly “group” heal of the Glyph of Holy Light did nothing. She was traumatized. I vowed never to heal that place again until Blizzard turned my pally into a tree. Blizzard said no.

Hence, Kykki was born. Kykki was a twink kitty that played Arathi Basin over and over and over at lvl 29. I wanted to learn the ways of the tree. It was quite enjoyable and she was a good filler in our 2nd group, or when an ICC PUG or a friend’s guild needed a healer.

Then something happened. We ended up playing musical tanks…having trouble keeping a couple of dedicated tanks to run ICC with. Aly ended up doing the unthinkable. She got defense capped and ran face first into mobs… rawr! I ended up tanking in one group and healing in another. The tank thing didn’t last very long, I really didn’t like being that close to Saurfang’s nuts. So we got a tank … or had one of our dps tank… or Giz came back for his 2nd tour of duty with MT after playing a dwarf and getting killed in WG by one of us… but I digress…

At this time I was leveling a shadow priest on the side. Yes! SHADOW! ALL SHADOW! Until we were on LK and Giz said “we need a disc priest or we go home.”

NOOOO!!!!!!! I hate you all!!!

So I just ding’d 80 on Kynkki about 3 days before Giz made that post.
“Giz do you want me to bring the pally or the priest?”
“Bring the priest”
“We’re fucked”

10 mins before invites, I respec disc.. with nothing but baby shadow gear.

Most memorable moments while healing on my priest:
1. Accidentally healing a LK fight in shadow spec (“oh shizzle! where’s mah penance?!”)
2. Killing Arthas before Cataclysm.

That brings me to my lost tree, Kykki, working on Chimaeron in BWD:
Giz: “a resto druid would be awesome on this fight”
And the rest is history.

Most memorable moment healing on my druid:

Successfully solo healing Baradin Hold after a misunderstanding led both Emor and Krur switching to dps (I blame Giz)

With the best, comes the worst. Aly’s Top 10 worst moments as a healer:

10. Healing Heroic Halls of Reflection for the first time (Alykii)
9. Healing Utgarde Keep on my shaman and being told “worst fucking healer ever”
8. Healing BRC on my priest for the first time and being told “worst fucking healer ever”
7. Healing Heroic VP on my priest for the 2nd time and being told “Healer you’re fucking bad you need to quit life.”
6. Healing Malygos. Every. Time. (Alykii)
5. Healing ZA. Every. Time. (TBC – Alykii)
4. Healing most PuGs (every healer I’ve played)
3. Transferring to Medivh to join a hardcore T6 guild in TBC, getting thrown face first in Sunwell Plateau wearing a mishmash of Kara and PVP gear.
2. Getting kicked the next day from said hardcore T6 guild in TBC because “your heals suck” .. (this was when realm xfers were a 30 day cooldown)
1. Transferring back to Uldaman to join a new guild for early Wrath, having a core healing spot on Aly, healing through naxx.. then inexplicably the guild disbanded, re-formed and my own guildies saying “sorry you’re a bad healer. You can join the new guild but your spot has been filled. You’ll never see end game the way you play, you’ll never see KT die and forget Malygos!”

Followup memorable moment after #1: Waving my “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” at them – they couldn’t get Maly down. I’m sure it was still my fault. Funny enough, I invited them to BRS’s Maly run and that’s how they did get their title!

So – after all this healing… yes I’m a healer at heart, always will be. BUT I would go completely insane if it weren’t for the times that I DONT have to heal! Healer burn out happens to everyone. It can’t happen to me because the guild would pretty much be screwed lol. So the best way to manage it is by not doing it every waking hour… and so far it’s working.



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