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37 Reasons Why Tree Form is the Best

My guild asked for a new blog post. The title was suggested by our (other) resident tree Taiboku. Let me just say, I hate you all.

So here are the top 37 reasons why tree form is the best!

37. They have a cool dance

36. They heal ALL THE THINGS

35. They look better than ugly ass bear butts

34. They look better than ugly ass Boomkins

33. They look better than ugly ass cows

32. They look better than ugly ass trolls (except my troll. my troll is pretty)

31. They look better than ugly ass worgen

30. Do I really need to come up with 30 more reasons?

29. Because they’re awesome, need I say more?

28. They look like they belong at a disco when empowered

27. They’re leafy

26. They provide shelter

25. They’re majestic

24. They’re sexy

23. They’re huggable!

22. Go away you damn hippie

21. They look funny when they run around

20. Do I really have to come up with 20 more reasons?

19. Because I said so

18. Because Tai made me do it

17. They fall apart when they die

16. My hots are bigger than your hots

15. They give gnomes splinters

14. They’re virtually unkillable by the opposing faction

13. They can fly (wut?)

12. Well until they hit the ground….

11. They save your ass

10. They provide a wholesome snack in the midst of battle

9. They give “stick up the ass” a whole new meaning

8. They attract all the bird poop so nobody else has to wash it out of their hair

7. They provide the animals of Azeroth a place to pee

6. They provide low hanging fruit

5. They’re awesome to hang clothes on to dry after washing (thanks, Roger)

4. They make good firewood

3. They’re great to roast marshmallows on (thanks again, Roger)

2. Morning wood lasts all day

1. They grow their own sticks to beat Tai people over the head with

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  1. January 9, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    I love my GM so freaking much other then the fire comments.

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