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Pimpdaddy G

With the other odes to guildies I have out here… I’ve got to dedicate one to my Pimpdaddy G.

Oh Geno where do I start… I met that nub in one of the Tempest Keep heroic dungeons back in TBC when I was a fledgling hunter in <Dead Gnomes Float>. That’s like… a long time ago. He was this badass warlock. He’s a bad ass smart ass Rock n Roll Son of Detroittttttt.. Ok.. so maybe not Detroit but he’s sort of in Michigan sometimes so that’s close enough. But he’s all rock n roll.

Shut up it made sense in my head.

(not that he’s a Kid Rock fan or anything, so maybe that didn’t make a whole lot of sense…)

At least I didn’t say Meatloaf. /ducks

Anyway, badass warlock. We ran dungeons together and added each other to friends lists. He started a guild back then called <Primal Fear>, and I ended up joining after some drama in DGF caused me to move on from my first guild in WoW. They had just started Kara and they needed a healer. So I ran Kara with Gene’s guild healing on Alykii. The first night I ran Kara with them, Attumen’s mount dropped. Guess who won? Guess who also rolled a 90-something and didn’t win? Hee hee.

I ended up leaving that guild to join a T6 raiding guild on another server. That didn’t end well. After coming back to Uldaman, and joining <Blood Red Skies> I found him again. Or he found me. Ok, we found each other.

(that’s going to be a recurring theme here)

Fast forward to mid Wrath and the introduction of Ulduar. At the time I was in charge of BRS and we were no longer running 25 man raids. Gene was leading another guild <Demonic Embrace>. We decided to join forces and run Ulduar together as a 25 man group. I think we only got a few bosses down as 25.. up to Auriaya maybe? We still had fun. Until drama broke up his guild. He took a few of his guildies and transferred to another server. This made me sad. I made an alt on the server he moved to, but didn’t play it much. Finally he transferred again without a word. And again, I was sad. At that point we lost touch until almost a year later shortly after Cataclysm hit. He found me in MT and I saw “Alyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” on our public forum!


After he joined MT i finally got that foo’s number. Sheesh. No more losing touch! (that point is relevant, I promise). So  we text each other back and forth.. some flirting.. etc. One morning he texts me knowing I’m at work and says “make me some money woman!” to which I respond “you my pimp now?” and that’s how he got his nickname Pimpdaddy G.

Anddddd fast forward to Vegas. I know I know I had such a teaser in the other blog post. After playing together for so long, us meeting up was way overdue. When I decided to meet him in Vegas for New Years, I knew there was mutual interest. It had been building up. In all honesty, when we did see each other, I felt comfortable with him… like I’d known him forever (which in a way, I had?). He felt the same way. It was about 3 hours from Flagstaff where I met him to Vegas, so I did get a hint of what riding in a semi was about. That first night I was so drunk.. Zal and Cali turned in at about 12:30-1am. We stayed up until about 2:30. We let them have the motel room for the night, decided not to potentially wake them up, or accidentally crawl into bed with them lol (no drunken orgys with their kids there! o.o). So we crashed in the sleeper in the semi. Such a teddy bear!! So cuddly and snuggly!! Oh and contrary to popular belief, I WAS a good girl. Ahem.

Next few days I was violently ill so I’ll skip to the last day I was there. /sadface

I really should have listened to him and stayed the week. I didn’t go to work anyway from being so sick.  But it was nice to see the softer side of the bad ass smart ass rock n roll hot trucker.

He even got me a present! Isn’t she pretty???!!!!!

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  1. Demonic
    January 27, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Awww what a nice post but i Deny any Soft Side to me Im a hard ass all the way around. My story and im sticking to it

  2. January 27, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    well yes your ass is hard.
    But you’re still sweet and snuggly and cuddly!

  3. Ashley Oliver
    February 7, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Awwww!! I’m late on the read but I smiled the entire time!! <3<3

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