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What’s Your Endgame?

This week’s WoW Insider’s Community Blog Topic is pretty thought provoking for me. Since the end of TBC, my endgame has been solely raiding and defeating ALL THE THINGS. I met my first endgame goal in Wrath with the defeat of the Lich King. It was a defining moment in my guild’s history. MT was born in Wrath, and that kill put us on the map (way down on the map but we were there!).

This continued with Cataclysm, when we had our guild first full heroic clear of the final raid (yes, I know it was Dragon Soul, don’t judge). We started to become a “heroic” raiding guild in Firelands, when we defeated heroic Shannox and heroic Majordomo Staghelm. We set our goals higher for DS and accomplished them about two weeks before 5.0 hit. The guild’s MOP goals remain the same, with one of our teams having defeated 4 heroic bosses in T14 and T15. Thankfully Seige of Orgrimmar isn’t as much of a cakewalk as Dragon Soul was, and we’re still pushing for that Garrosh kill before diving back into heroics.

However, my personal end game has shifted a bit. It’s no secret that MOP is my least favorite expansion. I was burnt out by the 3rd week into the xpac for crying out loud. I was going through some changes IRL (move, job, relationship), and I ended up taking a step back this xpac. I took a break from raiding about halfway through T14, came back casually in T15, and experienced a LOT of frustration with a couple of raid teams. Somehow, I managed to get carried through a full T15 clear and heroic Jin, so all was not lost. But personally, I just don’t care as much about the raiding aspect as I did in the past.

It’s no secret that I’m also an altoholic. My end game goal is still to clear all raid content, but I also want to finish leveling ALL THE THINGS! I have 9 toons at level 90. I still have to get my 87 rogue as well as my baby warrior and monk up to 90. For years, I’ve wanted to get every class to max level, and each xpac I manage to get a couple more toons there. In TBC, I only had my paladin, hunter and warlock. In Wrath, it was my paladin, warlock, mage, priest, druid and hunter. In Cataclysm it was my priest, druid, warlock, mage, shaman, hunter, paladin and DK. In MOP I added a 2nd druid to that mix. I’ve got 3 more classes to get leveled.

I also got dragged into the poke-craft aspect of the game. When MOP was announced up through 5.3, I swore NEVER to do that stupid pet battle crap. Until they introduced the “Crazy Cat Lady” title. I’ve had cats ever since I was little. I loved my kitties more than life itself. And I’ve always been teased that I would end up being the “crazy cat lady” when I got older. So I had to get the title, in homage to my cat loving ways. In order to get the title, I had to have 20 cat companion pets. In order to do that, I had to …. capture them in pet battles. Now I MUST COLLECT THEM ALL!

Tai will be proud.

(yes, I have issues)

And then there are the achievements. I’m a sucker for the nerdpoints. By the end of Cataclysm, I finished Loremaster. I must have all the titles, all the mounts, all the pets! I’m a completist. Yes, I made that word up. The only thing I will never finish, and this is a promise, is all the dailies. ALY DOESN’t DO DAILIES. Molten front? Ha. Krasarang? Go eff yourself. Barrens? Never touched a quest, I just got my baby alts power leveled while my guildies went around killing stuff. Isle of Thunder? Yeah, ok. Excuse me while I park my butt here and kill all the mogu for Black Prince. Once exalted, BYE! I actually play on the timeless isle, because I AM an altoholic so I must get them all the purples. But I think My main is still neutral with the August Celestials. Someday I’ll go back and grind the rep to fill all my bars to exalted again. Maybe. I’m a completist, so it’ll happen eventually. So my endgame in MOP is completing everything. The raids, the achievements, the alts, the pets… ALL OF IT!

And then I get to do it all over again in the next xpac.

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