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A True Level Cap?

One of the community bloggers asked an interesting question, which made it to the topic of the week. What if there was a hard level cap, and we didn’t get any more levels in future expansions? Would you be in favor of that?

(I know what Mav’s answer would be!)

I have a love/hate relationship with questing and leveling. When a new expansion hits, I’m thinking, UGH am I 80 yet? Am I 85 yet? Am I 90 yet? Enough with this leveling shit and get me into raids NOW! I’m impatient. When Wrath of the Lich King hit, I was at a crossroads in game. I didn’t have a real guild to call home. My paladin was on the Medivh server having transferred there from Uldaman only to get kicked out of the guild because my Kara gear wasn’t good enough for Sunwell. So, while I was on the 30 day transfer cooldown, I joined up another guild on Medivh called Attica (I don’t think they’re around anymore). I picked up Wrath on my way home from work on launch day, logged in, and 2 players were already level 80, and the rest of the guild was level 74+. Day 2, they had 10 players at 80 and started raiding Naxx. Day 2 I was level….71. By the time my transfer CD was up, I was level 74 and moved back to Uldaman where a new small guild waited for me to level to 80.

When Cataclysm hit, MT was already in full swing having been created about a year into the Wrath expansion (around TOC content). I was leveling up my priest, and I think Krur was the first to hit 85. It took me about a week or so to get to level 85, and we hit BWD shortly after that. At MOP launch, I was even more motivated and leveled in just about 7 days (without taking any time off work). But I have to say the leveling and grinding experience in MOP sucked. With a capital Suck. There was no way any of us wanted to level alts from 85-90 after that misery.

(but, as we know, you can’t keep an altoholic under the level cap forever)

So my first thought was YES!! Let’s make a real level cap (100 is a nice round number), and when a new expansion hits, we take a completely new progression path via gear ilvls by questing, in dungeons, scenarios, LFR, etc. This way, older raids still stay somewhat current for alts and newbies to progress through. Imagine if Kara was the entry raid for all new max level characters no matter what the expansion? That place will never get old. Toons who are geared from the last expansion go to the first raid in the new expansion. The older content will still end up soloable as players grossly outgear it. Keep the questing, but have quest rewards improve our characters. No more grinding alts 5 levels THEN gearing them to help out guild raids. Leveling is a huge time suck. Especially when  you had 10+ max characters last expansion. Get them all to the cap and be DONE with it! Yeah!

Yes, there are the masochists that actually like the leveling experience. But we should be able to keep the experience through quest and gear progression without adding more Dings. And for those that REALLY love to level? Go roll a new toon and experience Silverpine Forest all over again! There will always be the level 1-100 leveling experience. I personally love this idea (Sorry, Robin!).

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