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The MT Community

March 31, 2014 3 comments

Holy crap 2 posts in a day! Shit just got real!

After my last post about the Lull, I got to thinking about how other games have been distracting players away from WoW. It’s happened before. Aion, SWTOR, Rift. New games come out, people go play them, then they come back. This year it’s D3 Reaper of Souls and Wildstar Online.

Up until now, none of those other distractions interested me. I became mildly interested in Rift, but after hearing other players not like it, I didn’t bother. But Wildstar has me piqued, as well as several other players in MT. And rather than fight it, I’m going with it. We have enough interest in it that we have decided to expand the guild into Wildstar Online. After messing around in the beta for a couple of weekends, it’s something that I’m probably going to play when it launches in June.

So Masochistic Tendencies has officially expanded into a multi-gaming community. We’re starting with just WoW and Wildstar, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that other games will be added. A new site is under construction that will serve as the new home page for the guild. The new home page will then provide gateways to the guild WoW site and the guild Wildstar site. Before anyone asks, I don’t plan on being the leader for the MT Wildstar guild. I just don’t think I can make that big of a commitment to 2 games simultaneously. I will however likely remain an officer in the WS guild while maintaining the GL position in WoW.

I hope that this new community will create some crossover in guild membership. We already have MT WoW players in the MT WS guild. Hopefully we’ll also get some MT WS players into our MT WoW guild.

While I’m not thrilled about the current lull in activity in WoW, the upcoming launch of WS as well as the eventual WOD expac in WoW has me excited for the future of MT.

The Lull

March 31, 2014 1 comment

It happens at the end of every expansion. And it happens every summer. But when the end of the expansion is during summer, and we have to wait until the Fall for a new WoW expansion, that’s just bad. And by bad I mean awful. The suck. Ugh.

Wildstar Online launches in June. The new Diablo 3 expansion just launched last week. I don’t think anyone is even playing WoW anymore? What for? What is there to do? It’s happened to us. The lull hit us hard and it hit us early. After “the split” in January, of course activity tapered off. But we bounced back from that. However recently? Activity has come to a screeching halt. The kind of screeching halt that causes the 9 car pileup behind you.

We recruited a lot of new folks after the split and started running flex to get those people geared, and to give them something to do since we can’t fit them into our one 10-man normal group yet. But it’s awfully hard to retain them if there’s nothing else going on after Tuesday nights. If it’s not a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, I’m happy to see one or two other players on when I login. Often, I login, say “rawr!” get no reply, open the guild list and realize I just said hello to myself. It’s been deserted since Reaper of Souls launched. On my battletag list, I’ll see 9-10 players online, with the “D” symbol. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but it will get worse when Wildstar launches. It will definitely get worse once we get a Garrosh kill.

This lull is bad for business. As much as I want to, recruitment will be pretty fruitless for a while. All we can really do is just wait for it to pass, and hope we don’t lose any more members in the process.


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Confessions of a Guild Leader: Four Years Strong

December 6, 2013 6 comments


If someone told me back in 2009 that I would have been successfully running a guild for the next 4+ years (and counting), I would have scoffed at them and said “Me? lead a guild?! And have people stick around while I lead people in circles?! HA!”

I’ve always been a “follower” type of person throughout life. A worker bee. I never saw myself as a “manager” or as someone “in charge”. It’s easier to let other people make decisions, because I’ve always been afraid of making the wrong one.

<Masochistic Tendencies> has just celebrated its 4 year anniversary. That’s 4 years of me leading this guild. That’s 4 years of being “in charge”, making the decisions and yes, in some cases, making the wrong decisions. Managers are not immune from making mistakes, as long as we learn from those mistakes and become better managers from them. The past year+ has definitely been challenging. Seriously. But we’re still here!

So, because MT has been around for 4 years with no signs of slowing down, I must be doing something right. Right? I thought I’d share some of my pearls of wisdom that I’ve learned from leading a guild over the years.

The Guild is only as good as the people in it

That’s right. Without all of you, MT’ers, it would be awfully lonely in an empty guild with just me in it! I have learned that it’s simply not possible to please everyone all the time, but it’s sure easy to piss off everyone all at once! So while some guild decisions may not be ideal for some people, all decisions are made with the greater good of the guild in mind. With a guild as big as we are, with as many members and raiders as we have, there are going to be differing opinions. And I and the officers listen to those opinions, and we take your feedback into every consideration possible. We want you to stick around! And yes, there are some of you that have been here since the *very* beginning 4 years ago. I really appreciate your loyalty.

Leadership needs to work together

I don’t mean just me. I mean everyone who has been in leadership ranks. In MOP, that was a lot of people. I take full responsibility for the turnover in our leadership ranks. Everyone who has been an officer in MT deserved the role, and are potentially very good officers in the right environment with the right support.

But what happens when you take a bunch of players with different goals and values and make them officers? Deathwing had nothing on that cataclysm. Holy crap. I was NOT expecting that assplosion of drama. No, I’m not going to get into the details, but suffice to say, the problems have been resolved with some players voluntarily stepping down from the officer ranks for the good of the guild. Nothing against the people involved, we just simply could not work together.

Dictatorship or Democracy?

I think guild leaders need to be somewhat “dictators” or the guild will just not function properly. If there is bickering among the officers, the GL needs to be able to step in and say STFU. If there are different opinions on a guild issue (hypothetically, let’s say “loot“), the GL needs to be able to make the final decision in a deadlock. However, I think having some semblance of democracy in the leadership ranks is crucial. After all, that’s what our officers are there for.

My role in the guild has been debated a lot among the rest of the leadership in the past year. I’ve been called a dictator. I’ve been called a control freak. There is some truth to those accusations, but when I’ve made an “executive” decision, it’s always been with the guild members in mind. I hadn’t changed my way of leading the guild up to that point, and my style had been working all along up to that point. At the request of other officers, I did cede control of the guild for a little while so we could be come a “GL Council”. I trusted my officers enough to go along with this experiment and show that I really am a team player. That experiment didn’t work. All it did was turn one dictator into three! But we tried. I did learn a lot from that experiment, and we’ve “majority voted” on any decision since then.

One Guild, One Goal

Part of the aforementioned leadership drama was a result of the differing and conflicting goals the guild had in MOP. This was part of the lesson I learned about not being able to please everyone. I have a compulsion to make everyone happy. We had multiple raid groups with multiple degrees of intensity and progression. Cliques formed, and one of the groups became a guild within a guild. This is what some of the officers foreshadowed, but I didn’t want to listen. Having bipolar goals and values in the guild just didn’t work. The guild has to have one direction, and the leadership needs to support that direction.


I think a big reason why many of MT’s long time members have been here as long as they have is because of the open communication between leadership and the rest of the guild. This blog is one form of communication, but our guild forums are very active. Some decisions that majorly impact the guild are presented to the guild for feedback and discussion. We’re all adults, so even though there are different opinions, we are all respectful of one another.

Greater Good of the Guild

This is a term that Mavros coined. But it works. The guild policies are in place to support the guild’s goals and direction. Specific policies are in place for the betterment of the guild as a whole. I’m a Libra, I have a compulsion to be as fair as possible to everyone. And I now have officers in place that support that very ideal.  In order to make any kind of GGG decision, the above points must all be met, and the guild needs to have specific goals in mind. The players in the guild, ideally, share and support those goals.

Personally, I’ve learned that it’s okay to try new and different things, and it’s okay to make mistakes. When we’ve tried different things, we generally had everyone’s trust that we were “doing what’s best for the guild” and we got that support, even when things didn’t work as well as we had hoped. I just want to say that I appreciate everyone’s support, loyalty and dedication. Here’s to MT continued success in the years to come!

Happy Birthday MT!

Celebrating 3 years of MT

December 4, 2012 2 comments

MT’s 1 year anniversary, December 4, 2010

I fail. If someone hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t even have noticed. That’s what the rassafriggin stomach flu will do to you. And changing 3 timezones in 5 days. Yeah, let’s blame it on that, and not on the simple fact that yes, I fail.

Three years. December 4, 2009 this guild was founded. It seems like only yesterday I was writing about our two year anniversary. Before I get into our team effort, a great question was asked. Who is still with us that was here at the beginning? This guild has grown so much that I know there isn’t many, but your loyalty and friendship has not gone unnoticed.

Active founding members: Star, Phae, Myranda (Mynka), Lahno (Goji), Minnax, Lutefisk, Featherchirp, Otep

Inactive founding members: Nastykarma, Krur

I also have to say that Schweet deserves an honorable mention here. If it weren’t for you being a butthead, we probably never would have formed MT. Yes, I just called you a butthead.

And I have to give another shout to MT’s Long time active members. These fools have worn their masochism proudly on their sleeves since the very first year of MT’s existence. Why the hell else would they still be here?? Oddly enough, half of these nubs are former or current MT Raid Leaders. I’m looking at you Giz, Gamma, Yakk, Ketayl, Silverblaise, Rodin, Emor and Kare!

Since that infancy year, we’ve grown astronomically.

This year, I asked the guild what their favorite memories of MT were. For those that are fairly new here I posed a different “why the foo are you still here?” question. Here’s what we’ve got so far! (I’ll update as they come in).

Lute’s favorite memory was back when we were reforming the guild, the gchat discussion in Blood Red Skies as to what the new guild name would be. “That was a fun evening, lots of laughs, and only a few snide comments. wink Still not sure how we ended up with MT, but it fits. :-)”

OMG I have to laugh at some of the other guild name suggestions. Here’s some MT trivia, did you know that Masochistic Tendencies was not the original name winner? It was actually “Absinthe Minded” but Blizzard wouldn’t let me pick that name. So we ended up going back to the drawing board. The other name finalists were Sanitarium and Innuendo. Some other fun names that were tossed into the ring were “Trout Slappers”, “Rawr”, “Panty Raiders”, “Leather and Lace” (which Star loved so much it became her bank guild’s name), “Killed the Dinosaurs”, “Tastes Like Snozzberries” , “Royale with Cheese” and just some off the wall shit. That really was a fun time.

Reluu’s favorite memory is a fairly recent one: “My favorite memory was when Yakk screamed out “Aly pick up stacks…” and she replied “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!”

Feelings just can’t make up his mind: “It’s a tie between Leap of Faithing ppl (mostly Rodin) near the elevator boss in BWD and making them fall to their death. And when we were trying to time it so I would save ppl from falling off the elevator boss with LoF, like I’d do it right before they hit the floor–think we were successful once. And the time I leap of faithed Star across the room when she was kiting the fire on Atremedes and she quite literally freaked out and ran in circles and had a panic attack. And I also thought it was pretty “funny” when I face pulled Elegon at the end of a long night a couple weeks ago. Total Leeroy moment. These raids need more elevators…and Leap of Faith need to have no cooldown 😉
I think my favorite boss kill was Elegon or maybe the first Chimaron kill”

There appears to be some conflicting recollections of the chicken nugget incident between me and Phaedara. I could have sworn it was on Marrowgar trash but I … uhm.. may have done it again on Deathwhisper adds. Or my leaky brain syndrome just chose to block out that painful part of my life. “Without a doubt it is the time Aly killed me (as the tank) in ICC by a chicken nugget. I believe she was in the process of nom noming and healing at the same time and one must have dropped. I was tanking adds on Deathwhisper and all of a sudden it was like PLONK, wtf just happened.” 

And we don’t save the trees around here… at least not new trees named Taiboku:

“First raid with everyone right before MoP, we doing Deathwing which I never did do to ToR.
Me”Anything I need to know about the fight”
Raid “just heal”
few mins later flying tree off Deathwing’s back

Don’t worry Tai it means you made it past the initiation!

So there are a lot more of you out there who haven’t answered the question! What is your favorite MT memory? Or for the new guys, what do you love about this guild?

Happy Birthday! ❤

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I Have The Coolest Friends

June 19, 2012 7 comments

I have to admit, I was inspired to make this post by a WoWInsider Blog. I’ve already sort of wrote about this here, and here. And maybe even here. But I haven’t really made a big picture general “I love you guys” post.

Before WoW (and even before the internet), I made friends the old fashioned way. School and work. And friends through friends. That was it. Being the shy introvert that I am (yes, really!), I have a small circle of “real life” friends. Then the internet came, and I made friends through chat rooms and other sites. I married and divorced one of those people. I became good friends with others – who crossed the realm into the “real”. One of the earliest “Chats” I used was a 2-D chat program called The Palace. We had cheesy avatars and “rooms” with cheesier backdrops. One of the first friends I made in Palace was April who lives in Florida. When my ex husband and I took a family trip to Disney World, we met her and got to hang out with her. We ended up losing touch over the years, sadly.

Then there was “Pooh”. I adopted him as my big brother. (not in the legal sense) He lived in MA at the same time I did, about an hour away from me. We ended up both divorcing our spouses at the same time, so we had a lot of “misery loves company” moments. We would get together drive out to central MA for the best ice cream in the world. Or we would take rides up to Hampton Beach, NH for the best scallops in the world. He suffered from bipolar disorder, and I’d have to say I saved his life more than once. He ended up moving out to the midwest to live with other friends we met through Palace.

When I picked up WOW, I kept in touch really with only 2 people from that old Palace chat. Pooh and my other “big brother” Pat. He was one that could always make me smile, no matter how sucky life became. He lives in NYC so I got to hang out with him at least twice a year as well. When I joined WOW, I joined the first incarnation of <Broken>. Since DGF was a small guild that was mainly a bunch of guys living in Boston that were RL friends of my boyfriend at the time, we all got together for bbq’s in the summer. So I guess you could say some of them were the first “WoW’ people I met in real life.

Since then, I met 8 of my MT guildies. So far! Two of which are no longer part of the guild. But getting back to the original post, why do we even need to classify “Real Life” friends and “Internet” friends? Is one type better than the other? Just because I haven’t seen all of you face to face doesn’t make you any less friends with me. We spend so much virtual time together, if anything you’re “more” friends than those I met outside of the internet. I spend that much more time with you. We share a lot (some more than others lol). And we genuinely care about what’s going on in each others lives. We congratulate marriages, new babies, new pets, new jobs, etc. We also commiserate when things aren’t going so well. I feel no less a part of your lives than other non-virtual friends. And you’re no less a part of my life than my non-virtual friends. Friends are friends. We’re all human. Nobody’s truly made up of pixels that resemble Yoda or a cow. So why make the distinction at all?

I ❤ you guys!

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We Have a Converter!! …. Sortof

May 6, 2012 4 comments

Well, she did it. We dragged her in by her tail feathers. Star PVP’d. Well, not so much PVP’d, but more like stood on the Mines flag with her paladin in the Battle for Gilneas (honor weekend) with Reluu and whimpered while everyone else was at the Water Works and Lighthouse. Her first battleground went something like this in vent:

Star: OMG where are you guys? where am I? OH GOD!

Me: are you still in the boat? Just come up the stairs and outside, it hasn’t started yet.

Reluu: Just come to this first flag with me. We’ll defend.

Star: okay….I’m scared… *whimper*

Aeon: Star and I are the only healers here so we have to split up

Star: WHAT?!!!

*A couple of us run to WW, Star and Reluu stay at Mines*


Reluu: *giggles*

Star: OMG your hellfire scared the BEJEEZUS OUT OF ME!

All of us: ROFL


All of us: ROFL


I’ll stop here and say that the alliance didn’t touch the mines the entire BG. Star and Reluu were just staying there looking pretty while BG chat was yelling at them to not camp the Mines. We end up losing that BG.

Reluu: See that wasn’t so bad


Me: You didn’t even SEE an alliance!


So the next BG, we decide she needs to get some action.

Me: We’re all going to the Water Works! That’ll get us some action!

Star: Oh god. what do I do??

Me: Just follow us, heal and don’t die.

Star: AHHHH! But I have baby heals!

Me: Here they come!

Star: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! what do i do what do i do AHHHHH!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

*Star’s paladin gets achievement “An Honorable Kill!”* Yay!


We ended up kicking ass on that BG. The next one we lost bad and Star cried uncle and ran away. But at least she tried!

We ❤ you Star!!

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Confessions of a Gamer: Getting Too Close

April 13, 2012 12 comments

There are a number of different ways I could go with this post. I could take the jaded cynical route. I’m not sure that would do any good though. It would be easy though. Too easy. When there’s so much emotion churning, it’s difficult which one to run with… sadness? anger? confusion?

It happens to many people. You meet someone online, whether it’s in chat rooms or MMOs. You form friendships that can feel as close as if you know them real life. You may even form something with someone that goes beyond friendship. You may find yourself caring so much about someone that you would do anything for them.

I feel that way about many people I’ve met in WoW. Some, I’ve even met in real life. They know if they need something, they can count on me. Just as I count on them. Star just might be my best friend in the whole wide world of warcraft. I’ve formed almost a sisterhood with the girls in my guild. I would do anything for them. I would do anything for just about anyone in my guild. Just as I would do anything for the person I allowed to get too close.

This person had a hard shell, and I was finding my way through it. He had his very sweet moments. It was because of these moments that I grew to trust him. After knowing him for several years in the game, he was a very good friend. That’s probably the hardest right there, losing that friendship, for reasons I can’t even begin to figure out. I don’t understand how someone can just turn on a dime. I never betrayed him. I’m the one that should be angry and upset. He made promises he couldn’t live up to. But I still believed in him. I’m the type of person that sees the good in everyone, and I treat people the way I hope to be treated.

I let my guard down and let him in. In hindsight, if I were granted a do-over, the only thing I would have changed would be to not let our relationship go beyond the boundary of friendship.

This doesn’t mean I’ll close myself off. I’m not going to build the proverbial wall. This isn’t going to change who I am. If the opportunity presented itself with someone else, I’d still take it. Would I be just as caring, understanding and generous as I was for him? As I would do for anyone I care about? You betcha.

Call me a fool. Or just call me a Masochist.


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Are We There Yet?

March 12, 2012 3 comments

No? How about now? Are we there yet? But I’m BOREDDDDD! There’s nothing to DO!!!!! Are we there yet??! How about now??

I’m leveling Archeology. I’m still pursuing Loremaster. I’ve been going after nerdpoints. I’ve been fishing. I’m blogging again. I’m patiently waiting for the expansion announcements scheduled for this week. Soon as the beta opens I’m there, and will be creating a MT mirror guild for my guildies that are also playing in the beta.

It’s not just my boredom. It’s everyone’s. People are dropping like flies that just inhaled a can of Raid. Recruiting at this time in an expansion is just not worth the time or effort. We no longer have 30 consistent raiders to fill 3 groups. We do however have about 25 consistent raiders. If I had a nickel for every time “hey we should just do 25s” crossed my mind during this expansion, I would afford to give a 1 month game card to every inactive player in the guild. If I had a dime for every time “let’s just condense to 2 groups” has been brought up, I could pay off my student loan.

Easier said than done, on both accounts.

25 man raiding pros:

  1. Nobody gets left out
  2. It brings everyone together
  3. Making a mistake isn’t as costly in 25 as in 10

25 man raiding cons:

  1. Ever try to herd a pack of feral kittens?
  2. Scheduling nightmare. I don’t think there are 2 days in the week where all 25 people are available.
  3. Bigger strain on system resources
  4. Nobody wants to lead it
  5. Not enough people want to do it

2×10 pros:

  1. Can be pickier with group selection
  2. Piggybacking off #1, better chance of progression with a bigger pool of raiders
  3. Boss Lady doesn’t have to scramble to find replacements if someone can’t make a raid
  4. Boss Lady can stop beating her head against the wall recruiting for open spots
  5. The groups would be a lot more solid and consistent
  6. Temporary fix until MOP comes out and inactive players come back

2×10 cons:

  1. It sucks big fat hairy tauren balls for those that get left out
  2. Too many players would get left out
  3. Boss Lady gets blamed for who gets left out
  4. Players stuck on the bench get all grumpy and decide to find a guild they CAN raid with
  5. Boss Lady has to recruit again

Dear Blizzard, please adjust raid sizes from 25-man to 15-man. Thank you.

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This One’s for Star

February 4, 2012 4 comments

So in my unofficial chronicling/picking on my guildies, this one is for one of the founding members of MT, Stårfire. I met her in BRS when she was playing around on her hunter Saidra. She wasn’t a primary raider at the time, her husband Yosho was. She was this shy sweet chicka essentially playing in her husband’s shadow. Everyone knew Yosho. Not too many people really knew Saidra, including myself.

Around the same time of the BRS Explosion Part Deux, she was leveling a baby boomkin. They’re cute fluffy animals so she had to play one. She’s such a girly girl! Her baby boomkin ended up becoming her main, and that was the toon she ultimately began raiding on. At this time she was becoming a lot more involved and her husband was playing a lot less.

When we decided to reform as <Masochistic Tendencies>, she was right on top of throwing out/agreeing with raunchy name suggestions for the guild…. (<Leather and Lace>, <Whips and Cream> anyone?) I think L&L was her idea, W&C was mine. Anyway, MT was agreed on and I needed to choose some leaders. We had a couple of raid leaders step up (Nimune who’s no longer with us and Phaedara), and then there was Star. She was just what we needed, and she’s thrived in the officer role. In fact she’s the only surviving officer (other than yours truly) from the original leadership team. I absolutely love and appreciate her loyalty. She’s been my trusty sidekick, even during periods of time when she can’t log in.

So, much like Giz, Myranda and Pimpdaddy G, she’s got her share of quirks that I just love to pick on. She’s not that comfortable in the spotlight, and has always been a “best supporting actress” type of role. So any pressure packed roles sends her feathers in a kerfluffle. She’s 100% for the greater good of the guild, so she geared her offspec as bear and leveled a resto shaman. Put her in either of those roles in a raiding environment (or even tanking 5 mans) sets off the panic…

“zomg what if i’m bad I don’t know this fight from a tank/healer perspective what if i don’t know what i’m doing i could kill everyone you dont want me to kill everyone WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

/comfort It’ll be ok I promise.

Funny enough… she’s a really good healer, and when she was dragged by her feathers into dungeons to tank, she was pretty good at that too.

Star’s next quirk? You know “p” word that’s synonymous with cat?  That’s called a bunny. Not when it’s synonymous with cat but when it’s synonymous with err.. something else.

(random thought for the day… synonymous is really really hard to type)

So the bunny filter addon is really fun. “what the bunny??!” … and “I’m going to bunny you in the bunny!!”

Anyway… moving right along….

I met her in April down by Ft Polk Lousiana (about hour and a half to 2 hours from where she lives?). I was dragged there by my sister who needed to get stuff for her husband who was over in Afghanistan. The town of Leesville Louisiana where Ft Polk is, is so happenin’ that the hottest place to go was Walmart (and omg you would make bank on Walmart Bingo at that one!) , and after driving around looking for someplace to eat, we settled on a burger joint named “Fat Boy and Skinny’s” (btw, first place ever that I’ve actually seen Frito Pie on the menu). No wonder the highest obesity rates are in the south.. geesh. And no wonder Star’s so tiny.. there’s nothing for her to eat down there!

So back to the healing thing.. she’s gotten a lot more comfortable with healing.. because I’m mean and evil and threw her shaman face first into heroic FL. After we downed H Shannox her heart rate slowed to a “I’m not going to die from a heart attack” rate and was ok healing after that. Until healing Ultraxion threw her into another panic of “OMG HOLY INCOMING DAMAGE ZOMGDONTDIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

I have to giggle about WWSD (What Would Star Do) if she had to heal the Madness of Deathwing fight….

And finally… just to set her off…


Cat!!!! meow.

❤ my Starrrrrrrr!!!

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Pimpdaddy G

January 27, 2012 3 comments

With the other odes to guildies I have out here… I’ve got to dedicate one to my Pimpdaddy G.

Oh Geno where do I start… I met that nub in one of the Tempest Keep heroic dungeons back in TBC when I was a fledgling hunter in <Dead Gnomes Float>. That’s like… a long time ago. He was this badass warlock. He’s a bad ass smart ass Rock n Roll Son of Detroittttttt.. Ok.. so maybe not Detroit but he’s sort of in Michigan sometimes so that’s close enough. But he’s all rock n roll.

Shut up it made sense in my head.

(not that he’s a Kid Rock fan or anything, so maybe that didn’t make a whole lot of sense…)

At least I didn’t say Meatloaf. /ducks

Anyway, badass warlock. We ran dungeons together and added each other to friends lists. He started a guild back then called <Primal Fear>, and I ended up joining after some drama in DGF caused me to move on from my first guild in WoW. They had just started Kara and they needed a healer. So I ran Kara with Gene’s guild healing on Alykii. The first night I ran Kara with them, Attumen’s mount dropped. Guess who won? Guess who also rolled a 90-something and didn’t win? Hee hee.

I ended up leaving that guild to join a T6 raiding guild on another server. That didn’t end well. After coming back to Uldaman, and joining <Blood Red Skies> I found him again. Or he found me. Ok, we found each other.

(that’s going to be a recurring theme here)

Fast forward to mid Wrath and the introduction of Ulduar. At the time I was in charge of BRS and we were no longer running 25 man raids. Gene was leading another guild <Demonic Embrace>. We decided to join forces and run Ulduar together as a 25 man group. I think we only got a few bosses down as 25.. up to Auriaya maybe? We still had fun. Until drama broke up his guild. He took a few of his guildies and transferred to another server. This made me sad. I made an alt on the server he moved to, but didn’t play it much. Finally he transferred again without a word. And again, I was sad. At that point we lost touch until almost a year later shortly after Cataclysm hit. He found me in MT and I saw “Alyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” on our public forum!


After he joined MT i finally got that foo’s number. Sheesh. No more losing touch! (that point is relevant, I promise). So  we text each other back and forth.. some flirting.. etc. One morning he texts me knowing I’m at work and says “make me some money woman!” to which I respond “you my pimp now?” and that’s how he got his nickname Pimpdaddy G.

Anddddd fast forward to Vegas. I know I know I had such a teaser in the other blog post. After playing together for so long, us meeting up was way overdue. When I decided to meet him in Vegas for New Years, I knew there was mutual interest. It had been building up. In all honesty, when we did see each other, I felt comfortable with him… like I’d known him forever (which in a way, I had?). He felt the same way. It was about 3 hours from Flagstaff where I met him to Vegas, so I did get a hint of what riding in a semi was about. That first night I was so drunk.. Zal and Cali turned in at about 12:30-1am. We stayed up until about 2:30. We let them have the motel room for the night, decided not to potentially wake them up, or accidentally crawl into bed with them lol (no drunken orgys with their kids there! o.o). So we crashed in the sleeper in the semi. Such a teddy bear!! So cuddly and snuggly!! Oh and contrary to popular belief, I WAS a good girl. Ahem.

Next few days I was violently ill so I’ll skip to the last day I was there. /sadface

I really should have listened to him and stayed the week. I didn’t go to work anyway from being so sick.  But it was nice to see the softer side of the bad ass smart ass rock n roll hot trucker.

He even got me a present! Isn’t she pretty???!!!!!

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