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Blame Giz

While Myranda demanded his own postGiz just really deserves one.

Oh Gizmo… our loveable grump. Where do I start?

Giz joined MT in the beginning. His first guild application (yes you read that right) came in on January 13, 2010 – barely a month after MT formed. Let’s see if I get the Gizology right..

He spent most of his time in <Nebulous Rising> although I swear he had brief stint in DGF back in the day. He then faction changed to Alliance, then back to Horde to join MT the first time. Then as we were sloshing through ICC, he got impatient. He compared us a bit to his old guild NR and didn’t want to wait around for us to kill more bosses. So back to alliance he went in March 2010. He died in Wintergrasp and we danced on his corpse.

But Gizmo missed us.. Not even a month later, he applied to the guild again with his baby hunter that was still horde. He decided he missed 10 man raiding and switched his toons back to horde and brought them back to MT.

After our Raid leader at the time rage quit, went off his meds and harassed me on facebook and in the blizzard forums (which led him to an in game ban and forum ban), I promoted Giz to raid leader. He led us through ICC and ultimately to the fall of the Lich King.

I have to make an honorable mention here – Rodin who was promoted to Raid Leader at the launch of Cata was a huge help in our success of killing Arthas.

Anyway on to Cata.. 2 groups Giz was promoted to officer and led one, Rodin led the other. Finally last summer Gizmo started a new job which changed his hours drastically, to the point where he couldn’t raid at night during the week. This made us all very sad. He was all Mister Grumpyface and Cranky McBitchypants, and finally made the decision to leave MT again in search of a weekend raiding guild.

Funny enough, we got a few guild applications in and nowhere to put them. I know! I’ll recruit more and start a 3rd group! (the name <Masochistic Tendencies> isn’t just a name folks, it’s a way of life). And so a weekend group was form and Gizmo came back… again.

So having raided with Giz over the years.. a few phrases have been coined: “Blame Giz” and “To Pull a Giz”. We have even jokingly started “The Giz Awards” – kinda like the Darwin awards except.. well someone pulled a Giz.

So how does one pull a Giz? Let me count the ways…

  • In ICC he raided on his Prot Pally. Every time he forgot to turn on Righteous Fury I told him to donate 50G to the GB. He still owes the bank about 632k Gold for that. We can discuss a payment plan later.
  • Pulls bosses before the group is buffed and ready.. “ok here we go”… splat.
  • Occasionally forgetting to swap back into tank gear on one tank fights (V&T in BOT)
  • Hitting Electron while he’s shielded and getting one-shotted (we spent weeks on ODS until we figured THAT out)
  • The way he explains boss fights “ok so… this guy does some stuff.. then we kill him. Okay? here we go…”
  • Kiting Ryolith sparks through the raid bbq’ing everyone in his path
  • Falling through holes in webs… repeatedly:

Gene: Giz you’re going up top
Me: Um, you sure about that?
Gene: He needs to learn

First attempt:
downstairs group kills adds…lalala
-Giz falls out of the sky and goes splat-
Gene: What happened?
Giz: I fell in the damn hole

Second attempt:
downstairs group kills adds…lalala
Giz: Oh for the love of!
Now we’re making fun of him and giggling uncontrollably

Third-Fourth-Fifth-12th attempts
downstairs group kills adds….lalala
I would think by the 5th or so attempt we would switch tanks to go upstairs/downstairs, but we were laffing too hard and having too much fun watching him die

13th attempt (an hour and a half later)
downstairs group kills adds….lalala
Amethyst (upstairs healer): SHIT

So you get the idea of where we go with Giz Awards. Last night Grim won the Giz award on the first Rag attempt….

First Pull.. la la la pew pew pew

Gamma go boom (main tank)

I battle rez him just as I see Grim jump in the lava

Me: Uh… Grim?

Grim: oops, I thought we were wiping it

Xotica: And the Giz award goes to…!

So anytime someone dies to dumb shit… or heroic leaps into Rag’s pool of fire…it’s Pulling a Giz, or winning the Giz Award. Anytime we wipe to dumb shit, we don’t roll for blame, we just blame Giz – even if he’s not there. It’s in the Guild Rules.

❤ Gizmo

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    November 3, 2011 at 12:58 pm


  2. Ashley Oliver
    March 20, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Oh oh oh I was mentioned here! I must have missed this one hehe <3<3
    I laughed my booty off reading this.

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