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This shit’s too hard!

I’m feeling a very strange sense of deja vu. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I do think that raid difficulty is right about where it should be. After completing all of Dragon Soul in both normal and heroic modes, we were riding a high. We were.. dare I say it.. cocky.

And we’ve been humbled.

Between two groups running concurrently on weds and thurs this week for 2+ hours each night, we amassed a grand total of 81 wipes. On the first boss. That’s 55 wipes for Team Moist and close to 30 wipes for Team Zal. Nary a kill among us. It reminds me of when we first started Kara and Attumen wiped the floor with our faces. Or when we first started Blackwing Descent or Firelands and died in a fire. It’s not like we expected to go in there and roflstomp but… hell, we’re saviors of azeroth! we can do this shit!

But this ain’t DS anymore. Hey Toto, I think we overshot Kansas and landed in Africa. We were pulverized into dust in the wind. Guess it’s gonna take some time to do the things we never have….

(sorry, I was on a roll)

To our credit, both groups were making progress. But there were a lot of mistakes. A lot. I think Zal and Mav were ready to jump off a cliff. First week of raiding, brand spanking new content, we’re donned in blues. It’s human nature to make mistakes as we’re learning. I’m hoping for a kill next week. I think we’ve seen it enough to know what’s going on now.

We need to stay positive. Remember, this was our first week. We made very good progress. Just need to hit that rhythm and keep it going!

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  1. October 15, 2012 at 7:02 am

    First tier’s always the hardest. You’re walking in with new class mechanics and undergeared to boot. You’ll/We’ll get it.

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