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Confessions of a Leader: What Not To Do

If anyone out there has any inkling of being a leader in WoW … whether it be Guild Leader or Raid Leader, take it from me. I’ve been there, done that and won the razzberry award. So, dear readers think of this as a guide of things to avoid doing while bumbling your way through your first experience of leading raids or leading a guild.

What NOT to do while Raid Leading

My first leadership experience was raid leading in the now defunct Blood Red Skies guild during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I was an officer/RL in a 25 man raiding environment. Can we say herding cats???

Not Clearly Posting the Rules on Guild Website

There had been some discussions about loot. By discussions I mean drama of epic proportions. It started when a holy pally replaced mail purple shoulders with tier plate and another pally bitched and moaned and said we should not allow players to “replace a purple with a purple” until others with blues can get first shot at it. Sorry mister pally, you were outrolled. That’s the way the loot goes. We then decided to go Loot Council. Several members were dead against it. While others said we should do it to give gear to people who “deserve it more”. One of the rules was if there were pugs in the raid that wanted to roll on something, it defaulted to open rolls. Apparently, I was the only officer that understood the loot rules. One night I couldn’t make the raid due to my cousin’s graduation. Another officer ran the raid in my absence. I logged on just in time to see everyone quit the guild. Apparently several Class Leaders disagreed with how loot was distributed, caused a fuss, and caused the guild to completely fall apart.

Not Being Prepared

I was usually prepared. I was just directionally challenged. But not being prepared spells doom for any potential Raid Leader. All RL’s need to know at least 3 fights ahead of time and how to execute those fights. A good RL will have good knowledge of his group makeup and know what raid CDs are available at any given moment. MT has had several RL’s that did not follow this rule.

Be a Guild Leader at the Same Time

For me, this was a very bad idea. When I inherited GL, I was still leading raids. When I formed MT, I was still leading raids part time. I was burning out. And I sucked at raid leading.


What NOT to do while Guild Leading

I’ve had a lot of experience with this. When I first started out Guild Leading, a lot of my decisions came down to “what would Taki do?” Of course when I thought about “what would Taki do”, I made sure to do just the opposite. /ducks

Ignore your Officers

Well, “ignore” is probably a little too harsh here. I’ve never ignored anyone. But I do know some officers have felt like they haven’t been heard sometimes. It happens when there are differing opinions and those on the opposite ends of said opinions steadfastly believe they’re right. And the GL sometimes has to mediate that. Or if the GL is in the middle of it, other officers have to mediate it. Officers are so important to a guild that it’s crucial that they’re heard. Otherwise there’s a dictatorship.

Be a Dictator

When I was just a lowly peon in Dead Gnomes Float back in the day and Taki was the GL, I used to call him “Sargent Taki” and “the Dictator”. So when you see him sign off some posts as “- The Dictator”, that’s where it comes from. Anyway, he was a dictator when he didn’t have any bonafide Raid Leaders, but it slowly morphed into more of a democracy part way through Kara. In fact, I started clamoring for the dictator to return when his officers were making all the decisions.

MT has never been run as a dictatorship. I’ve had to make a lot of decisions on my own early on, because when we first started out officers were very laid back in supporting roles. Every guild decision was discussed in officer forums, and often put to a vote in the general forums…but in the end it was generally up to me to make the call based on what other officers had to say (which was “whatever you think is best”). It’s hard letting go of that because I have good officers now.

Undermine your Officers or Raid Leaders

When raiding, it was hard to take off the “raid leading” hat and I had to learn to keep my mouth shut and trust my RL’s. If you’re a GL but not a RL, let the RL do their job. Or they’ll get pissed off at you and quit. I’ve been very micro-managey, and I personally have hated that style of management when I was the one being managed. After the shitstorms in Blood Red Skies, it took me a while to even trust my officers and RLs, which is why I’ve always had to keep such a close eye on what was going on.

Treat your Members like Shit

I can say that this has never happened in MT. Your guild is only as good as your members. If you don’t treat them right, they won’t stay. But I have been in other guilds where this is common practice. Leadership only cares about their agendas, and they use, abuse and step on their members to get there. Once you’ve served their purpose, you’re out on your ass wondering what the fuck just happened. Not cool.

Allow Giz to Raid Lead

“OK, everyone know this fight? …..Readycheck….”Ok here we go!”…. splat (<3 Gizmo)

And there you have it. Aly’s guide of what NOT to do while Raid Leading or Guild Leading. I hope you find this guide useful, if not entertaining. Until next time……


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  1. February 26, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    Not set your Trees on fire be a cool role……….., yeah I know me on fire is our guild’s mascot now.

  2. February 26, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    *Rule Tai can’t type or spell sigh

  1. December 6, 2013 at 7:31 am

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