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Confessions of a Guild Leader: Plug and Play

Leading a sports team has GOT to be easier than this shit. The title of this blog comes from a phrase I used to describe the New England Patriots Defense, back when they had a defense. Pats fans know what I’m talking about. 2001-2004ish. There was one year ( I wanna say 2003? not sure brain is fuzzy), that they had so many injuries you would think that they’d be hosed. But Bill Belichek just plugged in backups, they played and the team never missed a beat.

Any sports team has the “core” players.. you know, the regular lineup. If something happens to one of those players, that’s what the bench is for. But nobody likes the bench. Just ask Tom Brady’s backup.

(who the fuck IS Tom Brady’s backup anyway? Am I hallucinating or did Vinny Testaverde take snaps behind him one year?)

See what I mean? But they ride the bench, hoping for their shot. Teams can do this because their players are under a contract. They can’t just jump up mid-season and say “fuck this if I can’t play here I’m going somewhere else”. Well, they can say that but they can’t actually go anywhere. Not true for players in guilds. Who’s going to join a guild to sit on the bench? That bench has to be made of pure gold and have a free cookie dispenser. In a WoW guild, the bench are our alts and our “floaters” on rotating work schedules.

Which brings me to the dilemma. This xpac is still new. Players are still grinding dailies on their mains. Nobody’s motivated yet to seriously level alts. A player has that proverbial “injury” (RL aggro, call it what you want), and the RL’s are stuck with their thumb up their bum. How do you plug and play when there’s no plug? Except Zal’s thumb.

Everyone wants to raid. I want to make sure everyone raids. People hear the word “bench” and can’t type /gquit fast enough. Then a raid gets canceled because we don’t have a fill in and nobody raids.

(“nobody” is a relative term. It’s more like, one group doesn’t raid while another group plugs holes with players from the first group that got canceled for the week).

It’s been my experience when we had 3 groups in Cataclysm that there were plenty of opportunities for people on the “bench” to raid. Just ask our resident floater Haemic. He was raiding almost every week in one group or another.

So we need plugs so we can play. We don’t like the temporary alternatives. Whose bright idea was it to start off with 4 groups anyway? O wait….

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  1. October 26, 2012 at 4:01 am

    You used RL to mean two different things in the same sentence. My mind is blown.

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