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Confessions of a Raid Leader

The last time I was a dedicated raid leader, I led 25 man Naxx in Wrath….which ended badly.

Since the day I took over guild leadership, I went through raid leaders with the same frequency that I went through toilet paper. I had different leaders from Ulduar through ICC. I lost count, really. They either quit the game, or rage quit the guild and stalked me on face book and harassed me on the blizz forums. (I was thisclose to a restraining order. Please, stay on your meds folks.)

Anyway, the cycle continued through the opening of the Cataclysm expansion.. although luckily, at a much slower pace. We expanded to 2 groups, and eventually to 3. I have raid leader “teams” in each group to prevent burn out from it all falling on one person. So far, it’s working.

I should pause here to say, even though I’m not a “raid leader” per se, I am the primary raid coordinator. I chose the leaders, I set up the group configurations for each group, I listen to my raid leaders regarding recruiting needs…

Rodin: Aly I need a blood lust
Me: Otay

And being the recruitment bitch that I am, I go find Rodin a blood lust or at least a squishie that knows how to dance the Time Warp (it’s just a jump to the left….)

The reason why I chose to have 3 set groups instead of revolving signups is we cannot underestimate the importance of group chemistry and cohesion. I would love people to switch around and know each other better too, but for a progress focused guild, this is what’s best for us. There can be confusion with assignments, positioning, etc when you rotate other people in.

(yes that was my segway right there!)

So, last night our raid leader was absent due to snowmagedddon and we were missing another dps. One of our healers was also sick, but bravely fought by our sides. In hindsight, when it was asked if we should just clear on regular mode on Sunday and take Monday off, we probably should have done that. But that’s hindsight.

So the plan Monday was to just kill Majordomo on regular, kill rag and call it an early night. 10 wipes on Rag and 2 hours later, so much for that!

We had missed assignments everywhere, seeds everywhere, what the fail?? 8 out of 10 members in that group had this boss on farm. The 2 we had filling in knew the fight – one does it on his tank (so yeah filling in on ranged makes it a whole new fight) and the other had worked on rag with us once before. From me leading, to tanks dying, to sons blowing up the raid, it was a group fail.

To everyone’s credit, after the first few attempts of missed assignments on the sons, we did a Yakk and used flares and I did a pop quiz before the pull telling everyone to go to their left hammer spots… right hammer spots… middle hammer spots. And it worked. After that the sons went a lot smoother. Then we had seed problems. 2 seeds dropped on our stack point /facepalm. Back to the mock-up on where we drop seeds. So that was resolved. Then scions came out and everything went to hell. Oh well. That’s why I’m not a raid leader anymore. Things just seem to go to hell and people run in circles when I’m in charge.

Yakkypoo I missed you!! 😦

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