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WOD is Here! Queue the Fail!

Ah launch day. The most highly anticipated day of every other year. It’s the day of the login que times. The day of the random lags, crashes and bugs. The day of OVER NINE THOUSAND players crowding that one quest giver. And yet, the masochism continues. We log in anyway because we MUST DO ALL THE QUESTS NOW! And then get pissed off when the servers go to hell.

This launch day is a little different for me. Sure we have our couple of token guildies that raced to 100 on day 1. My goal was to get to level 91 before bedtime. And I did! I find it hilarious, yet sad and discomforting at the same time when I see posts of people complaining that they can’t play at launch because they have work, family and health commitments. Those SHOULD be the priority people! Draenor will still be here when  you get home from work. Or the hospital.

I was not one of the crazies that logged on at 3am EST. I have a day job you know. And I wasn’t about to brave the madness when I was half asleep. I tend to get very emo and cranky on no sleep and dealing with stupidity. So when I woke up to get ready for work, I was not surprised to see about 12 guildies online at 6:30am. Right before I got into the shower, I noticed my hands (especially my left hand) were a bit swollen. So I used my handy-dandy blood pressure cuff when I got dressed and was ready to leave. The readings were not favorable. Especially when I’m just weeks away from evicting a small child from my uterus. So I sent my doctor a quick email with the readings and went off to work.

Around 11am, my doctor’s office called and they said (paraphrased) “get your ass in here now!” So I left work, thinking hey I might just be able to login to the game earlier than expected after all. But that was just a fleeting thought. I knew better. I saw a couple of nurses, they took my BP, numbers were still bad. Had a quick meeting with my doc. She took my BP again, and made a face. One of those faces that you see the look on her face and say “I don’t like that look…” She shook her head, sighed and said “I have to send you to the hospital…”

So instead of working, I was hooked up to fetal monitors and a blood pressure machine all afternoon. Fun times. We had an ultrasound, baby is still doing just fine. My BP came down with rest, but was still skirting the line. Finally, I was released at almost 5pm. We hadn’t eaten all day. They finally sent me a boxed lunch from the cafeteria, but when I opened it, it was a turkey sandwich. Really. Who sends up cold cuts to the Maternity Ward?! That was just mean. So we left, had dinner, got home around 6pm when I could finally sit down, log in and hit up Draenor….

Uldaman is full. Position in queue: 510. Average wait time, 22 minutes. WTF?! I finally got in 35 minutes later. I finished the Tanaan Jungle quests, and somehow missed the boat, got stuck on the docks. Alrighty… I remembered seeing a portal to Frostfire Ridge in Org during the beta, so I hearthed out, ported to Org, and made it to Frostfire Ridge without a boat. The questing seemed to go pretty quickly. There weren’t hundreds of thousands of people there, since many of them got there earlier and moved on. I ding’d 91 around 9:30pm. At that point, the lag and the crashes started. Someone mentioned DDOS attacks. After I disconnected and couldn’t get back in, I decided it was time for bed. I sent my boss a quick email update, since I knew she’d be worried about me.

This morning when I got to work the boss said “you should have just stayed home rested and taken a long weekend…” Doh!

Although once I finish up what’s left of today’s work I just might do that.

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