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The Ghosts of Expansions Past

So Nos was the inspiration of this post. We have a thread going on in our forums about our Cataclysm memories.  I did write a little bit about this here but I’m going to expand on it here! I started playing this game shortly after TBC came out. And this sums up nicely my fondest memories….

The Burning Crusade

I remember when Yanni would come over to my apartment with his WoW machine and play while I was frittering away in another chat program.

I remember starting my first toon, a zombie warlock named Lunatyk. She ate brains. (she’s now a goblin named Inkky)

I remember getting to the barrens and Yanni asking me “what’s your spec?” To which I responded “what’s my wha?” To which he /facepalmed. Dude you need to tell me this shit!

I remember abandoning my warlock at level 24 and starting a hunter Alykki. And nobody told me about pet talents.

I remember my first guild <Dead Gnomes Float> where I met Mavros and Moonglum. Taki was the dictator and he was mean to me.

I remember when my melee AP was higher than my ranged AP. I got a chorus of “you’re doing it wrong” in gchat. But I couldn’t shoot the bad guys when they’re on my face! I had to beat them off with a stick! No, I didn’t know what pet aggro was.

I remember our first raid in Kara. In preparation Taki made me get the Beastlord dungeon set. But my Gladiator set was purple! Screw the blues! No, I didn’t know what hit rating was.

I remember rolling on every mail purple item. Shooting costed mana! Of course I needed int!

I remember rolling my first healer, Alykii my paladin.

I remember healing Kara and I died every time on Shade of Aran. No I didn’t move when flame wreath was cast. But the hunter next to me did. Every. Time.

I remember giggling uncontrollably every time I saw YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED FRUIT VENDOR!!! in Shatt.

I remember getting squished by the Fel Reaver. Twice.

I remember box clicking fails on Magtheridon. I was healing so it wasn’t me!

I remember 6 hour heroic Shadow Labs runs.

I remember when everyone was a blood elf.

I remember when one of my guildies got me into the WOTLK Beta!!


Wrath of the Lich King

I remember leveling my pally as holy from 70-80. Actually I remember leveling her as holy from 30-80.

I remember failing on Mexxna in Naxx because we had 3 priest healers who couldn’t dispel the poison off the tank.

I remember everyone rolling a Death Knight. Nobody was any good at it.

I remember heroics seemed like a faceroll

I remember Malygos making me cry.

I remember getting the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title. That was the pinnacle of my Wrath experience.

I remember inheriting Guild Leadership after a drama bomb exploded all over the place in <Blood Red Skies>

I remember not knowing how the fuck to lead a guild and most of my decisions came down to eenie meenie miney mo and “What Would Taki Do?”

I remember deciding to reform into the best guild ever!

I remember when the ICC 5 mans hit and I couldn’t heal Halls of Reflection.

I remember Giz tanking ICC and forgetting to turn on Righteous Fury every time. He killed Phaedara every time. “Yes, it is now an official raid. The mage is dead.”

I remember rogues didn’t exist so we face pulled traps the Masochistic way.

I remember wiping the raid with chicken nuggets.

I remember MT’s first Lich King kill, the first time we ever completed an end raid. Ever.

I remember MT’s first birthday right before Cata hit, we had a naked kara race. Rodin’s team won.



I remember when 4.0 hit and my healers suddenly never ran out of mana

I remember being really really bummed that I couldn’t get into the Cataclysm Beta after having played in the WOTLK Beta

I remember getting excited about the new Guild System – leveling the guild, perks, rep, etc and thought of how many ways this system could be improved

I remember healing my first heroic on my priest (who was then my main) and bursting into tears after 3 hours of heroic deadmines fail

I remember going emo trying to get geared in heroics because THIS SHIT’S TOO HARD!

I remember uninstalling WoW for 2 days because I couldn’t deal with it

I remember being told “priests are fail”

I remember telling everyone “priests are NOT fail! YOU FAIL!”

I remember thinking I was never ever going to finish a heroic dungeon because I just didn’t have the 3 hours a night to dedicate to getting frustrated and angry.

I remember our first Cataclysm raid as a guild. There was much rejoicing after we downed Magmaw.

I remember when 10k dps was uber.

I remember when Giz told me we needed a resto druid on Chimeron so I changed mains for the remainder of the xpac

I remember dinging my druid 85, and in a mishmosh of justice points gear and dungeon blues, going into BH, when it was just one boss. And SOLO HEALING ALL THE THINGS!

I remember when ZG and ZA were turned into 5 man heroics. I hated them both, but ZG snake boss made me rage.

I remember when we started Firelands and got discouraged because THIS SHIT’S TOO HARD!

I remember killing Ragnaros for the first time and there was much rejoicing among the 2 people left alive (me and a dps).

I remember MT expanding to the point where we could run 3 groups, and 2 out of 3 killed Rag, while the 3rd group almost did.

I remember MT’s first heroic kills in the same weekend (Shannox and Majordomo Staghelm) and there was much rejoicing.

I remember celebrating MT’s 2nd birthday by farming over nine thousand stacks of obsidium ore to make Personal World Destroyer pets for everyone. (maybe not that many but it seemed like that many)

I remember when DS hit and we went 5/8 in the first week and thought “what the hell? is this really end game?”

I remember meeting some of my fools in Vegas and I had a blast (for one night until I was violently ill for the remainder of the weekend and subsequent 2 weeks). Captain Morgan is bad for my health.

I remember when we got our first heroic DS kills and there was much rejoicing.

I remember when we got our first Heroic Warmaster kill and I ended up SOLO HEALING ALL THE THINGS in P2.

I remember our first attempts at Heroic Madness and that foo enraged on our faces. BUT WE CAN DO IT!!

I remember welcoming so many awesome people into MT over the past ALMOST THREE YEARS!! ZOMG!

I ❤ you all.

  1. Calianna
    September 2, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    And we ❤ you, Aly *hugs*

  2. September 2, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    You should be proud of yourself. Masochistic Tendencies is not only an awesome guild, but an awesome amalgamation of personalities across all walks of life. You’ve done an amazing thing with the guild, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

    • September 3, 2012 at 8:59 am

      WTB like button!

  1. September 30, 2013 at 6:49 am

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