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Double Facepalm Fail

I just had to. Being the official pooper scooper of my office, it was appropriate. This actually came to mind as I was scooping a very special kind of poo at work. I work with some very special people. Not in the awesome sense, but in the window licking helmet wearing short bus special sense. These people are getting a box of crayons and a lollipop for Christmas. I’m taking bets on what one they eat and what they try to color their walls with.

Without going into too much boring details of my actual job, I’m going to use a WoW analogy. Think of the big spider boss in Firelands. Player A  has to kill the spiderlings, Player B has to kite the drone away from the spiderlings, Player C has to kill the spinners and Player D has to keep the boss’s attention and not fall through the hole.

This is what takes place at work:

  • Player A is poking each spiderling individually with a stick
  • Player B has his chef hat and fishing pole equipped and is kiting the drone into the spiderlings
  • Player C wandered off to Alysrazor, got lost and hearthed
  • Player D fell through the hole and can’t get back up
  • I’m stuck having to AOE ALL THE THINGS and kill the spider all by myself while everyone gets free loot.

I need a vacation.

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