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If Classes Could Have More Specs

So, apparently it’s not fair that Druids get 4 specs while everyone else only has 3. Scott Andrews on WoWinsider had a totally weird idea about dual spec/dual class thingies that just made my head spin and scream “NOOOO FOR THE LOVE OF BABY THRALL NOOOOOO!!!!!”

Which brought on this week’s Community Blog Topic, the fourth spec. Sure, it can be fun to think about weird role hybrids such as healing mages or tanking warlocks, but that just further homogenizes classes into all being hybrid tank, heal and damage dealers. So here are my random thoughts about what potential 4th specs could be for each class. I’m leaving out Druids because, well, we already are awesome enough to have 4 specs. So HAH!


Mages are known for blowing things up. That’s what they’re good at. They use the powers of Fire, Frost and the Arcane to do what they do best. Therefore, their fourth spec should also call to their talents and also blow stuff up. I could almost see giving them an affliction-type spec. Mages should be allowed to curse things! They have magic powers. Curses are magic. Affliction mages. This spec would have an arsenal of curses and debuffs, such as armor sundering, increased damage by all players on the target, and channeling the shadows. Take the best parts of affliction locks and shadow priests and create the shadow mage spec.


This is another class of blowing things up or slow destruction. However, I could get on board with Robin’s suggestion of a drain life/AOE heal spec. It would be a utility heal spec which causes life stealing spells to heal nearby allies. However, I can’t see an entire spec built out of this, but it would be an awesome talent or glyph! I would more prefer a “ranged tanking” spec for warlocks. Bosses that only deal magical damage can also be tanked by a warlock specced for it. The spec would include armor increases, health increases and defensive cooldowns. Call this spec shadow defender.


Priests have a lot of utility already. They use the light to heal and they use shadow energies to deal damage. I could suggest a melee priest, but those are called monks. This is a tough one, I can’t justify a priest tank spec, because by design these are a supporting cast type class. For a fourth spec, I could see channeling the light to deal damage (oh wait, that’s discipline), or channeling the shadows to heal. Healing allies will deal shadow damage to nearby enemies. The reverse atonement spec. We could call this spec the shadow mender.

(hang on… I think there may be a pattern emerging…)


I promise I won’t suggest using any type of shadow energies to give a rogue a 4th spec. Rogues should have an invincible spec. Oh wait….. (backstabbing little bastards…). A tank spec wouldn’t work, because you would be forcing them to attack in front when we all know they do it best from behind. Switching them out of their role would just be dumb altogether, so let’s look at other ways they could make use of their damage dealing abilities. A poisons spec would be the best idea here imo. This would either be the only spec to use poisons, or their poisons would be a lot more powerful. Make them do more with poison. Nods. Call it the shadow poison spec.


I admit I’m not familiar with monks at all, having not jumped on the monk bandwagon. My monk is level 13-ish. She’ll be leveled eventually. So I don’t even really have any good ideas for a 4th monk spec. Ranged wouldn’t really work because they’re known for punching shit in the face. I can only really see a 4th spec being a buff spec or something similar to discipline priests. Call it the cloudsurfer spec. I don’t know why. It just sounds right.


Give these fools a melee or spear throwing spec.


Shamans have a huge identity crisis going on. This is really the only class I could truly see a 4th spec for, as a tank spec. Call it the rockbiter spec. There has to be a reason for Rockbiter Weapon to still exist. This spec should also have access to Earth Shield.


I know about as much about warriors as I do about Monks. But I don’t see a feasible 4th spec here. Ranged? No way, plate wearers are designed to smash into things. A ranged warrior may as well be a hunter.


The only thing I could really see for paladins is a different type of healing style. Holy paladins for years have been pure tank/single target healers. Now blizzard is giving them hots, AOE heals, etc. I’d like to see them go back to having that single-target burst niche with some mitigation, with another spec dedicated to AOE and HOT healing. If priests can have 2 healing specs, give them to paladins too! Call the new spec redemption.

Death Knights

I’m torn here. I’m trying not to go with anything shadow related. We’ve already covered affliction/debuffs. You know what? Eff them. Nerf DKs. Take away a spec and only give them 2. That’s all they need.

So do I really think all classes should get a fourth spec? Hell no. A lot of these had my tongue implanted firmly in my cheek. It just doesn’t make any sense for some of them. I would love to see the ability to tri-spec. Everyone needs a PVP spec! And my druid could be a treebearcat. I WANT A TREEBEARCAT!

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  1. August 10, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    All my healers are Healing/Fishing/Pokemoning spec 🙂

  2. Tai is on fire again
    August 19, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    Rogue poison spec lol. Aka assassination rogues ? ;). More likely to be a hybrid demon-hunter or use crossbows and be mid-ranged dps.. but good ideas nevertheless.

    Spear throwing hunters ftw! Wtb amazon spec!

    The thought of a shadow spec for mages was a pretty good idea… but like you said you might as well play a lock or priest..

    Overall as much fun as it would be to add a forth spec to classes.. its very challenging! I know it would be awesome to have a few more viable hybrids… but I think they are happy with where things are right now.

    Also I think the druid is stuck with 4 classes BC they can’t get rid of any of them… its too popular of a class.

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