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Hello, My name is Aly, and I am (still) an Altoholic

I may need help. Are there any support groups out there for altoholics? I should be grinding my Black Prince rep to exalted on my main (/hangs head in shame), but there’s only so much damage you can do as a tree. And I realized my survivability as feral is, well, not existent. So what am I doing in the last 2 weeks of 5.3? Leveling alts. I MUST MAX ALL THE THINGS!

Pynkki has made it to 90, my little DK who pretended to be a tank once. I made her a bunch of crafted PVP gear and then dumped her like a rotten potato. I’ll get back to her eventually. That was 90 #9. Like I said, I need help. What’s left? Rogue, Warrior, Monk. I’m a ranged healer, and rogue, warrior and monk is not what I do. I could have resorted to eenie meenie miney mo, but my rogue was already leveled to 80ish after another bout of ADHD boredom right before the Cataclysm expansion hit. So naturally, only needing…. uh… less levels than my level 30 warrior or level 14 monk, I dusted off my Snykki rogue, and let Sonne carry me to the Battlefield Barrens quests while I watch him kill ALL THE THINGS and I hovered safely above him on my … what the hell was I flying anyway? It doesn’t matter. I got 3 levels while AFK’d watching TV.

But when Sonne was done, I was left to my own devices in Uldum, 20% shy of level 84. I’d like to stop right here and say, I haven’t actually *done* anything with my rogue in about 2 years. After locating all my stabby buttons, I set out to Uldum, to kill this catpersonleader named Kevem. It went something like this:

Me: *sneaks up behind Kevem*

Me: *stabby stab stab*

Kevem: Bahhaha, you have GOT to be kidding….

*Snykki has died*

Kevem resets himself from 80% to full and stares at me with curiosity.

Me: Reassafriggin…grumble… ok let’s try this again.

Me: *sneaks up behind Kevem*

Me: *cheap shot, ambush, stabby stab stab*

Kevem: *looks around feeling a tickle*

Kevem: Oh THERE she is *punch to the face*

*Snykki has died*

Me: /g ok how the fuck do I play a rogue?

Star: Uh…. you sneak up behind him, stabby stab stab, win?

Me: I have been stabby stab stabbing and NOT winning!

Me: Fuck this shit Ima go pet battle.

*Star switches to her rogue*

Me: *flipping through my spellbook* Oh hey, I should use this poison button

Sonne: WHAT?! *dies laughing*

Me: *uses a poison thingie* Ok, lemme try this again!

Me: *Sneaks up on Kevem*

Me: *stabby stab stab*

Kevem giggles to himself

*Snykki has died*

Star: Alykiinnnns I’m here to help youuu! What spec are you using?

Me: Hell if I know!

Guild: ROFL

Me: err, Combat. Oh I suppose I need glyphs….

Star: I use subtlety try that! *runs down subtlety rotation*

Me: *switches to subtlety* Oh hey I have stuns!

Me: *Sneaks up behind Kevem*

Me: *cheap shot, ambush, stabby stab stab, kidney shot, stabby stab stab*

*Kevem dies*


I ding’d 84, and got the hell outta Uldum. By the way, the horde trek to Twilight Highlands never gets old. I tried it on the alliance side, and it was just basically a very non-eventful ride. There were no horde gunships attacking. There were was no goblins yelling at each other to DO SOMETHING! OH THE GOBLINITY! It was just, blah. So I’m happy to be a horde. /nods

Once I built the portal out of water cores and muck, I went off to bgs and pet battle. BGs are fun. I did absolutely no damage, but I snuck around the gold mine sapping a couple of hunters. That’s all I did. Sneak and sap and watched them run around throwing flares in a panic.  I’ll get her to 90 one way or another. Rogues suck. That is all.

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  1. Fruit of the Loom
    August 26, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Assassination does a lot of damage.. and very simple to play. Hell u can even use the one talent where you can use a poison that heals you and kills.

    Of course… I think I’d rather poke myself in the eye than play a rogue… but that’s just me.

  2. August 29, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    You can use TWO poisons. One that’s lethal and one that’s not, I guess.

  3. Calilina
    August 31, 2013 at 6:11 am

    I actually raided on my rogue once upon a time at the end of BC…I was horrible. But I loved to hit things with my two swords. Never liked daggers much…good to know I’m not the only one lol

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