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All the Rust….kersplat.

Yay my first night in the big girl raid! My little shaman dove face first into normal BRF, and in some cases dove face first into the floor. My first guild progression run in WOD. I missed those knuckleheads!

So my first order of business was setting Tai on fire. Repeatedly, and with much glee. I think I paid more attention to making sure the tree was burning than to my flask and food buff. Whoops. But Tubbs only called me out once on that.

Oh I should also throw a shout out to Myranda, who also returned from a break to raid! Yay! I had to throw the shout out, because on the first boss Gruul, I out dps’d him! Granted, the difference between my 20,105.8 and his 20,086.4 was a whopping 19.4 dps, but still! Any day I beat Myr in dps is a proud day indeed. So yes, Gruul I did good boss!

Next was Oregorger. Let’s just skip over that one. No, really. Next time let’s just skip him. Fuck him. Right in the ear. I had no clue what was going on that entire fight. While I tried to ascertain what was happening after all 3 times I died in that one fight, I still didn’t get it. I got run over 3 times. I’m so confused. I’m going to go hide in that corner over there and cry.

Hans and Franz! We are here to PUMP. YOU. UP. Sorry, I can’t resist…

So… this fight had pop tarts. When Tubbs and Tai were talking about pop tarts, I was thinking “mmm… pop tarts…. aww jammit…”

Anyway…I avoided pop tarts! On a tread mill! This raid is so weird…. so so weird….

Moving on…

Choo Choo! I think there were bets on how fast I would get hit by a train and go flying on the Operator Thogar fight. But I didn’t! HAH! It was hilarious when axes heroic leaped into the train though. Epic. He totally pulled a Giz on that one. That’s where we ended the night.


Choo Choo!!!





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  1. Myranda
    March 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Nice job. I have no excuse other than gear and melee.

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