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I’ve got a feeling… that tonight’s gonna be a good night…

On a lighter note…

I have that song stuck in my head.. it was playing in the student union this morning on my way to get caffeine. Damn you Black Eyed Peas.

Anyway, I’ve got a feeling.. that my guild’s wed/thurs (“Team Bite Me”) raid group will kill Ragnaros tonight. For all that group’s personnel issues, they’re doing fantastically well – one shotting everything up to Rag last night with 3 fillers while our Sun/Mon (Team “Kiss My Ass”) group repeatedly wiped on Ryolith with 3 fillers.

It’s interesting. One group (KMA) is so tight that one player knows what the other is doing before he does it..the runs go really really smoothly when everyone is present and we communicate almost on a mental telepathic level. Throw in a filler or 2 and the group is thrown so far off kilter that everything goes to hell. (“oh I didn’t know I was on that add”… “you mean you weren’t reading our brain waves??!”)

Then look at another group (Bite Me) – with the unintended “problem” of a revolving door at one dps spot and possibly one healer spot. They’re used to not having the exact same group week after week. So when they get a filler or 2, the group adapts and everything still runs smoothly like they never missed a beat.

I don’t know which way is better to tell the truth. Maybe neither style is “better” – it’s just what works for each group.

And then we have our “Pwn Stars” team who is making excellent progress even with the Giz factor (lol).  They’re having fun, kicking ass and taking names.

At least one of those two groups is going to be 7/7 this week. Because I’ve got a feeling….

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