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Star Wars, Vegas and the Decent into Madness

This isn’t a post about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s a post about why I hate it. And why I love it. And the fact that I don’t own the game nor do I have the intention of playing it. It’s also about Vegas and why I love it. And why I hate it. And why I’ll totally go again with my homies.

We took a 2 week break from raiding due to the silly holiday season. Holidays are a whole different rant that I won’t even get into right now. During that break, I didn’t really break from raiding that much. My druid got to heal Heroic Morchok. That was… intense. I’m pretty sure I filled in another raid that week too. I was happy with our progress up to the break… at least for one group. The other 2 groups were still struggling and everyone was getting frustrated. The break was needed.

During this break, the Star Wars game launched. The guild became deserted. A good chunk of raiders decided they want to play Star Wars and take a break from WoW. Our Sunday/Monday group was suddenly decimated. And thus began my hatred for this new game. The total count of those that disappeared from Azeroth between Christmas and New years: 4 dps, 2 healers 1 tank and a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve got a solid lead on the pear tree and an Amber Alert on the rest.

Losing 7 raiders sucks. You would think it would be easy to just condense into 2 groups at that point. Right? HAH! Who do you think named this guild Masochistic Tendencies! Our drunk healer from ICC days came back to play with us, and tank. I shook up the groups, I recruited some dps. Reluu brought her brother from another mother over to heal. We’ve got alts. We got this! All of a sudden Team Bite Me went from struggling on Ping Pong to killing Ultraxion. I love Star Wars!

You know what else I love and hate at the same time? Vegas. That’s right. New Years in Vegas with guildies! Booya! We gotta get more fools together in Vegas. On Fri December 30th I took the greyhound from Tucson to Flagstaff then hitched a ride in a semi with my Pimpdaddy G from Flagstaff to Vegas (He was delivering a load to the CES show). He did his best to freak me out with his driving but it felt like I was on a roller coaster weeeee! His friend in another semi was making up raunchy songs about us and singing them over the CB radio. And by the way, People of Walmart have NOTHING on People of Greyhound. Just sayin’.

That friday night was pretty awesome. We got to the motel at the exact same time as Zal and Cali did. Two teenage spawns of Cali came with, so we left them in the room and spent the next few hours at the casino bar getting drunk. For the record, I can’t keep up with Cali LOL. Damn girl. I swear I only had 3, but I was told I had a lot more. I might concede 4. Maybe I just don’t remember anything after 3. I do remember waking up the next morning in the back of the semi. Good times.

So I got sick in Vegas on New Years Day. I thought I had food poison but it turned out to be the stomach flu, since I couldn’t eat solid food for almost 2 weeks. Not cool, Vegas. Not cool. So that pretty much fucked up the rest of my weekend. And that’s why I hate Vegas.

I ❤ my guild.

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