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We figured out H Shannox.

That mofo should have died. We got him to 600k. 3%.  I got face raged at about 2M, battle rezzed and face raged immediately again. If I lived we would have friggin’ had him.. I went all Cartman at the end of the SP movie on that attempt..


Our resto shammy has the plague or something. She was sick last week, she’s still sick. So we had Star fill in.. as heals! I got her baby shammy some bracers and some hawt enchants. She’s funny – she’s a complete nervous wreck when asked to heal or tank something. I asked her earlier in the day if she would want to try out healing FL. She said “I…uh…umm… lets try ZA/ZG first for some purples?” We got her ilvl up to 361. At this point I made no mention of trying heroics lol.

So we were running ZA/ZG and I was in vent with Yakk..
Yakk: Do you think Star can handle it?
Me: Sure – she’s better than she thinks. Just don’t tell her we’re doing heroics!
Yakk: she’ll freak out
Me: Yeah, so my plan is when we get in there, I’ll just flip it on and hope she doesn’t notice
Yakk: – dies laughing –

So we zone in… Yakk says “we’ll do Beth first to get Star’s feet wet before giving Shannox a few shots”
Grim: we going to do heroic?
Me: shhhh nope…. /wink wink
Star: wha?!!! Omg! You want me to heal heroic??! AHHHHHHHH!!!!
-panic sets in-
Me: Baptism by fire?
Rodin: (eavesdropping in vent): Aly you’re so mean

She was the Riplimb healer on Shannox, but I was having trouble healing the burst damage on face rages.. so we switched and had her raid heal the face rages. I was better suited to heal Grim’s steady JT damage with my hots. That was when we had our best attempts.

So Heroic Majordomo tonight…. shhh nobody tell Star ❤

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