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The Ghosts of Expansions Past

August 31, 2012 4 comments

So Nos was the inspiration of this post. We have a thread going on in our forums about our Cataclysm memories.  I did write a little bit about this here but I’m going to expand on it here! I started playing this game shortly after TBC came out. And this sums up nicely my fondest memories….

The Burning Crusade

I remember when Yanni would come over to my apartment with his WoW machine and play while I was frittering away in another chat program.

I remember starting my first toon, a zombie warlock named Lunatyk. She ate brains. (she’s now a goblin named Inkky)

I remember getting to the barrens and Yanni asking me “what’s your spec?” To which I responded “what’s my wha?” To which he /facepalmed. Dude you need to tell me this shit!

I remember abandoning my warlock at level 24 and starting a hunter Alykki. And nobody told me about pet talents.

I remember my first guild <Dead Gnomes Float> where I met Mavros and Moonglum. Taki was the dictator and he was mean to me.

I remember when my melee AP was higher than my ranged AP. I got a chorus of “you’re doing it wrong” in gchat. But I couldn’t shoot the bad guys when they’re on my face! I had to beat them off with a stick! No, I didn’t know what pet aggro was.

I remember our first raid in Kara. In preparation Taki made me get the Beastlord dungeon set. But my Gladiator set was purple! Screw the blues! No, I didn’t know what hit rating was.

I remember rolling on every mail purple item. Shooting costed mana! Of course I needed int!

I remember rolling my first healer, Alykii my paladin.

I remember healing Kara and I died every time on Shade of Aran. No I didn’t move when flame wreath was cast. But the hunter next to me did. Every. Time.

I remember giggling uncontrollably every time I saw YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED FRUIT VENDOR!!! in Shatt.

I remember getting squished by the Fel Reaver. Twice.

I remember box clicking fails on Magtheridon. I was healing so it wasn’t me!

I remember 6 hour heroic Shadow Labs runs.

I remember when everyone was a blood elf.

I remember when one of my guildies got me into the WOTLK Beta!!


Wrath of the Lich King

I remember leveling my pally as holy from 70-80. Actually I remember leveling her as holy from 30-80.

I remember failing on Mexxna in Naxx because we had 3 priest healers who couldn’t dispel the poison off the tank.

I remember everyone rolling a Death Knight. Nobody was any good at it.

I remember heroics seemed like a faceroll

I remember Malygos making me cry.

I remember getting the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title. That was the pinnacle of my Wrath experience.

I remember inheriting Guild Leadership after a drama bomb exploded all over the place in <Blood Red Skies>

I remember not knowing how the fuck to lead a guild and most of my decisions came down to eenie meenie miney mo and “What Would Taki Do?”

I remember deciding to reform into the best guild ever!

I remember when the ICC 5 mans hit and I couldn’t heal Halls of Reflection.

I remember Giz tanking ICC and forgetting to turn on Righteous Fury every time. He killed Phaedara every time. “Yes, it is now an official raid. The mage is dead.”

I remember rogues didn’t exist so we face pulled traps the Masochistic way.

I remember wiping the raid with chicken nuggets.

I remember MT’s first Lich King kill, the first time we ever completed an end raid. Ever.

I remember MT’s first birthday right before Cata hit, we had a naked kara race. Rodin’s team won.



I remember when 4.0 hit and my healers suddenly never ran out of mana

I remember being really really bummed that I couldn’t get into the Cataclysm Beta after having played in the WOTLK Beta

I remember getting excited about the new Guild System – leveling the guild, perks, rep, etc and thought of how many ways this system could be improved

I remember healing my first heroic on my priest (who was then my main) and bursting into tears after 3 hours of heroic deadmines fail

I remember going emo trying to get geared in heroics because THIS SHIT’S TOO HARD!

I remember uninstalling WoW for 2 days because I couldn’t deal with it

I remember being told “priests are fail”

I remember telling everyone “priests are NOT fail! YOU FAIL!”

I remember thinking I was never ever going to finish a heroic dungeon because I just didn’t have the 3 hours a night to dedicate to getting frustrated and angry.

I remember our first Cataclysm raid as a guild. There was much rejoicing after we downed Magmaw.

I remember when 10k dps was uber.

I remember when Giz told me we needed a resto druid on Chimeron so I changed mains for the remainder of the xpac

I remember dinging my druid 85, and in a mishmosh of justice points gear and dungeon blues, going into BH, when it was just one boss. And SOLO HEALING ALL THE THINGS!

I remember when ZG and ZA were turned into 5 man heroics. I hated them both, but ZG snake boss made me rage.

I remember when we started Firelands and got discouraged because THIS SHIT’S TOO HARD!

I remember killing Ragnaros for the first time and there was much rejoicing among the 2 people left alive (me and a dps).

I remember MT expanding to the point where we could run 3 groups, and 2 out of 3 killed Rag, while the 3rd group almost did.

I remember MT’s first heroic kills in the same weekend (Shannox and Majordomo Staghelm) and there was much rejoicing.

I remember celebrating MT’s 2nd birthday by farming over nine thousand stacks of obsidium ore to make Personal World Destroyer pets for everyone. (maybe not that many but it seemed like that many)

I remember when DS hit and we went 5/8 in the first week and thought “what the hell? is this really end game?”

I remember meeting some of my fools in Vegas and I had a blast (for one night until I was violently ill for the remainder of the weekend and subsequent 2 weeks). Captain Morgan is bad for my health.

I remember when we got our first heroic DS kills and there was much rejoicing.

I remember when we got our first Heroic Warmaster kill and I ended up SOLO HEALING ALL THE THINGS in P2.

I remember our first attempts at Heroic Madness and that foo enraged on our faces. BUT WE CAN DO IT!!

I remember welcoming so many awesome people into MT over the past ALMOST THREE YEARS!! ZOMG!

I ❤ you all.

Do You Remember When….

July 31, 2012 6 comments

Oh hey! two posts in one day!

As this expansion comes to a close, I think back on many a discussion I’ve had with old school WoW’ers. My brother in law has played since vanilla, and he used to be a raid leader in a top US guild. Back then there was no hard mode or heroic raiding. Heroic raiding was getting INTO Naxxramas, never mind the shit fest that was the Heigan Dance. Or the gear/dps check of Patchwerk. Back when Naxx hovered above Eastern Plaguelands. Hard mode was handling many whelps at level 60. Molten Core Attunements anyone?

Of course this sounds like I’m speaking from experience. I’m totally not. I started playing WoW during the Burning Crusade. Progress was graduating from 10 man raiding in Karazhan to 25 man raiding Gruul and Magtheridon. Hard mode was being NOT PREPARED with 25 of your closest friends. Sure Kil’Jaden ended up being the “end boss” but it really shouldn’t count. Illidan was supposed to be the big baddie. Heroics were truly heroic and you had to be ATTUNED to even zone into heroic dungeons.  Anyone who has been in a 6 hour Heroic Shadow Labs run knows exactly what I’m talking about. How did one get attuned? By grinding faction rep in the normal dungeons to honored. Once you hit honored with that dungeon’s faction, you had to buy a key from their quarter master. Everyone in the group had to have a key.

And there was no Dungeon finder. Oh no. LFD was spamming trade for 3 hours “LF tank Heroic Slabs. Must have key.” Nine hours later, Murmur finally goes down after having lost half your group 17 times during the run, hearthing back to Shatt and spamming trade again. Cross-realm grouping? HAH! That’s a good one. We were TWO expansions away from that nifty little feature! There were no multiple tiers of badges or points. Tier tokens dropped in raids only.  Badges of Justice were the currency, and in order to earn badges of justice, you had to raid. How did you get the gear to raid? By running heroic dungeons and decking yourself out in dungeon set blues. After grinding for the keys. And wasting your life spamming trade because there were no tanks online in guild.

The Burning Crusade was my favorite expansion. I really liked the accomplishment of downing harder content with 25 people. Sure, the logistics were a pain in the ass, but the rewards were great. I liked having to be attuned to get into a heroic dungeon. That way, everyone in the group HAS to know each encounter. Kara was by far and away my favorite raid. So many memories. From pulling the entire audience during the Opera event on a tab-target fail, to winning Attumen’s mount, to chanting “I will not move while the flame wreath is cast” to the Chess event. Oh that stupid chess event. Maiden’s holy fire was a killer as was the cc required on Moroes. Chain trapping. That’s right. There was no trap launcher for hunters. You had to set a trap, hit your target with a distracting shot and pull it into the trap (and pray that your tank knew how to pull off all the other mobs chasing you). And then after about 30 seconds, you had to set another one on top of the current one. Oh and try not to die. They get really pissed off when that trap breaks. Feign death was the most useful ability a hunter had at that time. I had trapping down to a science. I pretty much sucked at everything else, but at trapping? Pro.

And then Wrath hit. For the first patch of that expansion, 25 mans were considered “heroic” mode. And 25 man guilds were the cream of the crop in Wrath. Naxx and Onyxia made a comeback. Way to recycle old content, Blizz. Wrath was not an expansion that I particularly enjoyed.

When Cata hit, it almost seemed to go back to the TBC model.. where purples were rare, and you had to gear up in heroic blues before getting into the entry raid content. But in an almost bassackwards fashion, the content got easier the closer we got to end game, not harder. I think Nef was a touch harder than Rag pre-nerf. Deathwing was a joke. Heroics got nerfed, and heroic dungeons got easier, not harder. I don’t understand. Beating the last boss should be an epic experience, not a “damn squishy dragon. Now what?”

So what do you all miss about expansions past? What are you glad to see go? What you would you love to see again?

My Cataclysm Bucket List

June 6, 2012 12 comments

It’s that time of the expansion where the content is old musty and dusty and there’s nothing to do. Well the first part of that sentence is true, the second part, no way!

At the end of the Wrath expansion, I decided to grind quests on my paladin for the Loremaster achievement. Being as ADHD as I am, I got about 75% through Kalimdor and about 65% through Eastern Kingdoms when Cataclysm hit. And we all know what happened when Cataclysm hit.


Everything changed. My quest progress reset. RESET!!! My Kalimdor progress had a handful of random quests completed in a couple of zones. My Eastern Kingdoms progress was ZERO! Rassafrigginmotherpussbuckets! That’s it Mister Deathwing, YOUR ASS IS MINE!!! I’ve now killed that foo now on 4 toons. Ironically, none of which is the paladin.

My poor Alykii. She was my main for so long, and I just shoved her into a corner for an entire expansion pretending she didn’t exist. Having been my main for so long though, she became my achievement ho, my mount collecting ho and my pet collecting ho. So now that Cataclysm is winding down, what do I do? That’s right. I’m going to be Loremaster before the Panda invasion. I don’t care if nothing’s going to change this time! I’m going to do it dammit and not even the great Panda Boss himself can stop me!

For the record, EK and Kalimdor are done. Hah! Try resetting it NOW suckas! I have the achievements and you can’t take them away! Bwahahaha! As of the writing on this post, Outland is almost done, I have about 35 quests left in Netherstorm. I’ve already Toured the Fjord in Northrend, and got about halfway through the other zones except Icecrown (yuck). I’ve got all the Cataclysm zones done except about 20 or so in Deepholm and the entire underwater area. Oh god. Underwater area. Shoot me now. I got lost underwater after being summoned to Throne of Tides. And I drowned. Twice. It’s safe to assume that I am not looking forward to doing that zone. And that zone will be all that’s left standing in the way of Loremaster. I hate you Blizzard. Hate.

While I’m in Outland, I realized I had a few faction rep’s that were hanging out in “Revered” status. Some ohsoclose to exalted. Why did I abandon these reps when Wrath came out? It made me sad. So I spent a lot more time in Outlands than I wanted to. Grinded up Thrallmar and Sha’tar to exalted and Consortium to Revered (ugh). Consortium wasn’t on the bucket list, but in order to do my last 2 quests in Blades Edge (because another chain bugged out on me), I had to be revered with Consortium to unlock the Bash’ir Landing quests.

Consortium rep sucks big scaly murloc balls. Just sayin’. I spent about three days… THREE farming those goddamn Ethereum Prison Keys and Zaxxis Insignias in Netherstorm just to get to revered. Do  you know the drop rate on those keys? It’s listed as 3%. I call bullshit. I had 70 quests done in Netherstorm before I could finish the last 2 in Blade’s Edge. And now I’m halfway through revered. And in true Masochistic form, I’m not stopping at revered. Not when I’m ohsoclose! I’ll be farming heroic Mana Tombs for the rest of those sadistic bastards’ rep.

So if you got this far, here’s my bucket list of things to do with Alykii before Pandas hit!

  1. Finish Loremaster
  2. Finish Outlands rep
  3. Finish the Outlands Dungeon Hero Achievement (all of which I need for rep)
  4. Get 40 exalted reps
  5. Read the last 6 books needed for the “Well Read” achievement
  6. Go for a Joyride in Azshara
  7. Finish the Outland Raids
  8. Learn how to fish

And my bucket list of things to do in general before Pandas hit!

  1. Max archaeology on at least one toon
  2. Get Star to PVP
  3. Get the GB coffers up to 300k gold
  4. Finish the “Guild Classic Raider” achievement
  5. Finish the “Guild Glory of the Lich King Raider” achievement
  6. Get Kare to finish her legendary dagger quest
  7. Get my hunter to level 85
  8. Kill Heroic Hagara

Anyone else have a Bucket List? Or am I the only weird one?

It’s The End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine

November 28, 2011 3 comments

We are closing in on the one year anniversary of the launch of Cataclysm and finally, the end is in sight. The final content patch of the expansion where Deathwing will ultimately fall. I’m so over this expansion already. It wasn’t the best.

So what am I looking forward to with 4.3?

1. New content. Sort of.

As if I haven’t seen enough of Northrend while leveling as many toons as I can out of sheer boredom, we’re going back there to raid. Dragonblight will be the setting of the Dragon Soul raid. So in a sense, it’s new content in an old setting. I do kinda dig the whole Caverns of Time thing though.

2. Transmummification?…Transmogrifithingiemabobber….oh hell you know what I mean.

For the nostalgics in us all. I’ll collect a nickel for every toon running around in T1 gear. I’ll collect another dime for every toon running around in T6 gear. I like my S10 PVP set on my druid. So that’s what I’m transcombobulating. My pally is probably going to just run around in skimpy santa clothes and my priest is going to rock the mageweave set. Booya.

3. LFR tool.

I’m morbidly curious as to how this might work. Hopefully I can get enough of my guildies together. I wonder if we can cross-realm invite via RealID for this thing? That would be pretty cool. Running it on my alts in a full PuG? Now that would be pure masochism.

4. Deathwing

Oh yeah. The big bad end boss. The death of this god forsaken expansion.

For Pandaria!

(just for the record, I’m ONLY rolling a panda for the racials. My monk will be race changed at 85. I want a goblin monk. Please Blizzard? PLEASE?)

Are you ready?

November 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m so ready for new content. The new Darkmoon Faire is now up on the PTR for 4.3 – I’ll have to check it out. My prediction is the patch will drop the week after next. I know I know… no more predictions. So forget I said that.

Anyway, Firelands has been lasting too long. I’m over that place. I’m happy that we were at least able to put some serious attempts on heroic Shannox. Of course the disappointment of a 3% wipe is just… /headdesk. I know that I’m not alone in my feeling that if all we’re going to do is farm until 4.3 then I’m done until 4.3. I want to say we’ve done a heroic boss while it’s still relevant. Otherwise, there’ s no point for me. Once we kill Deathwing, then I’m personally done until the expansion. That’s for sure. I’ve been raiding non stop for 11 months. Sometimes 4-5 times a week. It’s too much. That’s not to say I won’t fill in other groups if needed, it’s just that I need a bit of a break from the weekly grind. The period of time between a Deathwing kill and MoP endgame should be enough of a re-charge.

So who’s ready for Pandas? Who wants to bet that the top panda name in WoW will be variations on “Kungfu” or “Po”. I really don’t want to roll a panda. They’re right up there with Tauren for my least favorite class. The racials might be too good to pass though… might have to start a panda monk level it to 90 with the rested xp bonus then race change. I’m holding out hope that someday Blizzard will let me have a goblin monk. That would be awesome.

Monks… confuse me. I’m easily confusable. BUT I MUST HAS MOAR HEALER NAOW. I mean uh… I’m masochistic that way, and I must have a healer of every class. If that means using the force and chi and the power of buddha then .. er… okay. Who knows I may even learn how to tank on one. It’s not like I haven’t played a hybrid healing tank before…and melee dps hasn’t worked too well for me… especially since 2 of my 3 pure melee characters are bank toons and the other classes I play that have melee specs.. are not specc’d that way.

But still… I can now pretend to be a FIRE KITTY!! RAWR!!

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