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We’re on the Board!


Thanks Fuzzy for the video!

So after 61 wipes on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, Team Moist took down the Stone Council. Apparently it was a tough combination, what with the chains and circles of fail and all. I was cussin at myself for being the only casualty on the kill. It was the end of the fight, I was running on mana fumes, I was chained to Symoon and a circle fell on our heads. He went one way, I went the other and well….the tree was set on fire. The group held on for the last 10% without me and there was much rejoicing in vent when they went down!

On to Feng the Accursed. So far, between the first two bosses in Mogu’shan Vaults, I’ve noticed an AWFUL lot of responsibility falls on the tanks. On the Stone Guard, if they miss a swap and have a premature overload, the raid wipes. On Feng, if they don’t use their special abilities at *just* the right time, it’s over before it starts. That’s what happened to us on the first 5-6 tries. Grouped up for the AOE, tank missed the CD. Or we all didn’t stand in the blue bubble. Or the other tank missed the weird interrupt mechanic. Once they got that figured out and squared away, we coasted into Phase 2. Phase 2 wasn’t too terrible.. except when he cast Draw Flame when there’s fire everywhere. WTFBBQ. I think that’s where we all died together. That was our best attempt of the night (30 or 40-something percent). He seems a lot easier than the Stone Council so far… but we haven’t seen Phase 3 yet. Hopefully this week we’ll get to make some more progress!

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