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Dragon Still Gonna Die

So we got Deathwing to … what… 8%?

Then… RAWRRRRRRRRR he got all pissed off turned big and red and killed us.

After 2 hours we made significant progress. We went from wiping on platform 3, to wiping on platform 4 to P2 enrage. Rotating healing CDs on the 4th platform and P2 is fun.. and insane…and intense… and ZOMGDONTDIE!!! Star really needs to heal that on her shaman. She doesn’t know the meaning of healer panic until that.  She just might cry … hehe  I’m so mean….

❤ Star I need to make a post just for you!

Then we blood lusted to get into Phase 2. That’s when he enraged and ate our faces. We still had a ways to go.. about 11mil health more to go. Arg.

Our dps isn’t far off at all. We have the execution. Some attempts our dps was right on pace. The heals were excellent. Even I was happy with my heals lol. Next week we should get closer. If not, the 5% nerf will push us into the kill.

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