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Celebrating 3 years of MT

MT’s 1 year anniversary, December 4, 2010

I fail. If someone hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t even have noticed. That’s what the rassafriggin stomach flu will do to you. And changing 3 timezones in 5 days. Yeah, let’s blame it on that, and not on the simple fact that yes, I fail.

Three years. December 4, 2009 this guild was founded. It seems like only yesterday I was writing about our two year anniversary. Before I get into our team effort, a great question was asked. Who is still with us that was here at the beginning? This guild has grown so much that I know there isn’t many, but your loyalty and friendship has not gone unnoticed.

Active founding members: Star, Phae, Myranda (Mynka), Lahno (Goji), Minnax, Lutefisk, Featherchirp, Otep

Inactive founding members: Nastykarma, Krur

I also have to say that Schweet deserves an honorable mention here. If it weren’t for you being a butthead, we probably never would have formed MT. Yes, I just called you a butthead.

And I have to give another shout to MT’s Long time active members. These fools have worn their masochism proudly on their sleeves since the very first year of MT’s existence. Why the hell else would they still be here?? Oddly enough, half of these nubs are former or current MT Raid Leaders. I’m looking at you Giz, Gamma, Yakk, Ketayl, Silverblaise, Rodin, Emor and Kare!

Since that infancy year, we’ve grown astronomically.

This year, I asked the guild what their favorite memories of MT were. For those that are fairly new here I posed a different “why the foo are you still here?” question. Here’s what we’ve got so far! (I’ll update as they come in).

Lute’s favorite memory was back when we were reforming the guild, the gchat discussion in Blood Red Skies as to what the new guild name would be. “That was a fun evening, lots of laughs, and only a few snide comments. wink Still not sure how we ended up with MT, but it fits. :-)”

OMG I have to laugh at some of the other guild name suggestions. Here’s some MT trivia, did you know that Masochistic Tendencies was not the original name winner? It was actually “Absinthe Minded” but Blizzard wouldn’t let me pick that name. So we ended up going back to the drawing board. The other name finalists were Sanitarium and Innuendo. Some other fun names that were tossed into the ring were “Trout Slappers”, “Rawr”, “Panty Raiders”, “Leather and Lace” (which Star loved so much it became her bank guild’s name), “Killed the Dinosaurs”, “Tastes Like Snozzberries” , “Royale with Cheese” and just some off the wall shit. That really was a fun time.

Reluu’s favorite memory is a fairly recent one: “My favorite memory was when Yakk screamed out “Aly pick up stacks…” and she replied “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!”

Feelings just can’t make up his mind: “It’s a tie between Leap of Faithing ppl (mostly Rodin) near the elevator boss in BWD and making them fall to their death. And when we were trying to time it so I would save ppl from falling off the elevator boss with LoF, like I’d do it right before they hit the floor–think we were successful once. And the time I leap of faithed Star across the room when she was kiting the fire on Atremedes and she quite literally freaked out and ran in circles and had a panic attack. And I also thought it was pretty “funny” when I face pulled Elegon at the end of a long night a couple weeks ago. Total Leeroy moment. These raids need more elevators…and Leap of Faith need to have no cooldown 😉
I think my favorite boss kill was Elegon or maybe the first Chimaron kill”

There appears to be some conflicting recollections of the chicken nugget incident between me and Phaedara. I could have sworn it was on Marrowgar trash but I … uhm.. may have done it again on Deathwhisper adds. Or my leaky brain syndrome just chose to block out that painful part of my life. “Without a doubt it is the time Aly killed me (as the tank) in ICC by a chicken nugget. I believe she was in the process of nom noming and healing at the same time and one must have dropped. I was tanking adds on Deathwhisper and all of a sudden it was like PLONK, wtf just happened.” 

And we don’t save the trees around here… at least not new trees named Taiboku:

“First raid with everyone right before MoP, we doing Deathwing which I never did do to ToR.
Me”Anything I need to know about the fight”
Raid “just heal”
few mins later flying tree off Deathwing’s back

Don’t worry Tai it means you made it past the initiation!

So there are a lot more of you out there who haven’t answered the question! What is your favorite MT memory? Or for the new guys, what do you love about this guild?

Happy Birthday! ❤

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  1. December 5, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Absinthe Minded! I wanted to add that to my post but I couldn’t come up with the name. I knew it was an alcoholic beverage that began with an A, but I couldn’t think of it. Stupid Blizz and their PG name rules. Its not like there isn’t a TON of innuendo in this game FAR WORSE than Absinthe Minded!

    • December 5, 2012 at 9:33 am

      Funny enough, I couldn’t use “Absinthe Minded” it said “the guild name is reserved”…but I was able to use “AbsintheMinded” But I didn’t like not having a space there. it made me twitch! But Lahno stole that name for his bank guild anyway lol.

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