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The Lull

It happens at the end of every expansion. And it happens every summer. But when the end of the expansion is during summer, and we have to wait until the Fall for a new WoW expansion, that’s just bad. And by bad I mean awful. The suck. Ugh.

Wildstar Online launches in June. The new Diablo 3 expansion just launched last week. I don’t think anyone is even playing WoW anymore? What for? What is there to do? It’s happened to us. The lull hit us hard and it hit us early. After “the split” in January, of course activity tapered off. But we bounced back from that. However recently? Activity has come to a screeching halt. The kind of screeching halt that causes the 9 car pileup behind you.

We recruited a lot of new folks after the split and started running flex to get those people geared, and to give them something to do since we can’t fit them into our one 10-man normal group yet. But it’s awfully hard to retain them if there’s nothing else going on after Tuesday nights. If it’s not a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, I’m happy to see one or two other players on when I login. Often, I login, say “rawr!” get no reply, open the guild list and realize I just said hello to myself. It’s been deserted since Reaper of Souls launched. On my battletag list, I’ll see 9-10 players online, with the “D” symbol. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but it will get worse when Wildstar launches. It will definitely get worse once we get a Garrosh kill.

This lull is bad for business. As much as I want to, recruitment will be pretty fruitless for a while. All we can really do is just wait for it to pass, and hope we don’t lose any more members in the process.


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  1. Myranda
    March 31, 2014 at 8:26 am

    Given the great games coming out (Wildstar being chief among them), I really worry whether MoP is going to be the end for a lot of people. Right now, I have almost zero interest in WoD and I’d be happy to move permanently to a different game. I suspect that when the WoD hype machine gets going, though, I will change my mind.

    But I’m not sure everyone will. WoW’s been going strong for 10 years, and it’ll be around for a lot longer but for me, this expansion has been my least favorite by far couple with the fact that WoD is so very far away. It’s just hard to stay involved with WoW when there’s nothing there anymore.

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