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Confessions of a Guild Leader: Herding Cats

My guild’s roster hit the 400 mark last night. This prompted widespread panic in my brain of… OMG how the fuck did that happen?! Big guilds scare me. They scare me because with so many different people, there are going to be a lot of different styles, personalities and opinions. However I do enjoy the social aspect so much that yes, I will take that risk of potential drama because I am playing a game with people whose company I enjoy.

Masochistic Tendencies is not one of those gigantic social-only guilds. I think we have a niche of being a social raiding guild. What do I mean by a social raiding guild? I mean players stay on and play. They don’t just log in to raid, then immediately log out. (Vent is another story though!) We improve our characters by running 5 mans. Some of us have way too much time on our hands and play on the farm, or level alts. Really? After that disgusting grind from 85-90 you fools want to do that AGAIN??! That’s right, Masochistic Tendencies isn’t just a name, it’s a way of life.

We are also a fairly serious raiding guild. There are varying degrees of “serious” here. If a group’s focus is to clear normals pre-nerf, then they have to be serious about meeting that goal. If a group’s focus is to at least kill one boss, then they need their game face on to do that. If a group’s focus is to clear normals and heroics, then there’s another level of “seriousness”. That’s the beauty of having so many players – we can run multiple groups of varying intensity to suit everyone’s play style (for the most part!).

I’ll tell you though… coordinating 4 raiding groups? Royal pain in the ass. Between fitting everyone’s schedules, styles and level of commitment, class balance went right out the window. I love how Blizzard has moved more toward “bring the player not the class” in recent expansions. I’m holding them to that! Yes, it’s going to suck when 5 out of 10 people are rolling on the same bloody tier token. But that’s what happens when the guild’s raiders are all druids, mages and rogues. Do your dailies and collect those lucky charms! Free rolls! Team Moist is using loot council… fun times in the loot channel when that token drops and it’s a dogfight between 2 druids, a rogue, a mage and a DK. Even more fun when one of the druids and the mage are married to each other. Someone’s not getting any nookie that night.

Then there are those players that disappeared for almost two expansions and are now back. And want to raid! Yay! Ok tear up that spreadsheet and start from scratch! I must have started from scratch 3 or 4 times. Oh and the main changes. We’re at dps critical mass and two healers switch to dps. Delete that spreadsheet! Then someone’s work schedule changes. /headdesk

I am happy to say, that by the end of this week, everyone in the guild will know who’s raiding when and with whom. I’d love to keep shuffling to a minimum if I can. But it’s going to happen, someone’s real life will get in the way, schedules will change, people will come and go. And we deal with it!

All I know is I can’t wait until we’re ready to raid!


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  1. October 4, 2012 at 6:32 am

    That made me LOL

    • October 4, 2012 at 7:07 am

      I can see it now.. Rogue, Mage, Druid, DK token drops. Crix is on the LC that week.
      Reluu: Honey if you let me have that token, I’ll do that thing for you tonight that I said I’d never do.
      Crix: You better do it TWICE!

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