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Last night was the first night of the newly revamped groups. By newly revamped I mean a couple people switched from one group to another. So, I had fun! Let’s recap!

The group had 4 healers, perfect for H Morchok. Not so perfect for anything else. BUT at least Anim does good shadow damage! (now if only he had a few enchants..ahem!).

Don’t worry Anim, I pick on everyone.

Anyway, speaking of picking on people…ohai Tsorb.

Heroic Morchok.

Try 1

-Right side takes oodles of damage and I’m all wtfbbq!-

Reluu: Tsorb you’re on the wrong side!
Me: AHHH!! Tsorb COME BACK!!
Tsorb: Oops I thought I was on the left side.

Morgish goes splat-
-Left side goes splat-

Crix: Wipe it

Try 2


-Tsorb goes to the right side this time-
-la la la pewpewew-
-about 10% left in boss, we hear 2 people sign off vent-
-Crystal Spawns-
Truffle and Freggos go splat-
-Truffle goes offline-
-Freggos goes offline-

Truffle (back in vent): Sorry guys our power went out

Try 3 – A series of unfortunate events cause us to wipe at 500k left.

Try 4 – Win

We then go on to kill normal pingpong and then clear ooze trash. The following takes place in the healer channel:

Reluu: I’m bored
Me: You’re 2 healing the rest of the night. Meow!
Reluu: (goes into Star Panic Mode) Wha?? AHHH!!!!
Me: You’ll be fine.

I switch to kitty spec… put on kitty gear and get “inventory is full”. Dammit for having main hand/offhand in resto and a staff in feral!!


Me: Waiiittt… opens GB, drops in some green gems and essences.
Me: There, ready
Reluu: Are you sure Aly?
Me: Yes…
Reluu: You still have your resto gear on
Me: Dammit! Waiiiiit!

-feral gear activate-

Me: NOW I’m ready!

Geesh… I make one derp move and everyone’s inspecting me to make sure I have the right gear on. Not like I would do THAT again..

o wait…

So we dispatch of Mister Ooze Boss quickly. Anim is lamenting about his dps (which wasn’t bad!) and someone says in vent:

Freggos to Crix (I think): You were getting out dps’d by a healer
Me: Ahem, you were getting out dps’d by TWO healers

In the end the 2 healers (me and Anim) didn’t really out dps anyone but it was still fun to watch. So we get to Hagara.

Tsorb: We’re 2 healing this too??
Me: Yup! She’s easysauce. I heard you fools were bored.

After Hagara dies, we get to Ultraxion with about 15 mins left of raid time.

Me: So are we going with the conventional 2 healer method or are we going to be true masochists?
Crix: We don’t have a lot of time so let’s just 2 heal it and learn the fight
Me: Meow!

First couple of H Ultrax attempts: A few button fails and we realize ret pallies aren’t the best HoT soakers. Sorry Dannan :(.

-Crix goes splat-

Crix: ONE SECOND Fading Light timer? How is that even fair??

(all i heard was QQ QQ QQ waaaaahhhhhhhhh!)

Finally we all figure it out.. we get to about 5:37 and Reluu and Tsorb are in a complete state of ZOMGWTFBBQ trying to keep up heals. There was 20% left still. No bueno. If they HAD managed to heal through that kind of damage we would have hit the hard enrage.

For the record, Blizzard must have had a pure hatred for cats and rogues when designing that encounter. I can’t shred??!! Not cool, Blizzard. Not cool. AT least you could have stuck him in a hole in the middle of the floor or something. Throw us a bone.

Anyway, 15% buff next week. We might get a little bit closer next time. Rawr.

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  1. March 22, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Last night was fun!!! Very funny as well!!! The dmg on Ultrax was seriously ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!! 40K HPS for both Tsorb and me that last attempt!! INSANITY I SAY!!!

  2. March 23, 2012 at 7:14 am

    HEY! Those fading lights are NOT cool. You leave me alone!

    • March 23, 2012 at 7:20 am

      all I heard was “blahblahblah I’m a dirty tramp”

  3. March 23, 2012 at 7:16 am

    PS.. i love how this blocker allows me to read 2 posts.. but not the others.. WTF

  4. March 23, 2012 at 7:33 am

    I think if we down Chok quickly next week, we can at least do a couple attempts on H Ultrax true masochistic style…

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