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This shit’s too hard!

October 12, 2012 1 comment

I’m feeling a very strange sense of deja vu. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I do think that raid difficulty is right about where it should be. After completing all of Dragon Soul in both normal and heroic modes, we were riding a high. We were.. dare I say it.. cocky.

And we’ve been humbled.

Between two groups running concurrently on weds and thurs this week for 2+ hours each night, we amassed a grand total of 81 wipes. On the first boss. That’s 55 wipes for Team Moist and close to 30 wipes for Team Zal. Nary a kill among us. It reminds me of when we first started Kara and Attumen wiped the floor with our faces. Or when we first started Blackwing Descent or Firelands and died in a fire. It’s not like we expected to go in there and roflstomp but… hell, we’re saviors of azeroth! we can do this shit!

But this ain’t DS anymore. Hey Toto, I think we overshot Kansas and landed in Africa. We were pulverized into dust in the wind. Guess it’s gonna take some time to do the things we never have….

(sorry, I was on a roll)

To our credit, both groups were making progress. But there were a lot of mistakes. A lot. I think Zal and Mav were ready to jump off a cliff. First week of raiding, brand spanking new content, we’re donned in blues. It’s human nature to make mistakes as we’re learning. I’m hoping for a kill next week. I think we’ve seen it enough to know what’s going on now.

We need to stay positive. Remember, this was our first week. We made very good progress. Just need to hit that rhythm and keep it going!

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Saviors of Azeroth!

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s taken me a couple of days to make this post, because I’ve been so giddy with delight. Yet at the same time, I’m royally bummed that post 5.0 I no longer have the addon that automatically takes screenshots of achievements. The one achievement I REALLY wanted a screenshot of!!

Three weeks before the launch of a new expansion, <Masochistic Tendencies> has defeated Heroic Madness of Deathwing. Twice. Last week we got our first Heroic Spine kill. There was much rejoicing, and then we got to take a look at the Madness fight. Because we were so close we could taste it, despite the reported bugs on the congealing bloods in Phase 2, we decided on an impromptu raid on Monday night to dedicate to our Madness efforts.

Monday night was bittersweet. It was bittersweet because halfway through the evening, Nos had to bail due to RL. He came back in the middle of our winning attempt, and was going to jump back in if we wiped. Of course, that was the winning attempt. It required both Reluu and I to both pop kitty form and swipe AOE the bloods to get them down (Killer Instincts talent FTFW) because of the bug. It was bittersweet because we had to replace another regular raider in order to get the kill. That raider deserved the kill just as much as the rest of us. We had to make the decision because time was running out and we were thisclose to that goal that I never dared to believe we could attain.

Of course Nos was a little anxious. Our raid leader was going to be out on Thursday so we made another impromptu decision to raid Tue/Wed this week instead of Wed/Thurs to ensure we had Mav calling out CDs on Spine and Madness. We were riding such a high that we went in Tuesday night, one shot up to Heroic Spine, two-shot Spine then two-shot Madness. 8/8H in one night. 2.5 hours. And Nos is now a Savior too.

This week and next week will be dedicated to getting other raiders and new raiders into H DS and hopefully getting some more titles. Once we get more titles, everyone must come together for a screenshot. We are now a guild to be reckoned with on our server. We are the Saviors of Azeroth. We are MT.




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Confessions of a Guild Leader: The Can Of Worms

August 1, 2012 6 comments

I wonder where that phrase came from… “opening a can of worms”.

(I love you, Google)

Anyway, nothing in WoW matches up to the proverbial Can of Worms than talking about loot. This post isn’t about my philosophy on loot, since I already blogged about that. This is more about how our system has worked and how our system has failed. This is more about guild opinions being so polarized that for a few days I’ve been caught between a rock and a hard place. Which group of people do I piss off?

The good news is, I’m not alone. I have an entire leadership team to take down with help me! And this is why I love them so much. This post is a teaser. This post is to say that despite the bipolar 16-page recent discussion about loot systems in MOP, I honestly believe that we have come up with a solution that should make almost everyone quit bitching happy!

The biggest contention was how to treat players who are not on a raid team, but float around and fill in regularly verses players who are not on a raid team and fill in occasionally. We were trying to fit them into our current loot system somehow. The problem is, this gets subjective and really cannot be treated as a “one size fits all” policy. Our current loot system is concrete and mostly objective. We absolutely cannot add a subjective element into our system without calling it Loot Council. LC has all of a sudden become a serious option in MT. However when put to vote, just as I expected, so far a roughly 50/50 split between LC and leaving the system alone.

I will say that our current loot system has worked very very well through the current expansion. There have been a couple of blips here and there, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out in a mature adult manner. In the end the system “is what it is” and we dealt with the flaws.

This isn’t a decision we’re basing purely on the majority vote. We’re also looking at who voted for which system, and we see some definite trends there. That’s how we’ve potentially come up with a Loot Policy for MOP that should at least satisfy those who have actively participated in these discussions. This system will be announced as we get closer to MOP launch. There will be a post on the forums outlining the new policy and the Loot Policy page on the website will be updated. The post will also list the tentative schedule and Raid Leaders assigned to each group. Then, as we get closer to MOP raiding, we will have the groups setup.

Loot is a very hot topic. And the analogy works. Once you open the can and the worms come out, it’s a pain in the ass to get them back in and close it. I would have LOVED to just erase the entire thread and pretend it never happened. It got heated. I was afraid of it getting out of control. In the end though, I think it was a much needed discussion. And as much as I hate you all for making my job that much more difficult <3, I need to know where people stand, so we can keep on moving in a positive direction.


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Confessions of a Solo Healer – I Got This!!

July 31, 2012 8 comments

The title has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. I just said it to annoy Nos. Although it really was an epic win if you really think about it. Phase 2 of Heroic Warmaster. He’s roaring. There’s shockwaves everywhere (which Mav died on the first shockwave), he hits like a truck.. people were blowing each other up until the dragon flew away… And when Mav went down, nobody called wipe. Let’s just see how far we can get… for practice on this phase. Right? Right?????

Tranq.. tree form… barkskin… hit by a shockwave NOOOO… I didn’t die…hit by shockwave again.. I LIVE. We all lived! Well.. most of us. And he DIED!! DIED!!! And from 80% to his death I healed it all by myself. For our first Heroic Warmaster kill. You can yell 30% buff all you want, and druids maybe OP but you CANT TAKE AWAY MY THUNDER! BAHAHAHA!!!

Ok, so this post had a little bit to do with the title. Just because I haven’t quite annoyed the crap out of my guild with it yet. You all wanted me to post! So you can blame Nos for that! On the flip side, Reluu solo healed a side on H Morchok, which I probably wouldn’t have been able to do so kudos! And MT is now 6/8H. Not too shabby!

And now that this post has become totally not what I was going to write about (and I guess it makes sense to actually have a title match the content), let’s take a look at MT”s progress since the beginning of Cataclysm.

Tier 11 – We cleared 12/12N prior to the nerf bat. Yay! Nobody wanted to do heroics. When I said “whos’ up for Heroic Halfus?” I got a resounding “HELL NO!” Ok then!

Tier 12 – We cleared 6/7 prior to the nerf with one attempt on Rag. We got Rag the next week. There was still a retarded amount of time before 4.3 dropped, so then what? “Heroic Shannox is a loot pinata, who’s in?” … and I was met with a grumble from Yakk and a “Oh alright…” It took us about 3 weeks to kill Heroic Shannox while farming the rest of FL. It was hard to gauge just how much time to spend on him each week since we really couldn’t go any further until he was dead on either normal or heroic. Once we had H Shannox on farm, we looked at some of the other heroic fights and decided Majordomo was the next “easiest“. All of a sudden we were 2/7H! Go MT! We dabbled a bit on H Ryo and H Bael until saying eff this on to DS!

Tier 13 – I think I’ve blogged enough about T13. Getting our first Madness Kill rocked. See the first paragraph of this blog – rocked. I’d say we rocked T13. I’m damn proud!!

Funny enough, that wasn’t the first time I was in that healing position. In early Cata, when there was only one raid boss in Baradin Hold, I took my druid in to heal after she just ding’d 85. Back then, the highest ilvl gear was 359. I was in heroic blues. Giz was leading the group (nuff said?). Anyway, we were all “let’s 2 heal this” even though I was in heroic blues.. it’s like Star being one of 2 healers on her pally (who is better geared than my druid was). Krur said in vent “I’ll stay dps since I was doing dailies before zoning in”. Apparently nobody heard this but me. Emor sure didn’t.

So we pulled the boss, and I was healing my face off. Dispelling my face off. I was oom and 4 people were dead. WTFBBQ??? We still one shot the boss. When we finished, Krur linked the healing recount and said “Uh, Aly solo’d that”. Both healers (Krur and Emor) went dps. Oops!

Maybe I should have named this post “Nerf Druids.”

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When to Stand In Bad and Make the Beeping Stop

May 24, 2012 Leave a comment

As raiders we are all trained not to stand in bad stuff. It’s bad. If you stand it it you’re bad. And you die. Because you’re bad. In an effort to not be bad, the Addon gods created a nifty little app called GTFO. It very not so nicely BEEEPS really annoyingly at you when you’re standing in stuff you’re not supposed to be standing in.

I love this addon. It trains me to jump 3 feet in the air and reflex move the fuck away from whatever I was tunnel visioned healing in. I can pretend that I’m not a bad player. And it works!

Oh yes it works.

Picture, if you will, the heroic Hagara fight frost phase. One of the strats is to cheat the dance and the frostflakes by running into the middle.  In general the middle is bad. It causes a lot of damage to players standing in it. GTFO knows this and ..ahem…gently reminds you that you’re standing in it and you need to not be standing in it.

…except, sometimes it’s better to stand in it.

The strat we’ve been using is:

DPS totems

run to middle, let wall pass

finish DPSing the totem

run to middle to drop frost flake

For those of us with ADHD, and don’t know what the foo to do with sensory overload, this is where it gets fun. Here is a play-by-play of one of our attempts from the ADHD Healer that swears by GTFO point of view.

I heal around the edge lalala
I dispel someone
I heal and then ohshit wall behind me!
I run into the middle
Run BEEPBEEPBEEP out narrowly BEEPBEEPBEEP missing ice wall that I forgot was there
I get debuff run to middle
SPLAT into the icewall

Next attempt.. let me try to avoid the ice wall and heal in the middle!

Ice wall comes up
I run into the middle
SPLAT into the icewall

Okay then! No more GTFO!

Ice wall comes up
I run into the middle
I heal myself
I throw out dispels while keeping myself and others healed
Weeee! look at us go!
Healhealheal dispeldispeldispel
SPLAT (I apparently forgot to heal myself that time)

At least we’re making good progress!

So the moral to the story is GTFO is bad for this fight. That is all.

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Confessions of a .. ahem.. “Raid Leader”

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

So we made some progress on H Hagara last night. We’ve figured out the lightning phase. Frosted flakes phase still give us a little trouble. My raid leader and backup raid leader are getting married today (CONGRATS CRIX AND RELUU!!<3) so I’ve had to raid lead. Yikes.

With me raid leading, it goes something like this:
Me: Ok, for lightning phase we’ll have a healer at 9:00, 3:00 and 6:00. That’s also where we’ll hang out during ice lances.
Tsorb: So where do you want me Aly?
Me: Uh… take 9:00. I’ll take 6:00, Mackayla take 3:00
Me: Ok find a buddy for ice lances!
Mackayla: wait, where am I going again?
Me: I dunno. I don’t even remember what I just said!
Tsorb: I think you’re at 9:00
Someone else: Didn’t she say you were at 9:00 Tsorb?
Tsorb: Aly?
Mackayla: So where am I supposed to be?
Me: /facepalm

*sets up markers*
“you on purple, you on green me on blue”

Oh yeah that and I forgot to turn it off heroic for Warlord. Oops. Someone brought it to my attention just before we pulled. That would have been hilarious.

Just as hilarious as it would have been if I had to call out slimes on H Yor’saj because our ahem.. leader with the addon was getting ready for her big day.

It could have gone something like this:

Me: Kill green! no wait! Yellow! uh… I think?

Someone else: Pink!

Someone else: Orange!

Someone else: Periwinkle!

Someone else: Boobies!

But that only happened in my head.  Anyway, I downloaded the addon, AND I made sure it was set to heroic! Go me!

At least Freggos didn’t try to kill me this time.

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I Am The Great Pretender

March 27, 2012 4 comments

Did I just show my age by quoting a Platters song? I think so!

I mean I’m not THAT old.. but my parents listened to it.

So the nice thing about NOT being a raid leader and being a healer is I can pretend a lot. I can pretend I know what the hell is going on and nobody will know the difference. I follow everyone and play wack-a-mole on grid. Sure, most of the fights I do have some inkling of what we need to do, but others, not so much.

I came into a guild alt run last night as tank. We made it to Spine of Deathwing and my cover is blown.

This is a fight I’ve healed at least 19 times across 3 healers. That’s not including wipes, since I can only keep track of how many times my toons have been involved in a kill. I think. Anyway, in the 19+ times I’ve seen the fight, not once have I figured out what the fuck is going on. I mean sure, I read the strat once 3 months ago.. but we’ve had it on farm for so long, I just didn’t need to ahem.. review it. For 3 months, this is how I’ve viewed that fight from a healer POV (please note that these may be completely out of order):

  • Parachute onto big dragon’s back
  • Tanks pick up some things.
  • DPS pew pew’s some stuff, but NOT the tentacles (no, I don’t know why)
  • A tank or Yakk calls out to stop dps
  • DPS pewpew’s a tentacle that has a fiery grip on someone
  • DPS kills a tentacle?
  • Yakk calls out “stack top right”
  • We go back to middle, rinse repeat
  • Yakk calls out “stack bottom right”
  • I heal shit
  • Some big pieces of the dragon fly off
  • We parachute down to the Madness platforms and hand out loot

And this is what happens with me tanking:

Parachute onto big dragon’s back

Yakk: Aly all you have to do is pick up the bloods
Me: DnD, take a nap, got it!

Chronoz is tanking a big add…la la la

Yakk: Stack top right

We all stack, DW does a barrel roll

Raid spreads back out to middle

Chronoz is just standing there tanking a big add… la la la

Yakk: stop dps, Chronoz build some stacks

Nothing happens. Random raiders poke Chronoz. Nothing happens and we realize he DC’d

Ambient: Aly taunt it!

I’m not entirely sure what I was taunting but I ran around blood boiling everything until I was pretty sure I was the only player with aggro

Raid: LOL because Aly’s tanking everything
Yakk: Aly build stacks!
Me: I don’t know what that means!

Yakk can no longer speak in complete sentences from laughing too hard

Yakk: (sputtering and catching breath) I- I can’t… I don’t even….
Gamma: How many times have you done this fight Aly??
Me: I just follow people and play whack a mole!
Yakk: Ok let’s call it it’s after 11:30
Me: It’s a shame Giz had to miss this

Yakk still can’t breathe

So yeah, note to self… if I’m in a role that I’m not familiar with, I need to be familiar with that role’s role on each fight or next time Yakk might die from hyperventilation. And that’s not good for anyone.

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