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It’s Astounding. Time is Fleeting. Madness Takes Its Toll.

March 6, 2015 2 comments

(it’s just a jump to the left…. and then a step to the riiiiighttt….. )

My last blog post was 4 months ago. FOUR MONTHS AGO! /smacks myself upside the head. But I have a really good reason. Really! And here she is!


By the way, that’s the face she makes when I whip out a boobie for her. But I digress…..

My little munchkin is now three months old. And she’s already a fan of WoW. Or an anti-fan. You decide. So she’s a pretty calm easygoing baby. She’ll just be hanging out in her rocker, making the cutest little baby noises. I’ll take that opportunity to log into the game. Soon as I enter the world…..


Every time. Without fail. She literally waits until I sit down, log into the game and then start squeaking. I then pick her up, sit her on my lap in front of my laptop and she stops. Suddenly she’s fascinated with what’s in front of her. She makes a little “oooooooh” sound. So now I think she squeaks when I log in because she wants to watch me play. Yanni came out of the shower one night, saw her on my lap watching WoW intently, shook his head and laughed.

So, getting back into WoW after what really amounted to a 3 month break. My guild leadership is awesome, they held the fort in my absence. I wasn’t really absent that much, but I couldn’t raid at all. Last Saturday night I set foot in my first WOD guild raid. It was impromptu heroic highmaul for catch up on gear. Don’t get me started on my gear. Aly just started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago, gimme a minute dammit! I have one more blue piece to get rid of, then I should be ready for Saturday night again. And maybe Sunday, if Tubbs doesn’t kick me out because my dps sucks. I am a little rusty so I hope Tai doesn’t throw me into the sun on my first night back…

And here’s another cute baby pic. Because who doesn’t love babies! ❤


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Stress Overload

June 18, 2014 5 comments

These past few weeks have been stressful to say the least.

There are a few things I’d like to do in the games I play. In WoW I’d like to get at least one alt the legendary cloak, now that Blizzard has given a temporary nerf to the grind. I’d also like to get all my gear full 4/4 upgrades in both healing and tank specs. My healing spec has been 2/2 upgraded with a couple pieces 4/4. Tank gear isn’t really upgraded at all. So there is stuff to do in WoW. In Wildstar, my little bunny esper is chugging along at level 21. I’d like to get her to 50 by mid-July, so I can actually do the raid attunements with the rest of my guild.

But that just doesn’t seem important right now. Not even a little bit. It’s hard enough to get game time when the little booger in my uterus keeps making me fall asleep when I get home from work. It’s hard enough that the little booger makes me crave bad food which further kills off my energy. It’s bad enough that being pregnant is stressful enough, without my family being friggin’ psycho.

My grandma is 85 years old. My grandpa just celebrated his 90th birthday. Grandpa shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Grandma, on the other hand, is. She’s been on dialysis for 20 years (which by itself is remarkable). Her heart has decided that it can no longer handle the dialysis. She’s had a series of small heart attacks, and is never going back home. My immediate family (mother, uncle, grandpa) have not been on the same page as to what to do. They’re faced with the worst decision anyone could ever have to make. And what this decision boils down to is, let her go now or later? So they’re very stressed out. Which stresses me out. To make matters worse, they’re feuding with my cousins (grandma’s niece/nephews). And because I’m close with one of those cousins, guess who’s stuck right smack in the middle?? Yep. Moar stress! RAWR!

I didn’t sleep well last night. I literally have a pain in the neck. (I need new pillows)  I got very sick this morning. Some of that can be attributed to morning sickness (but 2nd trimester just started), but that is also my basic response to overwhelming stress.

I might login to WoW or Wildstar just to de-stress. But sometimes those are stressful in their own way…

(must…get….to….50….right….naow! must….upgrade…ALL THE THINGS… must…get…full…raid…group…ARGH)

Maybe I’ll just take a nap instead.


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