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The Originals

After writing my last post, I got to thinking… who is still with MT from the days of BRS?

Active Members:

Semi-Active Members:

Inactive Members:

While these folks helped found MT…(and I actually blame Tubbs for the whole thing*, long before the whole “blame Giz” thing started) the guild membership from December 2009 to the Present is what has made it as awesome as it is. While everyone deserves a mention there’s just too many people to list these days! But I’ll try.

(deep breath)

Rodin, Pimpdady G, Gizmo, Yakkypoo, Emor (there I mentioned you again!), Rainy, Grim, Gamma, Orcshot, Xotica, Ambient, Igoa, Dreggos, Truffle, Sal, Mahgeetah, Cali, Zal, Py, Trindee, Kare, Dannan, Haemic, Reluu, Mathayos, Amethyst, Rob “The New Guy”, Arkwhelm, Turkey, Stabby, Nim, Donna, Giant, Corbeau, Teratek, Feelings, Chronon, Barbas, Rathkurg, Ket, Silver, Clawh, Hotty, Tequillamari, Phemoris, my sisters and brother in law, Snoka, Sarkett, Mister Ame, and anyone else I haven’t mentioned yet and those that have made their mark here and moved on.

I love you all. And I hate you all. At the same time! ❤ ❤

*It actually turned into the best thing that ever happened for the guild and for me as a leader. So while he can take blame, he can also take a big fat thank you.

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