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Star Wars, Vegas and the Decent into Madness

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment

This isn’t a post about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s a post about why I hate it. And why I love it. And the fact that I don’t own the game nor do I have the intention of playing it. It’s also about Vegas and why I love it. And why I hate it. And why I’ll totally go again with my homies.

We took a 2 week break from raiding due to the silly holiday season. Holidays are a whole different rant that I won’t even get into right now. During that break, I didn’t really break from raiding that much. My druid got to heal Heroic Morchok. That was… intense. I’m pretty sure I filled in another raid that week too. I was happy with our progress up to the break… at least for one group. The other 2 groups were still struggling and everyone was getting frustrated. The break was needed.

During this break, the Star Wars game launched. The guild became deserted. A good chunk of raiders decided they want to play Star Wars and take a break from WoW. Our Sunday/Monday group was suddenly decimated. And thus began my hatred for this new game. The total count of those that disappeared from Azeroth between Christmas and New years: 4 dps, 2 healers 1 tank and a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve got a solid lead on the pear tree and an Amber Alert on the rest.

Losing 7 raiders sucks. You would think it would be easy to just condense into 2 groups at that point. Right? HAH! Who do you think named this guild Masochistic Tendencies! Our drunk healer from ICC days came back to play with us, and tank. I shook up the groups, I recruited some dps. Reluu brought her brother from another mother over to heal. We’ve got alts. We got this! All of a sudden Team Bite Me went from struggling on Ping Pong to killing Ultraxion. I love Star Wars!

You know what else I love and hate at the same time? Vegas. That’s right. New Years in Vegas with guildies! Booya! We gotta get more fools together in Vegas. On Fri December 30th I took the greyhound from Tucson to Flagstaff then hitched a ride in a semi with my Pimpdaddy G from Flagstaff to Vegas (He was delivering a load to the CES show). He did his best to freak me out with his driving but it felt like I was on a roller coaster weeeee! His friend in another semi was making up raunchy songs about us and singing them over the CB radio. And by the way, People of Walmart have NOTHING on People of Greyhound. Just sayin’.

That friday night was pretty awesome. We got to the motel at the exact same time as Zal and Cali did. Two teenage spawns of Cali came with, so we left them in the room and spent the next few hours at the casino bar getting drunk. For the record, I can’t keep up with Cali LOL. Damn girl. I swear I only had 3, but I was told I had a lot more. I might concede 4. Maybe I just don’t remember anything after 3. I do remember waking up the next morning in the back of the semi. Good times.

So I got sick in Vegas on New Years Day. I thought I had food poison but it turned out to be the stomach flu, since I couldn’t eat solid food for almost 2 weeks. Not cool, Vegas. Not cool. So that pretty much fucked up the rest of my weekend. And that’s why I hate Vegas.

I ❤ my guild.

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Death By Chicken Nuggets: A Reflection on the Past 2 Years

December 5, 2011 1 comment

<Masochistic Tendencies> turned two years old yesterday. There was a lot of stuff going on so there wasn’t a lot of time to actually do any group activities. It was just as well, planning can be a headache. I’ll wait until the 5th year to plan something big.

We’ve come a long way in the past 2 years. When the charter was signed, there were just a few of us left reeling from the drama explosion that killed <Blood Red Skies>. We had a completely overhauled leadership team that consisted of myself, Star, Phaedara and Nimune (who left in search of better raid times). Shortly after Nimune left, Krur was promoted to officer, and Phae was our de facto raid leader.

Recruitment started slowly. Our first raid was 12/12/09 in Onyxia 2.0. I don’t think we even fielded a full 10 man. I do remember a former BRS’er who didn’t come to MT filled in as heals. The next day, in the true masochistic way, we ran face first into ICC 10. It did not end well. I was tanking on Aly and went splat in 5 seconds. The healers were all “wtfbbq”. Anyway, after that clustershizzle, we said ok! Back to TOC!

In the next few months, recruitment picked up (ohai Giz and Gamma!) but progression was slow and some folks were getting impatient (ahem Giz), and decided to move on.. (and come back… and move on… and come back…).

We finally killed Lord Marrowgar in early February 2010. On the night of that kill, the guild’s most epic wipe occurred. To this day, the words “chicken nuggets” strikes fear into the hearts of those that were there. If I remember right, Giz, Phae Star and Krur were there. I think Myranda might have been tanking as well. You all know what I’m talking about. You’re laughing and shaking your head as you read this, before I even tell the tale.

Part of me has to blame Giz, just a little bit. We zone in, and start to clear trash leading up to Marrowgar. As holy pally, my healing assignment was tanks. Other healers know I’m on tanks, and they trust that I.. you know.. can heal the tanks. So we get to the second room, and I stop for mana. I’m eating my dinner as we’re raiding as well. At this point I assumed that Giz would continue when I said I’m ready. Instead, I think he was just looking at my mana bar, saw it was full and said “ok here we go!”… charge…..splat.

Giz: Aly what happened?

Me: Sorry I lost focus for a second and didn’t have time to catch up

Giz: What were you doing?

Me: I was eating chicken nuggets and I dropped one


So now you know that if I say I’m eating chicken nuggets during a raid, be afraid. Be very afraid. As a joke, the weeks… hell months.. after that, there was always a remark at the beginning of the raid. “Aly, put down the chicken nuggets!” or “Aly isn’t armed with chicken nuggets this week are you”… Or in the forums. We were discussing tackling Festergut and..

re: MT Progression

Postby Alykii on Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:05 pm
I was rounding it by saying “almost” 6k. Because of the fluctuations due to RNG, moving, finger slipped, eating a chicken nugget, etc I rounded very slightly upward.

re: MT Progression

Postby Phaedara on Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:23 pm
Alykii wrote:
eating a chicken nugget
I got pwned by a chicken nugget in ICC. True Story.

re: MT Progression

Postby Derfel85 on Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:21 pm
and yea, eating chicken nuggets wipes our raids, apparently. I cannot confirm, as i was not there.

re: MT Progression

Postby Krur on Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:19 am
it dosen’t wipe the raid juts kills the tank she is healing Happy

re: MT Progression

Postby Alykii on Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:07 am
we actually did wipe..

yeah. Fun times.

We made progress in ICC10 after that, and recruitment was going swimmingly. We had enough players for 2 10-man teams! Woohoo! We had our “progression team” on Wed/Thurs nights and a “sign up” group on Sun/Mon nights. At this time Phae had decided to take a break from raiding/raid leading/etc due to massive burnout. I’m pretty sure he made a chicken nugget reference in his retirement post.

Through the spring and early summer, we had a great Raid Leader. He was hard-nosed, efficient and got us to Sindragosa. Until, inexplicably, he lost his mind. After that little bout of drama, Giz, back from his stint on the dark side, stepped up as a Raid Leader. Just a few weeks before Cataclysm hit, we killed Arthas.

In 2011, the guild exploded – in a good way! The roster went from 100ish to over 300. Not sure how the foo that happened. I’ll blame Giz. Ok, so 200ish may be alts. But still, that’s a lot of rassafriggin people. We started T11 as one group, which expanded to 2 groups when Sal, Igoa, Orcshot, Chronon,  Barbas and last but not least and definitely the most awesome Py joined (let’s just call the guild <Masochistic Rising> or <Nebulous Tendencies>.. seriously, those 5 plus Giz, Emor, Phae, Minnax, Feriluce all from the same guild at one point). Then summer happened. Firelands sucked so everyone took breaks. Fielding 2 10-mans became difficult. Progression through FL was slow at best. Then Yakk took over one of the groups and… zoom zoom! Finally, after a few more members joined, we ended up with three groups in October. Two groups killed Ragnaros, one group killed all but Ragnaros. I’m happy with our T12 accomplishments.

MT In Review – Highlights:

10. Creating the best guild in my WoW experience

9. Killing Arthas

8. Going “splat” on Marrowgar during my first ICC tanking experience

7. Giz forgetting his righteous fury every week, and other assorted Gizisms.

6. Increasing our roster exponentially

5. Getting 2 heroic kills while the content was still current

4. Great raid leadership in Phaedara, Yakkypoo, Giz, Zal and Crix

3. Fantastic guild leadership in Star, Rodin, Krur and Pimpdaddy G

2. Chicken Nuggets

1. The friendships, community and teamwork. MT has come a LONG way since the guild charter was signed on December 4, 2009. #’s 2-10 is what makes this guild #1.

I love MT. I love the people. I love the environment. I truly appreciate the support, teamwork, blood sweat and tears that went into building this guild. I could write so much more, but I’ll never be able to say enough.

/grouptacklehugs ❤

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November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

We figured out H Shannox.

That mofo should have died. We got him to 600k. 3%.  I got face raged at about 2M, battle rezzed and face raged immediately again. If I lived we would have friggin’ had him.. I went all Cartman at the end of the SP movie on that attempt..


Our resto shammy has the plague or something. She was sick last week, she’s still sick. So we had Star fill in.. as heals! I got her baby shammy some bracers and some hawt enchants. She’s funny – she’s a complete nervous wreck when asked to heal or tank something. I asked her earlier in the day if she would want to try out healing FL. She said “I…uh…umm… lets try ZA/ZG first for some purples?” We got her ilvl up to 361. At this point I made no mention of trying heroics lol.

So we were running ZA/ZG and I was in vent with Yakk..
Yakk: Do you think Star can handle it?
Me: Sure – she’s better than she thinks. Just don’t tell her we’re doing heroics!
Yakk: she’ll freak out
Me: Yeah, so my plan is when we get in there, I’ll just flip it on and hope she doesn’t notice
Yakk: – dies laughing –

So we zone in… Yakk says “we’ll do Beth first to get Star’s feet wet before giving Shannox a few shots”
Grim: we going to do heroic?
Me: shhhh nope…. /wink wink
Star: wha?!!! Omg! You want me to heal heroic??! AHHHHHHHH!!!!
-panic sets in-
Me: Baptism by fire?
Rodin: (eavesdropping in vent): Aly you’re so mean

She was the Riplimb healer on Shannox, but I was having trouble healing the burst damage on face rages.. so we switched and had her raid heal the face rages. I was better suited to heal Grim’s steady JT damage with my hots. That was when we had our best attempts.

So Heroic Majordomo tonight…. shhh nobody tell Star ❤

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Blame Giz

November 1, 2011 5 comments

While Myranda demanded his own postGiz just really deserves one.

Oh Gizmo… our loveable grump. Where do I start?

Giz joined MT in the beginning. His first guild application (yes you read that right) came in on January 13, 2010 – barely a month after MT formed. Let’s see if I get the Gizology right..

He spent most of his time in <Nebulous Rising> although I swear he had brief stint in DGF back in the day. He then faction changed to Alliance, then back to Horde to join MT the first time. Then as we were sloshing through ICC, he got impatient. He compared us a bit to his old guild NR and didn’t want to wait around for us to kill more bosses. So back to alliance he went in March 2010. He died in Wintergrasp and we danced on his corpse.

But Gizmo missed us.. Not even a month later, he applied to the guild again with his baby hunter that was still horde. He decided he missed 10 man raiding and switched his toons back to horde and brought them back to MT.

After our Raid leader at the time rage quit, went off his meds and harassed me on facebook and in the blizzard forums (which led him to an in game ban and forum ban), I promoted Giz to raid leader. He led us through ICC and ultimately to the fall of the Lich King.

I have to make an honorable mention here – Rodin who was promoted to Raid Leader at the launch of Cata was a huge help in our success of killing Arthas.

Anyway on to Cata.. 2 groups Giz was promoted to officer and led one, Rodin led the other. Finally last summer Gizmo started a new job which changed his hours drastically, to the point where he couldn’t raid at night during the week. This made us all very sad. He was all Mister Grumpyface and Cranky McBitchypants, and finally made the decision to leave MT again in search of a weekend raiding guild.

Funny enough, we got a few guild applications in and nowhere to put them. I know! I’ll recruit more and start a 3rd group! (the name <Masochistic Tendencies> isn’t just a name folks, it’s a way of life). And so a weekend group was form and Gizmo came back… again.

So having raided with Giz over the years.. a few phrases have been coined: “Blame Giz” and “To Pull a Giz”. We have even jokingly started “The Giz Awards” – kinda like the Darwin awards except.. well someone pulled a Giz.

So how does one pull a Giz? Let me count the ways…

  • In ICC he raided on his Prot Pally. Every time he forgot to turn on Righteous Fury I told him to donate 50G to the GB. He still owes the bank about 632k Gold for that. We can discuss a payment plan later.
  • Pulls bosses before the group is buffed and ready.. “ok here we go”… splat.
  • Occasionally forgetting to swap back into tank gear on one tank fights (V&T in BOT)
  • Hitting Electron while he’s shielded and getting one-shotted (we spent weeks on ODS until we figured THAT out)
  • The way he explains boss fights “ok so… this guy does some stuff.. then we kill him. Okay? here we go…”
  • Kiting Ryolith sparks through the raid bbq’ing everyone in his path
  • Falling through holes in webs… repeatedly:

Gene: Giz you’re going up top
Me: Um, you sure about that?
Gene: He needs to learn

First attempt:
downstairs group kills adds…lalala
-Giz falls out of the sky and goes splat-
Gene: What happened?
Giz: I fell in the damn hole

Second attempt:
downstairs group kills adds…lalala
Giz: Oh for the love of!
Now we’re making fun of him and giggling uncontrollably

Third-Fourth-Fifth-12th attempts
downstairs group kills adds….lalala
I would think by the 5th or so attempt we would switch tanks to go upstairs/downstairs, but we were laffing too hard and having too much fun watching him die

13th attempt (an hour and a half later)
downstairs group kills adds….lalala
Amethyst (upstairs healer): SHIT

So you get the idea of where we go with Giz Awards. Last night Grim won the Giz award on the first Rag attempt….

First Pull.. la la la pew pew pew

Gamma go boom (main tank)

I battle rez him just as I see Grim jump in the lava

Me: Uh… Grim?

Grim: oops, I thought we were wiping it

Xotica: And the Giz award goes to…!

So anytime someone dies to dumb shit… or heroic leaps into Rag’s pool of fire…it’s Pulling a Giz, or winning the Giz Award. Anytime we wipe to dumb shit, we don’t roll for blame, we just blame Giz – even if he’s not there. It’s in the Guild Rules.

❤ Gizmo

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October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Josh demanded a post dedicated to him.

So sometime back when I was the recruitment bitch for <Dead Gnomes Float> .. and he’s right, it was a long friggin time ago…2007? Early 2008?  a scrub priest named Lorylai responded to my recruitment post on the old Uldaman forum. Apparently he came from Eredar (the server, not the space goat planet) and joined DGF. He healed some of Kara with us. Fun times. Then he took one of his many infamous breaks.

While I was running <Dead Gnomes Society> and leveling Alykii he started a baby orc shaman named Jynzara and leveled with me in DGS.  Then he took another of his infamous breaks.. never to be heard from aga…o wait.

After I left Uldaman and then came back to the jerkface guild that said I sucked at healing in early Wrath, I got a random tell from a scrub pally named Myranda as I was grinding Argent Dawn rep in EPL. Holy shit, well lookie who it is! He ended up joining said jerkface guild, and somehow he was ret healing grobbulus in Naxx. That was fun. After that guild disbanded, he took… another friggin break.

I heard from him again shortly after I became an officer in BRS. After assuring him the guild was stable.. (cough…lies…cough…) he joined and tanked for us on Myranda. He took a few more breaks in between, joined up MT after re-forming and tanked ICC with us until somehow we had too many tanks and he decided that he liked ret instead.

That foo is now one of the worst dps in our FL group… doing a scrub 35k on Heroic Majordomo. Getting outdps’d by a fury warrior and discipline priest.. (ok ok shadow priest, but Emor will get up there!). WTB sunder armor for Ryolith??

Yes I have to tease about dps because he likes being on top… of the dps meter. =)

We have also coined the phrase “pulling a Myranda”:
Does the title Leeroy Jenkins mean anything to you? To Pull a Myranda was coined when he kept pulling Ryolith while we were eating fish.
Then one night we were on the Alys trash, waiting for everyone to get up there and the trash pulls
Yakk: “who just pulled a Myranda?”
-Myranda dies-
Me: “umm I think it was Myranda”
Myranda: “my bad”

And Crusader Aura totally makes us kill faster.

Anyway, tl;dr: scrub pally, followed me around like a lost puppy since TBC. ❤ ❤
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The Originals

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

After writing my last post, I got to thinking… who is still with MT from the days of BRS?

Active Members:

Semi-Active Members:

Inactive Members:

While these folks helped found MT…(and I actually blame Tubbs for the whole thing*, long before the whole “blame Giz” thing started) the guild membership from December 2009 to the Present is what has made it as awesome as it is. While everyone deserves a mention there’s just too many people to list these days! But I’ll try.

(deep breath)

Rodin, Pimpdady G, Gizmo, Yakkypoo, Emor (there I mentioned you again!), Rainy, Grim, Gamma, Orcshot, Xotica, Ambient, Igoa, Dreggos, Truffle, Sal, Mahgeetah, Cali, Zal, Py, Trindee, Kare, Dannan, Haemic, Reluu, Mathayos, Amethyst, Rob “The New Guy”, Arkwhelm, Turkey, Stabby, Nim, Donna, Giant, Corbeau, Teratek, Feelings, Chronon, Barbas, Rathkurg, Ket, Silver, Clawh, Hotty, Tequillamari, Phemoris, my sisters and brother in law, Snoka, Sarkett, Mister Ame, and anyone else I haven’t mentioned yet and those that have made their mark here and moved on.

I love you all. And I hate you all. At the same time! ❤ ❤

*It actually turned into the best thing that ever happened for the guild and for me as a leader. So while he can take blame, he can also take a big fat thank you.

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