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My Healer is Drunk

And we one shot Heroic Shannox. With a drunk priest and Giz. In Myranda‘s absence, Giz’s mage took a lot of abuse. Especially from the drunk healer. Something about eating retard sandwiches? I don’t remember. I don’t think Emor remembers either. He was sloshed. I’m glad he showed up to raid.

So after killing Shannox first shot we think.. weee! Let’s go kill Heroic Rhyolith! After a bunch of attempts and the raid exploding due to him getting superheated, we realized that we missed Myranda’s mad dps and driving skills. So we switched to 2 healers (oy vey). And we still blew up. Ok then! With our full group we got this, on to heroic Baleroc! 1 tank 2 healers and a shit ton of DPS. 59M health, scary enrage timer and just one extra Blood Queen Lana’Thel mechanic. We got this!


Gamma kept exploding while Emor was building stacks. I was spamming swiftmend, rejuv, nourish, HT, everything I could throw at him. Unfortunately my “big” heals have a cast time during which he went kaboom before my HT landed. Since I’m not specc’d or glyphed for tank healing (we have so many tank healers I never do it), having me as one of the 2 healers was not the best idea.

(And X stop grumbling about how your wife who’s been farming heroics can do it on her druid just fine. There are 2 ways to spec a resto druid, and I was not specc’d for it. So lemme alone! It’s like a survival hunter trying to break a face rage. For serious.)

In hindsight, we probably should have switched and had me build stacks first, or I could have tried healing it in my PVP healing spec which is built a little bit more for bursty damage.. (still not ideal but would have been a little better) But instead I switched to my mage and pewpew’d. That was fun!

With that healer setup Gamma didn’t die quite as fast – instead we had dps blowing up on crystals or the countdown link. Bah. At least we should get someone their heroic tier shoulders tonight!

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