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Confessions of a Guild Leader pt 2

If there was ever one thing in WoW that I truly excelled at, it was recruiting members.

I refused to let BRS die. A lot of work went into that guild and I was going to see to it that the spirit of the guild remained. I promoted a couple of officers and started picking up the pieces keeping hope that my leadership of the guild was only temporary, and that one day the original GL or the Senior Officer (the one that recruited me) would be back.

Not everyone left the guild, but we did lose a lot of core raiders. Obviously 25-mans were going to be out of the question for a while. I really appreciated the support from the members that remained. Ulduar had been released just before the “shattering” and we decided to try our hand at it. Prior to the exodus, a group did go in and got through 10/12 bosses in the first couple of weeks. But I had to be honest in my recruitment post….I don’t remember the exact wording of it since it was on the “old” bliz forums, but it went something like this:

<Blood Red Skies> is recruiting new members! We have completed Naxx 10/25 and are running 10-man Ulduar. If you look on guildox you’ll see that the guild is 10/12. However we are re-building and I consider us at this time 3/12 and moving forward.

Somehow, that turned into a very bad idea. We got trolled to death with accusations of “false advertisement” since there was maybe 1 or 2 left from the group that killed 10 bosses. Ok.. new plan.

At this time a fairly new recruitment website came out called wowmatcher.com. I completed a guild profile and listed our progression as 3/12. I had a catchy description and got a ton of responses. I created a new guild website and soon we had a core 10-man team that went 9/12 and we joined forces with a friend’s guild to run joint 25 Ulduar.

Something I should make note of is BRS was an extreme casual guild. One original officer from BRS was still an officer, and did her best to halt any changes in direction the guild was naturally taking. People wanted to raid more. People wanted a different loot system. People wanted a set team instead of signups and having to re-explain fights. I was leaning in that direction myself. She would have none of it.”That’s not what we’re about”. She was also running raids outside our guild with her friends – never with the guild. I was torn. I was wondering why she wouldn’t just gquit and join the guild her friends started. I didn’t want to demote her – she was a founding member and I didn’t want the impression that I “took over the guild” (which, really I did by default). This was causing a divide within our officer corps and our raiders.

And then on Friday the 13th in November, it happened again. My raid leader/right-hand officer said in officer chat “I’m leaving. I want to start my own guild”. I was completely blindsided. He then said goodbye to the guild and left. Followed by a 2nd officer. Followed by 2 healers. Followed by some more of our core raid to join his guild.

And I cried.

I had two officers left – the one that caused the divide and another who has been loyal to me since our days in DGS. Lahno jokingly said “Now what? take the bank and make a break for it?” I had given up at that point. I did not want to rebuild again. All the work I had put into the guild was gone. He did have a point. I came to the conclusion that the original GL and the other officer were not coming back. BRS was never going to return to its former glory. In all seriousness, he was telling me to justlet it die.

The problem is, I really cared about my guild members. I didn’t want to see them scatter to the wind. I rounded up the ones that didn’t leave, and instead of our regularly scheduled raid, we had a meeting in vent. They supported me and stood by me. They encouraged me to rebuild again. We had an ubreakable spirit. But I felt haunted in BRS. There were these ghostly whispers that said I can only build it back in the spirit it once was, not how I wanted to run it. So, as a guild, we made the decision to let BRS go and re-form into a new guild with a new identity. It was no longer going to be the “guild I took over”, it was going to be MY guild. It was the only way for me to get away from the ghosts of officers past and move on.

We had a LOT of discussion on the new guild name. Many ideas, many polls. What was the best name for building a new guild that showed off our personalities?

In December of 2009, <Masochistic Tendencies> was born.

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