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Are you ready?

I’m so ready for new content. The new Darkmoon Faire is now up on the PTR for 4.3 – I’ll have to check it out. My prediction is the patch will drop the week after next. I know I know… no more predictions. So forget I said that.

Anyway, Firelands has been lasting too long. I’m over that place. I’m happy that we were at least able to put some serious attempts on heroic Shannox. Of course the disappointment of a 3% wipe is just… /headdesk. I know that I’m not alone in my feeling that if all we’re going to do is farm until 4.3 then I’m done until 4.3. I want to say we’ve done a heroic boss while it’s still relevant. Otherwise, there’ s no point for me. Once we kill Deathwing, then I’m personally done until the expansion. That’s for sure. I’ve been raiding non stop for 11 months. Sometimes 4-5 times a week. It’s too much. That’s not to say I won’t fill in other groups if needed, it’s just that I need a bit of a break from the weekly grind. The period of time between a Deathwing kill and MoP endgame should be enough of a re-charge.

So who’s ready for Pandas? Who wants to bet that the top panda name in WoW will be variations on “Kungfu” or “Po”. I really don’t want to roll a panda. They’re right up there with Tauren for my least favorite class. The racials might be too good to pass though… might have to start a panda monk level it to 90 with the rested xp bonus then race change. I’m holding out hope that someday Blizzard will let me have a goblin monk. That would be awesome.

Monks… confuse me. I’m easily confusable. BUT I MUST HAS MOAR HEALER NAOW. I mean uh… I’m masochistic that way, and I must have a healer of every class. If that means using the force and chi and the power of buddha then .. er… okay. Who knows I may even learn how to tank on one. It’s not like I haven’t played a hybrid healing tank before…and melee dps hasn’t worked too well for me… especially since 2 of my 3 pure melee characters are bank toons and the other classes I play that have melee specs.. are not specc’d that way.

But still… I can now pretend to be a FIRE KITTY!! RAWR!!

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