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We’ve Gone and Made a Mess…

How’s THAT for a prediction??

In one weekend we went 2/7 heroics. There were no shenanigans this time – just focus. And what a mess! The first 4 attempts were not even close. Seeds blowing up the raid, premature kittypowpow, too many scorp stacks, fire balloon fail… it was ugly.

Then we changed our blood lust timing – instead of the first scorpion phase we blew it on the first kitty phase when the raid had a full bar of awesome. Holy shit. Melee almost hit 60k each during that 15 seconds. Then on the 5th try (ftw), Yakk made the dps do the buddy system on orbs. Two take the north-ish side, two take the south-ish side. I think the orbs dropped next to each other but it somehow worked.

The stacks for each transition we decided on 11-7-7-6-5. But when we got the 3rd scorp transition, holy incoming damage batman! wtfbbq! I had to tranquility on the first scythe, popped tree on the 2nd and we had to get the hell out when the 4th hit. We were out of mana, Domo was at 3%… I yelled at my computer… OMG STAY ALIVE!! WTB SHORTER CD!!! I was spamming my heals waiting for some sliver of mana to get my WG off and getting the red lines:

  • Not enough mana
  • Not enough mana
  • Not enough mana

Nooooooo!!!!! Mana tide! Hymn! SOMETHING!!! Emor’s hymn saved us at the end. For serious. And a mana pot.

Oh and for the record, innervate scales with your holyshit bar. With my bar 100% full I almost got 100% mana return on that shizzle! That was awesome.

And par for the course – Rag was even more ugly. We had a mulligan on the first one when Grim died to… what the fuck did he die to anyway? And on the 2nd, Grim died during the seed explosion (did he pull a Giz and tank in dps spec or gear after domo?). He got battle rezzed, sons phases went smoothly, then the meteors came out and everything went to hell. Someone… ahem… was shooting the meteors at the tanks. Someone else ran one into me while I was trying to avoid a smash (I avoided neither – the meteor knocked me INTO the smash and Aly go boom). I think we had about 3 people left alive at the end (neither of which was a tank) when he died.

Fun times!

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