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The Buddy System

Some people love it. Others hate it. But PVP is fun. PVE is and will always be my primary focus in the game, but sometimes killing people and dancing on their corpses is a great stress reliever. Especially after a long night of raiding, or even a long arena match.

Orcypoo is my arena buddy. The druid/hunter combo has worked well for us this season. Considering I was a PVP nub when the season started, we’ve gone a respectable 57-43 as a team. Last night we went 8-2, which ties our best week. We had pretty easy opponents except for the 2 losses and our last win. After our first loss, we got the same team on the next matchup – a DK/Hunter. We dispatched them easily the 2nd time.

Our 8th and final win of the evening was well earned. We were up against another Resto druid and an affliction warlock. Ugh. Let me just stop here and say when I saw that lock was affliction, I almost threw up in my mouth. My warlock used to be my PVP bitch in Wrath. She’s affliction for life. She also ate resto druids for breakfast with a side of rogues and hunters in battlegrounds. I knew that if this warlock was any good, this match was going to suck big hairy murloc balls.

So we pretty much got what we expected – a very heavy diet of fear bombs, silences, roots and cyclones. I got feared so far away from Orcypoo and cycloned, that he was beaten within an inch of his life. When we both could move again I pissed off the warlock with a quick natures swifness/HT/Rejuv/SM before the next fear bomb.

On the other side, Orc got the warlock to within an inch of his life and that goddamn druid healed him right back up. It was a long match…running upstairs, downstairs, under bridges, behind poles…and getting feared upstairs, downstairs, under bridges, into corners, behind poles…WTB Will of the Forsaken! That’s right I want an undead druid!

Finally about 25 minutes later when we had the druid trapped and the warlock’s health down, I popped back into tree, hit my troll beserker and wrath-ed his face off. The druid pretty much gave up after that.

Funny enough that wasn’t our longest fight. Our longest official fight was a loss, but it was fun as hell. The setting was in the Dalaran Sewers. We were up against a shadow priest and what seemed to be a resto shaman. The class I hate the most in arena isn’t an affliction warlock, or fury warrior (though they suck!), or even a DK. It’s a fucking priest. I. Hate. Priests. HATE. You know I wouldn’t hate them so much if it weren’t for the widely used PVP spell Mana Burn. But thanks to this little spell… yes. Priests must die. HATE!!!!!!

Anyway.. back to the sewers. I’m not sure what the hell killed Orc so fast… but he was dead about 5 minutes into the match. Now.. when Orc dies, there’s usually not much hope for a resto druid to actually kill stuff. Unless it’s of the beserking tree variety. So when this happens, I play a little game called “let’s see how long it takes for them to kill me.” I wasn’t expecting much since the damn priest was mana burning my face off. So about 10 minutes pass and I’m healing myself with about 2% mana. The shaman ducks behind the boxes to drink. So what do I do? I pop tree and start melting his face! I got the fucker down to about 10% when he decided to stand up and heal himself to full. Jerk.

So I’m running around throwing rejuv and lifebloom on myself with the priest chasing me. I have no mana, I’m keeping LB up waiting for an OOC proc for a free regrowth. This goes on for about 45 more minutes. Orc is laughing his ass off. I’m saying “I’m going to MAKE them kill me for this win!” Secretly hoping they give up and let us win by default. No such luck. After 45 minutes of staying alive with no mana, being chased and mana burned, my OOC decides not to proc. The Shaman starts dpsing my face too. I get off a Rejuv/SM… but then “Not enough Mana”. They finally beat me down. They deserved that win. /salute


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