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Destroyer’s End

I will say the nerf made me a little sad. Lot less incoming damage turned Kykki into a dps berserking tree! Shhh don’t tell Yakk. Nope that wasn’t MY moonfire and wrath you saw… /whistles.

o wait…

So anyway! We had a mulligan on the first attempt… elementium bolt derp on the first platform. Second attempt.. lalala pew pew pew… jump to the 4th  platform and weeeee Emor go splat. We blame Thrall for not giving him a windy buff. So I say “let’s carry on! we can 2 heal this shizzle now!” Elementium bolt hits and… splat. Ok then. Emor I will never underestimate your awesomeness again. Carry on! 3rd attempt..everything’s going well and splat on 4th platform Cataclysm. Not one attempt into phase 2 but we totally got this!!

Fourth time’s the charm. With the NOFUCKINGDAMAGE that the raid is taking now… I was a little bored. Sure we could use a little oomph. So I popped into tree form, hit my berserk racial and wrath’d some tentacles! weeee! And is it me or… was my mana bar almost totally full the whole time? Da fuck? One innervate total. Across all 4 attempts. I mean I got some upgrades but holy shit. And Mav was totally on top of Mana tide but still… I just replaced my Jar of Ancient Remedies (359 trinket off Maloriak in BWD) with the super hawt Heart of Madness, and I was afraid… afraid that I would need to click my mana jar and it’s no longer there. I’m going to keep it for posterity anyway, as a reminder of how simply awesome that trinket was to me for 3 tiers. /tear

Yeah! Dead Dragon! we win! Titles for all!!

So now what…?

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  1. Rae
    February 6, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    Grats Kykii! Could this be the beginning of you going boom-chicken?

  2. February 7, 2012 at 5:36 am

    LOL nevar! I sucked at it.
    Berserking tree is fun… it was one of my pvp tricks in arena 🙂

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