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Confessions of a Burnt Out Healer

I’ve been healing since The Burning Crusade. That’s a long time in WoW years. Sure, I’ve dabbled in dps now and then (and admittedly very bad at it). Hell I’ve even tanked a boss or three during Wrath. But I am and always will be a healer.

But it’s getting old. Nerfs…buffs… everything that Blizzard changes makes me love.. and hate healing. The fact that we’ve been going through tanks lately has made me think about this a bit. Alykii has been my main for close to 4 years. She was pretty much retired at the end of Wrath. I’ve slowly started getting tank gear for her again, but have been too afraid to try tanking in dungeons.. simply because I’m not familiar with paladin tanking anymore. So I’ve been running holy and picking up tank gear that’s not needed by the PUG tanks or picking up JP tank gear.

I have to stop here and say that Blizzard is screwy. The Twilight heroics should be on a completely separate random table than the rest of the cataclysm heroics. If I want to get creamed in a twilight heroic, I’ll que for a twilight heroic. That being said, last week I started que-ing for random heroics. End Time popped up. I ran away screaming and opened a ticket. The GM couldn’t help the 30 minute cooldown I just endured, but he did say he’d submit a ticket to the dev team to see if that’s a bug or intended. (the GM responded within 10 minutes!). Ok then.

After the 30 minute CD ended I que’d up. End Time. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. My holy set is ilvl 346. My tank set is ilvl 344. That’s not going to end well. Ok fine, let’s just see how bad it gets. I go heals and pop in last boss! Weeee! With some well timed hourglass hits I might just get through this. We get through the trash, and on to the boss. Couple of DPS die. I get creamed. Booom hourglass. Pewpewpewpew….couple of DPS die. I get creamed. BOOM hourglass. Rinse, repeat. No wipes. Yay achievement and new tanky gear! FTR, I’m not doing that again.

Anyway… I’m just not feeling the paladin this expansion. So I have this DK lying around. Almost 2 expansions later and I’ve not leveled a DK. I’ve started DKs and deleted them. Two or three times. But with my naming scheme and a sub-naming pac-man scheme (inkky blynkki..) I needed another goblin named Pynkki. That’s right! A cute pink-pigtailed fierce goblin of death! Rawr! For some reason I couldn’t color her hair pink so it’s purple-ish. Which kinda looks pink-ish against her dark skin.

I leveled her a bit, learned the ways of the DK tank in some outland dungeons. Months later when I finally got her out of outland and into northrend I sort of gave up again. She hung out at level 71 until two days ago. Because we need a tank so I got motivated. Got her 10 levels in 2 days. Tanked her way through Northrend. Now she’s tanking baby cata dungeons! and living! Weee! I’m kind of digging this. It just seems so easy. I know my limits so I try to use CC when i get squished by casters. But I also know my cooldowns! Rune tap (or blood tap? something tap. It lights up when I get low).. and um.. this button that looks like a blood drop. And icebound fortitude. And raising a zombie just to kill it for health. And some other buttons I added to my CD section of my action bar. Now that I have mastery I reforged all my gear that didn’t have mastery into blood shield of awesomeness. Considering I’m not that experienced as a tank, I think I’m doing really well at it.

I think I might try out the tank thing in MoP. It’s time to stop healing for a while.

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  1. adrien
    January 17, 2012 at 9:43 am

    See you want to tank and im still lost as to what i want to do anymore.

  2. alykii
    January 17, 2012 at 9:51 am

    You know that’s the primary reason why I’m getting the DK leveled. You expressed interest in healing again. Since recruiting a tank is not going well, you can hang in there until I’m ready 🙂

  3. January 30, 2012 at 9:53 am

    I wouldn’t mind tanking over DPSing, but if you’re replacing me you gotta top my #’s 🙂

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