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Holy 5.4 Druid Changes Batman!

After reading the recent wave of 5.4 patch notes, I felt compelled to make a post about this, since I play a resto druid. And I just dinged my 2nd druid to 90 as well. I wanted the Double Agent achievement dammit. No, I’m not okay.

This post is going to be from the Tree point of view. Why? Because I haven’t played a kitty since Cata and I didn’t want to look like a derp making shit up… and boom makes me want to punch a squirrel. Don’t even get me started about tanking.

So let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Dream of Cenarius Redesign

Restoration: Causes Wrath to deal 20% more damage and heals a nearby friendly target for 100% of the damage done.

I’m not a disco priest (well I have 2 of those as well but that’s beside the point). I’m still not going to choose this talent over Nature’s Vigil. Especially with the NV buff!

Heart of the Wild Tweak

Heart of the Wild when activated, now also provides a 25% bonus to healing for Restoration Druids.

I would likely never shift out of healing to take on another role. Unless we’re up against an insane enrage timer and we need that oomph. Even then I probably won’t take this over NV. See above.

Nature’s Vigil Buff

Nature’s Vigil when activated, causes healing spells now trigger an additional heal on a nearby ally for 25% of the amount healed. This is in addition to the existing effect where it damages a nearby enemy target for 25% of the healing done.

This is still the go-to talent for trees. NV already provides a flat 10% healing increase in addition to doing some damage. Before, only damage would trigger the additional heal on a nearby ally. This is allowing our healing spells to do it as well. Yes please.

Soul of the Forest Buff

Soul of the Forest has been partially redesigned to make it more attractive to Balance, Guardian, and Restoration Druids.

For trees, this increases the haste bonus by 100%, up from 75%. This is still the weakest talent behind Incarnation and Force of Nature. I would consider this talent if I didn’t have the 5% haste buff in the raid. This would make me a very grumpy tree indeed. Incarnation and FON are just too powerful not to use either one of them.

Ysera’s Gift

Ysera’s Gift, a new talent healing the Druid for 5% of their maximum health every 5 seconds. If the Druid is at full health, it will heal the most injured friendly target nearby instead. This talent fills the spot vacated by Nature’s Swiftness.

Nature’s Swiftness is now a spell for all! No longer a talent. Yay! So this new spell, I can see it having its uses. It’s like a priest’s desperate prayer, only way better. The other two talents in this tier are Renewal (which is a carbon copy of Desperate Prayer, and only really useful for questing or for other specs) and Cenarion Ward. CW has its uses as well, so I can see it coming down to choosing between CW and YG. CW would be helpful for incoming tank damage (like Horridon’s enrage). Otherwise, YG looks like one of those nice cast-and-forget-it type spells that you don’t even have to think about. Add it to your bar/buttons and cast when your other shit’s on CD.


Genesis is a new Restoration spell learned at level 88. Genesis targets all party or raid members within 60 yards and accelerates the casting Druid’s Rejuvenation effects, causing them to heal and expire at 400% of the normal rate. Costs the same amount of mana to cast as Rejuvenation.

This is pretty sexy for some situations. I’m looking at Meg’s rampage, Tortos’s Quake and other situations of massive AOE damage. Blanket rejuv, cast Genesis and BAM. No more yelling at my screen “REJUV FASTER!” when my other CDs are on CD. I’m looking forward to playing around with this on the PTR.

Wild Mushroom Nerf

Wild Mushroom: Bloom is no longer capable of critical strikes, and accumulates overhealing done by Rejuvenation by 100%, down from 150%. Overhealing bonus no longer benefits from Naturalist or Mastery: Harmony.

WM buff in 5.3, we hardly knew ye. I loved you. I would have loved you forever. But then you went and broke my heart. And I’m sad. Did I mention that we only get one mushroom now? It does the same thing as three, supposedly. But I’m shaking my fist at you Blizzard. Show us the love then… be a big meanie. And with this nerf, comes the baffling glyph…..

Glyph of Efflorescence

New Glyph: Glyph of Efflorescence increases the healing done by Swiftmend by 20%, causes the Efflorescence healing effect to be triggered by Wild Mushroom instead of Swiftmend, and lasts as long as the Wild Mushroom is active.

So, let me get this straight. SM is buffed by 20% but doesn’t lay down the green circle of awesome. This would also mean that the treants from FON will also lose the effect. But this would also mean that the treants would get the 20% SM buff as well. But they only cast it on one target, then they go to HT.  The green circle of awesome then is triggered by planting a mushroom instead, and lasts up to 5 minutes (which is the current life of a mushroom if not bloomed). So players can just bounce in and out of the green circle. Like anyone will pay attention to that. Ha. So… hmmm… situational glyph at best. Biggest benefit will be when players are grouped up. Otherwise, why bother? I am so confused by this glyph I don’t even…


Glyph of Innervate now causes Innervate to give both the Druid and the target 60% of the normal effect of the spell if it’s cast on a target other than the Druid.

Didn’t we used to have this? Back in T11 Star and I used to swap innervates all the time. We got more mana back that way. And then Blizzard took it away and nerfed it to the ground. Thank  you for bringing it back!

Miscellaneous Updates

Mass Entanglement no longer has a limit on the number of targets that could be affected, up from 5. PVP druids across Azeroth thank you. Otherwise, who cares?

Swiftmend’s area-of-effect healing effect is now called Efflorescence. Uhhhhh……. da fuck were we calling it before?? I mean *I* called it “Green Circle of Awesome* but…. wasn’t this ALWAYS called Efflorescence? /headscratch.

And there you have it! Lotsa Druid changes on the horizon. This is all still in test, so Blizzard reserves the right to scrap any or all of this. And I’ll be playing on the PTR because… holy shit that’s a lot of changes.

  1. June 14, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Aly the mushroom got buff too I posted info on the guild site. You also misspell Nature’s Wiggles.

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