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Josh demanded a post dedicated to him.

So sometime back when I was the recruitment bitch for <Dead Gnomes Float> .. and he’s right, it was a long friggin time ago…2007? Early 2008?  a scrub priest named Lorylai responded to my recruitment post on the old Uldaman forum. Apparently he came from Eredar (the server, not the space goat planet) and joined DGF. He healed some of Kara with us. Fun times. Then he took one of his many infamous breaks.

While I was running <Dead Gnomes Society> and leveling Alykii he started a baby orc shaman named Jynzara and leveled with me in DGS.  Then he took another of his infamous breaks.. never to be heard from aga…o wait.

After I left Uldaman and then came back to the jerkface guild that said I sucked at healing in early Wrath, I got a random tell from a scrub pally named Myranda as I was grinding Argent Dawn rep in EPL. Holy shit, well lookie who it is! He ended up joining said jerkface guild, and somehow he was ret healing grobbulus in Naxx. That was fun. After that guild disbanded, he took… another friggin break.

I heard from him again shortly after I became an officer in BRS. After assuring him the guild was stable.. (cough…lies…cough…) he joined and tanked for us on Myranda. He took a few more breaks in between, joined up MT after re-forming and tanked ICC with us until somehow we had too many tanks and he decided that he liked ret instead.

That foo is now one of the worst dps in our FL group… doing a scrub 35k on Heroic Majordomo. Getting outdps’d by a fury warrior and discipline priest.. (ok ok shadow priest, but Emor will get up there!). WTB sunder armor for Ryolith??

Yes I have to tease about dps because he likes being on top… of the dps meter. =)

We have also coined the phrase “pulling a Myranda”:
Does the title Leeroy Jenkins mean anything to you? To Pull a Myranda was coined when he kept pulling Ryolith while we were eating fish.
Then one night we were on the Alys trash, waiting for everyone to get up there and the trash pulls
Yakk: “who just pulled a Myranda?”
-Myranda dies-
Me: “umm I think it was Myranda”
Myranda: “my bad”

And Crusader Aura totally makes us kill faster.

Anyway, tl;dr: scrub pally, followed me around like a lost puppy since TBC. ❤ ❤
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