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Dog Food!

So we are officially a “heroic” guild – wee! Go Team “Kiss My Ass!” That only took… hmm… 3 weeks? That’s all I’m counting because the first couple of days we tried him, we didn’t get any serious attempts (maybe 3-4 attempts before flipping to regular). After last week’s 3% wipe, I think the group was ready to kill him last night no matter how long it took.

So riding that high, we decided to take a look at Heroic Rhyolith. That’s going to be one of those fights where we’ll either get him in the first couple of shots or wipe all night thanks to the RNG placement of volcanoes and sparks and adds and magma… He’s not much different from regular mode except fire’s REALLY bad (one-shot dead bad), there’s some extra adds and frickin’ laser beams that come out of his frickin’ head in phase 2.

So after we flip Ryo back to EZ mode the following takes place in our healer channel..

Rainy: Aly can I dps pleeeese?
Me: no you can dps on Aly
Rainy: yay!
-lalala pewpewpew-
Rainy: *yawn* I need something to heal.
Me: want me to jump in the fire so you can heal me?
Rainy: ok!
So I ran through magma flows, spark fire and volcano pits taking damage while she threw riptides on me. I think Yakkypoo would have had a heart attack if he saw the shenanigans we were pulling lol.

So we decided we’re going to continue to work on H Majordomo. What a mess that was last night… I got pounced twice on one attempt then I was somehow tanking 2 balls of fire at once on the next, then we had a premature meow. Plus the Patriots were handing the Jets asses to them while we were raiding so I was a little distracted and doing happy dances in my living room with every turnover and TD. Note to Bill Belichick: Your starting D sucks. Your Patchwork D does not. J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!

But I digress…

On another good note – my prediction was only a week off! Team “Bite Me” has defeated Ragnaros! Yay!! The gauntlet has been thrown down for team “Pwn Stars” – it’s only a matter of time.

Maybe we’ll see some more heroic screenshots soon.

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  1. indigodragyn
    November 15, 2011 at 3:14 am

    Congrats again to you guys! 🙂

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