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Dragon Gonna Die

Dragon gonna die 3 times! Eventually…

I think the group shakeups and fresh meat are working well. I’m most impressed by Team Kiss My Ass that runs on Sun/Mon. That group lost half its raid members over the holiday break. So with some switching around, new members and an alt filler or two, we have had our best runs yet clearing 6 bosses in under 2 hours. That gives us time to kill a dragon! Over the last 2 weeks we’ve become more efficient with Spine – getting it in 6 attempts last week and just 4 attempts this week. I have to give mad kudos to Yakk and being able to lead this group even with so many changes.

I’m also impressed by what the other two groups have done this week. These were groups struggling on pingpong and oozes that are now clearing the first 4 bosses with ease. Team Bite Me made it through Ultraxion and Team Pwn Stars will get him down soon enough. Having 3 fillers plus getting Giz’d hurt them on Ultra this week.

(<3 Gizmo)

I am very proud of MT’s progress this expansion. The fact that we only raid between 4-5 hours/week per group, and clearing as much as we do shows that we are an efficient guild. If we had more hours we would have had Madness down.. but then what? I don’t mind that we’re not 8/8 yet. It gives us something to do before the Panda invasion.

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