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Confessions of a Raider: Bugs and Tornadoes

November 8, 2012 1 comment

Heart of Fear is what’s going to get me kicked out of my group, specifically the second boss.

I tried out the new HOF raid in LFR. I que’d up as a healer, and much like any other LFR raid, I don’t have a clue what the fuck is going on, and I’m probably standing in shit I shuoldn’t be standing in, but it’s LFR and I can heal through it. Bad habit, yes. But I hate LFR and I just don’t care.

There is one mechanic that seems to pop up in a raid somewhere every expansion. I’ll call it the tornado mechanic, even if it’s not exactly a tornado every time. It’s the mechanic where there’s a bunch of shit flying around that you have to run around and avoid.

The Burning Crusade

Shade of Aran did it in Kara. Not only were we not allowed to move if we’re in the flame wreath, but there’s a big friggin blizzard going on you’re not supposed to stand in.

Zul’jin did it in the original ZA raid. Fuckin’ tornadoes.

Wrath of the Lich King

Heigan Dance. The most evil mechanic EVER INVENTED. That’s one of those fights it took me months to figure out. I was a little slower back then, don’t judge. But when I did figure it out, we had an epic win. We were running it on 10 man in BRS. I was healing on my paladin. Lahno/Goji was tanking on his paladin. I don’t remember who else was there. I do remember 8 raid members dropped by the time he hit 50%. Lahno and I were all that was left. And we beat him down together. Shockadin ftw. Do you know how long that took? How many FRIGGIN DANCES  that I had to not die on? And together, we won as everyone else laughed and yelled “gogo!” in vent. Imagine the shock of everyone when I made it through 10 minutes of dancing. Bahahaha!

Ignis The Furnace Master. Fire tornadoes. His trash was actually worse. Running away from the trash tornadoes was futile. Weeeeeee!!!! as everyone got pinballed around and died.


Alysrazor can suck it. That is all.

Mists of Pandaria

That second boss in Heart of Fear is going to be the death of me. Everyone is going to laugh at me. Actually “is going to” is the wrong term here. I already get poked fun at. Even Minnax brought up the chicken nugget incident last week. Bah! Lemme alone I hate you all.

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Confessions of a Guild Leader: Plug and Play

October 25, 2012 1 comment

Leading a sports team has GOT to be easier than this shit. The title of this blog comes from a phrase I used to describe the New England Patriots Defense, back when they had a defense. Pats fans know what I’m talking about. 2001-2004ish. There was one year ( I wanna say 2003? not sure brain is fuzzy), that they had so many injuries you would think that they’d be hosed. But Bill Belichek just plugged in backups, they played and the team never missed a beat.

Any sports team has the “core” players.. you know, the regular lineup. If something happens to one of those players, that’s what the bench is for. But nobody likes the bench. Just ask Tom Brady’s backup.

(who the fuck IS Tom Brady’s backup anyway? Am I hallucinating or did Vinny Testaverde take snaps behind him one year?)

See what I mean? But they ride the bench, hoping for their shot. Teams can do this because their players are under a contract. They can’t just jump up mid-season and say “fuck this if I can’t play here I’m going somewhere else”. Well, they can say that but they can’t actually go anywhere. Not true for players in guilds. Who’s going to join a guild to sit on the bench? That bench has to be made of pure gold and have a free cookie dispenser. In a WoW guild, the bench are our alts and our “floaters” on rotating work schedules.

Which brings me to the dilemma. This xpac is still new. Players are still grinding dailies on their mains. Nobody’s motivated yet to seriously level alts. A player has that proverbial “injury” (RL aggro, call it what you want), and the RL’s are stuck with their thumb up their bum. How do you plug and play when there’s no plug? Except Zal’s thumb.

Everyone wants to raid. I want to make sure everyone raids. People hear the word “bench” and can’t type /gquit fast enough. Then a raid gets canceled because we don’t have a fill in and nobody raids.

(“nobody” is a relative term. It’s more like, one group doesn’t raid while another group plugs holes with players from the first group that got canceled for the week).

It’s been my experience when we had 3 groups in Cataclysm that there were plenty of opportunities for people on the “bench” to raid. Just ask our resident floater Haemic. He was raiding almost every week in one group or another.

So we need plugs so we can play. We don’t like the temporary alternatives. Whose bright idea was it to start off with 4 groups anyway? O wait….

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Confessions of a Guild Leader: Herding Cats

October 3, 2012 2 comments

My guild’s roster hit the 400 mark last night. This prompted widespread panic in my brain of… OMG how the fuck did that happen?! Big guilds scare me. They scare me because with so many different people, there are going to be a lot of different styles, personalities and opinions. However I do enjoy the social aspect so much that yes, I will take that risk of potential drama because I am playing a game with people whose company I enjoy.

Masochistic Tendencies is not one of those gigantic social-only guilds. I think we have a niche of being a social raiding guild. What do I mean by a social raiding guild? I mean players stay on and play. They don’t just log in to raid, then immediately log out. (Vent is another story though!) We improve our characters by running 5 mans. Some of us have way too much time on our hands and play on the farm, or level alts. Really? After that disgusting grind from 85-90 you fools want to do that AGAIN??! That’s right, Masochistic Tendencies isn’t just a name, it’s a way of life.

We are also a fairly serious raiding guild. There are varying degrees of “serious” here. If a group’s focus is to clear normals pre-nerf, then they have to be serious about meeting that goal. If a group’s focus is to at least kill one boss, then they need their game face on to do that. If a group’s focus is to clear normals and heroics, then there’s another level of “seriousness”. That’s the beauty of having so many players – we can run multiple groups of varying intensity to suit everyone’s play style (for the most part!).

I’ll tell you though… coordinating 4 raiding groups? Royal pain in the ass. Between fitting everyone’s schedules, styles and level of commitment, class balance went right out the window. I love how Blizzard has moved more toward “bring the player not the class” in recent expansions. I’m holding them to that! Yes, it’s going to suck when 5 out of 10 people are rolling on the same bloody tier token. But that’s what happens when the guild’s raiders are all druids, mages and rogues. Do your dailies and collect those lucky charms! Free rolls! Team Moist is using loot council… fun times in the loot channel when that token drops and it’s a dogfight between 2 druids, a rogue, a mage and a DK. Even more fun when one of the druids and the mage are married to each other. Someone’s not getting any nookie that night.

Then there are those players that disappeared for almost two expansions and are now back. And want to raid! Yay! Ok tear up that spreadsheet and start from scratch! I must have started from scratch 3 or 4 times. Oh and the main changes. We’re at dps critical mass and two healers switch to dps. Delete that spreadsheet! Then someone’s work schedule changes. /headdesk

I am happy to say, that by the end of this week, everyone in the guild will know who’s raiding when and with whom. I’d love to keep shuffling to a minimum if I can. But it’s going to happen, someone’s real life will get in the way, schedules will change, people will come and go. And we deal with it!

All I know is I can’t wait until we’re ready to raid!


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If Only…

September 12, 2012 6 comments

This blog post was inspired by WoWinsider’s breakfast topic, which was inspired by Blog Azeroth’s question this week. If you could have any WoW spell in real life, what would it be?

There are so many “damn that would be nice to have” spells. I would love to be able to turn into a cat and chase my cats around my apartment. I’d love to have a demonic pet setting people I don’t like on fire. I’d love to turn invisible and sneak up on people. I’d love to be able to mind control people (cast it on my boss “you will give me a raise and a window”).  I would love to resurrect the dead. Although, if they’ve been dead for a while, they may not be too pretty and they’d smell terrible. Yeah, giving human earthlings a resurrection spell would create our own race of forsaken. That can’t be good. Though I’d love to see my Nana and Grampy again. Not in the dust and bones stinky sense, but they way they were before they passed away.

But those are all nice to have. The one spell I would give my right arm for is teleportation. I live on one side of the country, while my life is on the other. As much as my current job irritates me sometimes, it’s the best job that ever happened to me. They’ve given me steady raises since I moved to AZ 2 years ago. They’re talking about more. They promoted me. They love me here. I’ve never felt so respected and appreciated in a job before. It’s the polar opposite of the toxic hell of my last job at MIT. The problem is everyone I love (aside from my mom who’s here) is in Boston.  My family. My friends. The crazy malaka that I’ve had such a roller coaster ride with over the past 8 years. Oh Yanni, that foo got me started on this game. He’s been my rock, my best friend. When I got divorced in 2004 and moved back to Boston from a stint in WV, he was there and I pushed him away. My head was a mess, my life was a mess, I wasn’t ready and I drove him away.

My decision to move to AZ was purely for my own sanity. My job at MIT was making me so miserable that I drove everyone in my life out. I scared people, my family, my friends with my volatility. I really take full responsibility for the demise of that relationship. Two years later, in 2010, I made the move to AZ. The less I thought about him, the easier it would be. In my mind, it was a dead issue and I needed to move on. And I was happy again, in the sunshine, and finally in a place where I didn’t dread waking up and having to work. Sometimes I do, but it’s not the feeling where “I’d rather be on the street than work here” like I did at MIT.

But I saw him again last fall and this past summer. The time I spent in Boston last October and this past July confirmed that’s where my heart is, and that’s where I belong. Second chances are rarer than a blue moon. And I’m getting a second chance. I can’t fuck it up.

I feel like I’m torn in half. He can’t come to AZ. I know this. I don’t have the resources to move back right now, and the people here are making it more and more difficult for me to leave. There’s a huge hole in my heart. A mage portal would be nice. Real nice. If only there were portals in every city connecting to every city. If only it were as easy as constructing the portals in the Twilight Highlands where all I need are some water elemental cores and a pile of muck.

If only…

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Vice or Guilty Pleasure?

September 7, 2012 1 comment

Occasionally I’ll get blog inspiration from WoW Insider. They recently started featuring guest blogs posted through Blog Azeroth. This week’s Blog Azeroth’s topic is recognizing which of the 7 deadly sins you commit the most while playing WoW.

We all know of the Seven deadly sins (Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony) and we all succumb to aspects of them at one time or another, but is there one particular sin that affects you more than the others when you play World of Warcraft? Are you a bit too prideful about your armor set? or Do you look upon someone with envy when they have a piece of armor that you don’t have yet?

I could probably name at least one guildy who would fit each sin. Yes Myranda, you look so pretty. Nos stop being a ho and share the loot. Giz get out of the fire!

Oh wait, this post is about MY deadliest sin! Can anyone guess which one it is? Anyone? OH YOU KNOW IT!



Yes, I probably exhibit every sin, but there is one sin that is the deadliest for me by far, and anyone who knows me will wholeheartedly agree.

There’s something about the 9 thousand people in a zone trying to jack my node, or the 18 thousand people in the zone trying to do the same quest,  or the difficulty of new encounters at the beginning of the expansion, or learning my class all over again and HATING it, or the HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE Rivendare kills for that #$*&% mount, or the underwater Cataclysm zone where I CANT FIND THE GODDAMN CAVE…JESUS EFF CHRISTMAS!!!!  This game seriously pisses me off! FOR REAL!

But I’m not unhappy. Usually. I still have fun. I love this game. I’ll never quit.  But I do have a tendency to go from zero to a frothing bitch and type in shouty capitals without warning.

(oh Cali! I KNOW you just got that reference!)

So yes, my deadliest sin in this game is Wrath. Arthas has nothing on me baby. You DON’T want to see me wielding Shadowmourne on the rag.

Be afraid. Be. Very. Afraid.

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Yes this horse IS made of STARS!

August 27, 2012 6 comments

I DID IT! Alykii is now a Loremaster. Cross it off the bucket list!!

So what kind of blog post would this be if I didn’t at least give a rundown of my quest to… complete ALL THE QUESTS!

My Favorite Zones

Silverpine Forest – Eastern Kingdoms
The lore in this zone is simply epic. This zone I was happy to do-over when Cataclysm hit and reset my quest progress. The new quests in this zone make this a must-have experience. This zone takes you through the war over Gilneas and the plight of the forsaken. The lengths Lady Sylvannas went to protect her race was pure evil and the quests to try to take over Gilneas made me feel dirty, in a good evil sinister way. On the flip side, I did level a worgen through the starting area and through Silverpine Forest (up to level 18 or so). Blizzard really made the story of the worgen heart breaking, and even though I bleed horde blood, I really felt for the worgen and believe Sylvannas had what was coming to her at the Gilnean Wall. I actually sent my mage through this zone as well as leveled my baby shaman here because the story just doesn’t get old.

Hillsbrad Foothills – Eastern Kingdoms
The simple fact that Southshore got buried under a pool of slime warrants this zone being on the list. One of the best quests ever? Welcome to the Machine. I don’t think I stopped giggling through this entire quest. You become the quest giver, and NPC’s come up to you and you hand out the quests. It’s a cute little role reversal. The NPC’s are Dumass (HI! I’M NEW! BIG WHITE LIGHT CREATURE WITH WINGS MADE ME ALIVE! I SERVE THE BANSHEE QUEEN! YAY! HELP! HI!); Kingslayer Orkus ( Point me to where the Alliance hide and I shall DOMINATE THEM!); and Johnny Awesome of the guild <Uber Town>.  Best. Quest. Ever.

Southen Barrens – Kalimdor
I picked this zone purely for the “Don’t Stop Bereavin‘” quest – the sequal to finding Mankrik’s wife. I love Journey and the song that Blizzard cleverly punned is one of my favorite songs that Star and I like to sing in guild karaoke. Mankrik is pissed. Every filthy squealy pigman must die. DIE!!!!! He will not rest until their blood stains the earth.

Uldum – Kalimdor
There’s something about a zone where Indiana Jones meets the Mummy that makes this zone so much fun. Any quest that makes you destroy an entire population of gnomes has to be good. Best quest name ever? I dunno, Don’t Stop Bereavin’ is right up there. But for the dirty minded folks, it’s got to be Camel Tow. I don’t understand what’s up with the goblin quest chain down in the south though. It just seems so out of place. The Indiana Jones quest line is a must do in this zone.

Honorable Mention – Kezan, not required (obviously) for loremaster. I loved Kezan. It’s like Sin City. Everyone must roll a goblin and experience this zone.

Zones That Need To Be Set On Fire

Vashj’ir – Eastern Kingdoms
Did this come as a shock to ANYONE? Although being an underwater zone, setting it on fire would be pretty ineffective. Fill it with dirt and plant a tree. Then move along. f’ing underwater zones… you know how much bloody time I spent just trying to find the goddamn cave entrances to turn in the quests? Jesus Christmas. And don’t get me started on Full Circle. That I had to do twice. Or the stupid battlemaiden chain. Or being on top of the ! or ? on my minimap and not knowing if I needed to go up or down. UGH. F’ing underwater zones…

Not just a region. Set the whole damn continent on fire. Although getting my revenge on Fel Reaver was nice. The rep grinds.. oh the rep grinds. I couldn’t even finish Blade’s Edge until I grinded Consortium to revered because another chain bugged out on me. I was two quests away from completing the zone, and I had to stop and farm Ethereum Prison Keys and Zaxxis Insignias from Netherstorm.. and run heroic Mana Tombs over.. and over… and over… /headdesk.  F that I went all the way to exalted. That’s right, Chief Exalted Officer. FML.

The zone that never ended. Then when I hit 130 quests, it felt unfinished. I was like, in the middle of an interesting chain.

Why the foo is this zone still in the game? 19 quests to complete in this zone. Really? Not that I’m complaining about only doing 19 quests, but still. Should have at least allowed me to get from revered to exalted in those 19 quests. Most useless zone ever.

And there you have it! For those of you that have grinded out almost 5,000 quests like me (hah!) (and yes I”m counting the ones that reset at Cataclsym that aren’t in my stats) what are some of your most favorite and least favorite zones?

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Confessions of a Guild Leader: The Can Of Worms

August 1, 2012 6 comments

I wonder where that phrase came from… “opening a can of worms”.

(I love you, Google)

Anyway, nothing in WoW matches up to the proverbial Can of Worms than talking about loot. This post isn’t about my philosophy on loot, since I already blogged about that. This is more about how our system has worked and how our system has failed. This is more about guild opinions being so polarized that for a few days I’ve been caught between a rock and a hard place. Which group of people do I piss off?

The good news is, I’m not alone. I have an entire leadership team to take down with help me! And this is why I love them so much. This post is a teaser. This post is to say that despite the bipolar 16-page recent discussion about loot systems in MOP, I honestly believe that we have come up with a solution that should make almost everyone quit bitching happy!

The biggest contention was how to treat players who are not on a raid team, but float around and fill in regularly verses players who are not on a raid team and fill in occasionally. We were trying to fit them into our current loot system somehow. The problem is, this gets subjective and really cannot be treated as a “one size fits all” policy. Our current loot system is concrete and mostly objective. We absolutely cannot add a subjective element into our system without calling it Loot Council. LC has all of a sudden become a serious option in MT. However when put to vote, just as I expected, so far a roughly 50/50 split between LC and leaving the system alone.

I will say that our current loot system has worked very very well through the current expansion. There have been a couple of blips here and there, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out in a mature adult manner. In the end the system “is what it is” and we dealt with the flaws.

This isn’t a decision we’re basing purely on the majority vote. We’re also looking at who voted for which system, and we see some definite trends there. That’s how we’ve potentially come up with a Loot Policy for MOP that should at least satisfy those who have actively participated in these discussions. This system will be announced as we get closer to MOP launch. There will be a post on the forums outlining the new policy and the Loot Policy page on the website will be updated. The post will also list the tentative schedule and Raid Leaders assigned to each group. Then, as we get closer to MOP raiding, we will have the groups setup.

Loot is a very hot topic. And the analogy works. Once you open the can and the worms come out, it’s a pain in the ass to get them back in and close it. I would have LOVED to just erase the entire thread and pretend it never happened. It got heated. I was afraid of it getting out of control. In the end though, I think it was a much needed discussion. And as much as I hate you all for making my job that much more difficult <3, I need to know where people stand, so we can keep on moving in a positive direction.


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Confessions of a .. ahem.. “Raid Leader”

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

So we made some progress on H Hagara last night. We’ve figured out the lightning phase. Frosted flakes phase still give us a little trouble. My raid leader and backup raid leader are getting married today (CONGRATS CRIX AND RELUU!!<3) so I’ve had to raid lead. Yikes.

With me raid leading, it goes something like this:
Me: Ok, for lightning phase we’ll have a healer at 9:00, 3:00 and 6:00. That’s also where we’ll hang out during ice lances.
Tsorb: So where do you want me Aly?
Me: Uh… take 9:00. I’ll take 6:00, Mackayla take 3:00
Me: Ok find a buddy for ice lances!
Mackayla: wait, where am I going again?
Me: I dunno. I don’t even remember what I just said!
Tsorb: I think you’re at 9:00
Someone else: Didn’t she say you were at 9:00 Tsorb?
Tsorb: Aly?
Mackayla: So where am I supposed to be?
Me: /facepalm

*sets up markers*
“you on purple, you on green me on blue”

Oh yeah that and I forgot to turn it off heroic for Warlord. Oops. Someone brought it to my attention just before we pulled. That would have been hilarious.

Just as hilarious as it would have been if I had to call out slimes on H Yor’saj because our ahem.. leader with the addon was getting ready for her big day.

It could have gone something like this:

Me: Kill green! no wait! Yellow! uh… I think?

Someone else: Pink!

Someone else: Orange!

Someone else: Periwinkle!

Someone else: Boobies!

But that only happened in my head.  Anyway, I downloaded the addon, AND I made sure it was set to heroic! Go me!

At least Freggos didn’t try to kill me this time.

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Confessions of a Gamer: Getting Too Close

April 13, 2012 12 comments

There are a number of different ways I could go with this post. I could take the jaded cynical route. I’m not sure that would do any good though. It would be easy though. Too easy. When there’s so much emotion churning, it’s difficult which one to run with… sadness? anger? confusion?

It happens to many people. You meet someone online, whether it’s in chat rooms or MMOs. You form friendships that can feel as close as if you know them real life. You may even form something with someone that goes beyond friendship. You may find yourself caring so much about someone that you would do anything for them.

I feel that way about many people I’ve met in WoW. Some, I’ve even met in real life. They know if they need something, they can count on me. Just as I count on them. Star just might be my best friend in the whole wide world of warcraft. I’ve formed almost a sisterhood with the girls in my guild. I would do anything for them. I would do anything for just about anyone in my guild. Just as I would do anything for the person I allowed to get too close.

This person had a hard shell, and I was finding my way through it. He had his very sweet moments. It was because of these moments that I grew to trust him. After knowing him for several years in the game, he was a very good friend. That’s probably the hardest right there, losing that friendship, for reasons I can’t even begin to figure out. I don’t understand how someone can just turn on a dime. I never betrayed him. I’m the one that should be angry and upset. He made promises he couldn’t live up to. But I still believed in him. I’m the type of person that sees the good in everyone, and I treat people the way I hope to be treated.

I let my guard down and let him in. In hindsight, if I were granted a do-over, the only thing I would have changed would be to not let our relationship go beyond the boundary of friendship.

This doesn’t mean I’ll close myself off. I’m not going to build the proverbial wall. This isn’t going to change who I am. If the opportunity presented itself with someone else, I’d still take it. Would I be just as caring, understanding and generous as I was for him? As I would do for anyone I care about? You betcha.

Call me a fool. Or just call me a Masochist.


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Confessions of a Guild Leader: Being the Bad Guy

April 1, 2012 7 comments

I can count on a couple of fingers how many people I’ve had to remove from the guild in the past 2 years. I’ve been very fortunate in that respect. My guildies are generally a group of low maintenance low drama adults that play to have fun. That’s what I really care about here. I’m also a very nice person and I’ve been known to let a few things slide with stern warnings.

MT is a fairly large guild. We’re not one of the humongous 900+ member guilds, but we do have close to 100 accounts and over 360 characters. Naturally, there’s going to be some personality conflict. Some play styles are more laid back than others. I tried my best to have each raiding group consist of like-minded players to reduce the potential for conflict.

Except that blew up in my face.

Putting together similar people is a good theory. However in practice, when you have 2 alpha males in the same group competing to be top dog, it starts getting a little nasty. When these like-minded types of players get together, the elitism rears its ugly head. When that ugly head swells, these players think they can get away with acting like douchenozzles because “Nothing will happen to us, the guild needs us too much.” The suckiest part of this whole thing is the good people that get caught under a bad influence.

The final straw: Raid time is 9:30. The raid leader is generally a couple of minutes late on Fridays due to work. He logs in roughly 9:33. Raiders are expected to be on at raid time unless it’s known in advance that something’s holding them up. This is ok we’re not a bleeding edge guild that says WoW > All. Anyway, one raider decides he’s going to count down each minute until he logs, and finally logs off at 9:29. Two others log off about 30 seconds after the Raid Leader logs on. The raider that logged off early was invoking his own made up rule. The other 2 logged off one right after the other under the first raider’s influence. This left us scrambling at 9:35 to fill at least 3 spots.

So, what happened next? In addition to me, 2 officers and 2 raid leaders were also on to witness this. I was about to rage, and I never make decisions based on rage. I let it be known to the raid leader of that group that those 3 were no longer going to be part of any raiding team in MT. That’s when we all decided they had no place in the guild after that behavior. I imagine the former members of MT were stunned at the turn of events after logging back in without a guild tag over their heads.

I didn’t feel good about it, but had I let them remain in the guild, I would have been enabling that sort of behavior. Everything I do in this game is usually what’s best for the guild, and this move really was what was best for MT. I can be satisfied that I made the right decision. I don’t care how good you are, or how much you think we need you.. if you’re going to be a turdwaffle, then find a guild that embraces that element.

That is all.

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