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Star Wars, Vegas and the Decent into Madness

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment

This isn’t a post about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s a post about why I hate it. And why I love it. And the fact that I don’t own the game nor do I have the intention of playing it. It’s also about Vegas and why I love it. And why I hate it. And why I’ll totally go again with my homies.

We took a 2 week break from raiding due to the silly holiday season. Holidays are a whole different rant that I won’t even get into right now. During that break, I didn’t really break from raiding that much. My druid got to heal Heroic Morchok. That was… intense. I’m pretty sure I filled in another raid that week too. I was happy with our progress up to the break… at least for one group. The other 2 groups were still struggling and everyone was getting frustrated. The break was needed.

During this break, the Star Wars game launched. The guild became deserted. A good chunk of raiders decided they want to play Star Wars and take a break from WoW. Our Sunday/Monday group was suddenly decimated. And thus began my hatred for this new game. The total count of those that disappeared from Azeroth between Christmas and New years: 4 dps, 2 healers 1 tank and a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve got a solid lead on the pear tree and an Amber Alert on the rest.

Losing 7 raiders sucks. You would think it would be easy to just condense into 2 groups at that point. Right? HAH! Who do you think named this guild Masochistic Tendencies! Our drunk healer from ICC days came back to play with us, and tank. I shook up the groups, I recruited some dps. Reluu brought her brother from another mother over to heal. We’ve got alts. We got this! All of a sudden Team Bite Me went from struggling on Ping Pong to killing Ultraxion. I love Star Wars!

You know what else I love and hate at the same time? Vegas. That’s right. New Years in Vegas with guildies! Booya! We gotta get more fools together in Vegas. On Fri December 30th I took the greyhound from Tucson to Flagstaff then hitched a ride in a semi with my Pimpdaddy G from Flagstaff to Vegas (He was delivering a load to the CES show). He did his best to freak me out with his driving but it felt like I was on a roller coaster weeeee! His friend in another semi was making up raunchy songs about us and singing them over the CB radio. And by the way, People of Walmart have NOTHING on People of Greyhound. Just sayin’.

That friday night was pretty awesome. We got to the motel at the exact same time as Zal and Cali did. Two teenage spawns of Cali came with, so we left them in the room and spent the next few hours at the casino bar getting drunk. For the record, I can’t keep up with Cali LOL. Damn girl. I swear I only had 3, but I was told I had a lot more. I might concede 4. Maybe I just don’t remember anything after 3. I do remember waking up the next morning in the back of the semi. Good times.

So I got sick in Vegas on New Years Day. I thought I had food poison but it turned out to be the stomach flu, since I couldn’t eat solid food for almost 2 weeks. Not cool, Vegas. Not cool. So that pretty much fucked up the rest of my weekend. And that’s why I hate Vegas.

I ❤ my guild.

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My thoughts on Cataclysm

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I haven’t written in a while.. probably because there hasn’t much to write about. We went 6/8 before the holiday break. Yay. No pictures though.. it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. I think I know why.

Anyway, since we’re in the last major content patch before the next expansion, here are my thoughts on the high lights and low lights of Cataclysm.


1. The physical changes to Azeroth

It was like exploring the world all over again. The barrens needed to be cut in half. But the alliance taking over the southern part? Not cool, man. Not cool.

2. Flying in Azeroth

It’s about damn time!!!

3. Goblins!

They’re cute and giggly and I can finally have my pac-man family!

4. Epic lore involving Sylvannas and the battle for Gilneas

I did both sides of the story. I leveled my goblin shaman in Silverpine. I saw Sylvannas’ side of the story, why she did what she did. She was pissed about being forsaken. She couldn’t reproduce. Lordaeron would fall if her people died out.

Then I leveled a baby worgen and saw the plight of the Gilneans. I saw what she did to them. I felt so bad for them. I may bleed horde blood but I sided with the alliance on this one.

5. Guild Leveling/Perks/Achievements

Now this was just fun. Cash Flow ftw! Leveling baby alts is a breeze! Mass summons! Mass rez! Weeeee!!!

6. Challenging content…for a little while

At the onset of Cataclysm, it seemed that the old Wrath model got thrown out the window. ICC was too easy for end game. Ok, let’s make heroic 5-mans super hard!! I wasn’t on board with the “super-hardness” of the 5 mans at the beginning. They made me cry. They made me hate the game. There was no room for error. Forget pugs!

T11 difficulty was right where it was supposed to be. Before the nerfs. Firelands difficulty was right where it was supposed to be. Before the nerfs.

7. LFR – in theory

The premise of LFR is a good one. Allow players who aren’t in guilds or raiding with their guilds the opportunity to raid and improve their character. This is going to also be listed under “low lights” with why I hate LFR and how it ruined end game.

8. Reforging

This is the best feature that Blizzard has added. Don’t like a stat? Reforge it into another one!

9. Transmogrification

I hated my druid’s T12 set. If it’s called a robe, make it a goddamn robe. Ugh. UGLYYY. Her PVP set was pretty. So she looks pretty again. Not to mention my Kynkki priest is rocking her skimpy black mageweave set! Rawr!

10. UI Improvements

The Guild Leader UI, character info window, ability to add world raid markers. Much needed.

Low lights

1. Nerfing content too soon.

Hello, Firelands.

2. Bipolar levels of difficulty

We started with heroic dungeons that made me cry. They got nerfed to hell. T11 became a faceroll. Firelands was ridiculously hard at the beginning, as it should have been. Ragnaros is still a royal pain in the ass. His “nerf” wasn’t significant. But the faceroll of the first 6 bosses sucked the fun and challenge out of it after a while. It was awesome that we killed 6 before the nerfs hit. THAT gave me a sense of accomplishment. However I was pretty much over FL after we kept blowing through it with little effort.

3. End game not challenging enough

Heroic mode is going to be the new norm. One week into T13 and guilds were clearing it. WTF? MT cleared 5 bosses in 5 hours in our first week. For real. Our only challenge was the ping pong boss.

4. Lack of new content

We had a couple of new zones but nothing that really felt new. And haven’t we seen Ragnaros somewhere before? Aren’t some of these mechanics vaguely familiar? Morchok is a re-incarnation of every fight that required you to LOS a special ability (ohai Sapphiron, Sindragosa, first boss in Utgarde Keep, last boss in heroic Sethekk Halls) with a side of Baleroc. Hagara is the Heigan dance on downers. The ooze boss is kinda like Halfus with oozes instead of drakes. Ultraxion is Patchwerk 3.0 with a gimmick. Ohai lootship 2.0! Way to recycle content Blizzard. Why are guilds blowing through T13? Oh yeah… WE’VE DONE THIS BEFORE!

And speaking of doing the same shit over and over…

5. LFR ruined end game

In theory, it’s good. In practice, it fails. Hard. LFR is an EZ mode of the current content, thus trivializing end game. Deathwing is supposed to be this big bad boss. I facerolled LFR not having a clue what the hell was going on. That, to me, isn’t fun.

To make LFR work, Blizzard should either have made it previous content early, and add raids as they become outdated. If I were designing Cataclysm with LFR, this is what I would have done:

BOT (LFR, 10, 25)
BWD (10, 25 man only)
To4W (10, 25 man only)

BOT (LFR, 10, 25)
BWD (LFR, 10, 25)
To4W (LFR, 10, 25)
Firelands (10,25 only)

BOT (LFR, 10, 25)
BWD (LFR, 10, 25)
To4W (LFR, 10, 25)
Firelands (LFR, 10,25)
DS (10,25 only) or LFR’d the first 4 bosses only
Fall of Deathwing  (10,25 only)

The problem with LFR now is everyone’s already seen Deathwing die. I’ll tell you I felt zero sense of accomplishment in that. My alt saw DW before my main. Even though my priest has “finished” Dragon Soul, it felt completely unearned. Even when I see him die on 10 man.. I don’t think I’m going to feel the same way I did about killing the Lich King 2 weeks before Cataclysm hit. It’s more of a… so what?

That pretty much sums up my feelings about this expansion. So what.

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It’s The End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine

November 28, 2011 3 comments

We are closing in on the one year anniversary of the launch of Cataclysm and finally, the end is in sight. The final content patch of the expansion where Deathwing will ultimately fall. I’m so over this expansion already. It wasn’t the best.

So what am I looking forward to with 4.3?

1. New content. Sort of.

As if I haven’t seen enough of Northrend while leveling as many toons as I can out of sheer boredom, we’re going back there to raid. Dragonblight will be the setting of the Dragon Soul raid. So in a sense, it’s new content in an old setting. I do kinda dig the whole Caverns of Time thing though.

2. Transmummification?…Transmogrifithingiemabobber….oh hell you know what I mean.

For the nostalgics in us all. I’ll collect a nickel for every toon running around in T1 gear. I’ll collect another dime for every toon running around in T6 gear. I like my S10 PVP set on my druid. So that’s what I’m transcombobulating. My pally is probably going to just run around in skimpy santa clothes and my priest is going to rock the mageweave set. Booya.

3. LFR tool.

I’m morbidly curious as to how this might work. Hopefully I can get enough of my guildies together. I wonder if we can cross-realm invite via RealID for this thing? That would be pretty cool. Running it on my alts in a full PuG? Now that would be pure masochism.

4. Deathwing

Oh yeah. The big bad end boss. The death of this god forsaken expansion.

For Pandaria!

(just for the record, I’m ONLY rolling a panda for the racials. My monk will be race changed at 85. I want a goblin monk. Please Blizzard? PLEASE?)

My Healer is Drunk

November 21, 2011 1 comment

And we one shot Heroic Shannox. With a drunk priest and Giz. In Myranda‘s absence, Giz’s mage took a lot of abuse. Especially from the drunk healer. Something about eating retard sandwiches? I don’t remember. I don’t think Emor remembers either. He was sloshed. I’m glad he showed up to raid.

So after killing Shannox first shot we think.. weee! Let’s go kill Heroic Rhyolith! After a bunch of attempts and the raid exploding due to him getting superheated, we realized that we missed Myranda’s mad dps and driving skills. So we switched to 2 healers (oy vey). And we still blew up. Ok then! With our full group we got this, on to heroic Baleroc! 1 tank 2 healers and a shit ton of DPS. 59M health, scary enrage timer and just one extra Blood Queen Lana’Thel mechanic. We got this!


Gamma kept exploding while Emor was building stacks. I was spamming swiftmend, rejuv, nourish, HT, everything I could throw at him. Unfortunately my “big” heals have a cast time during which he went kaboom before my HT landed. Since I’m not specc’d or glyphed for tank healing (we have so many tank healers I never do it), having me as one of the 2 healers was not the best idea.

(And X stop grumbling about how your wife who’s been farming heroics can do it on her druid just fine. There are 2 ways to spec a resto druid, and I was not specc’d for it. So lemme alone! It’s like a survival hunter trying to break a face rage. For serious.)

In hindsight, we probably should have switched and had me build stacks first, or I could have tried healing it in my PVP healing spec which is built a little bit more for bursty damage.. (still not ideal but would have been a little better) But instead I switched to my mage and pewpew’d. That was fun!

With that healer setup Gamma didn’t die quite as fast – instead we had dps blowing up on crystals or the countdown link. Bah. At least we should get someone their heroic tier shoulders tonight!

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We’ve Gone and Made a Mess…

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment

How’s THAT for a prediction??

In one weekend we went 2/7 heroics. There were no shenanigans this time – just focus. And what a mess! The first 4 attempts were not even close. Seeds blowing up the raid, premature kittypowpow, too many scorp stacks, fire balloon fail… it was ugly.

Then we changed our blood lust timing – instead of the first scorpion phase we blew it on the first kitty phase when the raid had a full bar of awesome. Holy shit. Melee almost hit 60k each during that 15 seconds. Then on the 5th try (ftw), Yakk made the dps do the buddy system on orbs. Two take the north-ish side, two take the south-ish side. I think the orbs dropped next to each other but it somehow worked.

The stacks for each transition we decided on 11-7-7-6-5. But when we got the 3rd scorp transition, holy incoming damage batman! wtfbbq! I had to tranquility on the first scythe, popped tree on the 2nd and we had to get the hell out when the 4th hit. We were out of mana, Domo was at 3%… I yelled at my computer… OMG STAY ALIVE!! WTB SHORTER CD!!! I was spamming my heals waiting for some sliver of mana to get my WG off and getting the red lines:

  • Not enough mana
  • Not enough mana
  • Not enough mana

Nooooooo!!!!! Mana tide! Hymn! SOMETHING!!! Emor’s hymn saved us at the end. For serious. And a mana pot.

Oh and for the record, innervate scales with your holyshit bar. With my bar 100% full I almost got 100% mana return on that shizzle! That was awesome.

And par for the course – Rag was even more ugly. We had a mulligan on the first one when Grim died to… what the fuck did he die to anyway? And on the 2nd, Grim died during the seed explosion (did he pull a Giz and tank in dps spec or gear after domo?). He got battle rezzed, sons phases went smoothly, then the meteors came out and everything went to hell. Someone… ahem… was shooting the meteors at the tanks. Someone else ran one into me while I was trying to avoid a smash (I avoided neither – the meteor knocked me INTO the smash and Aly go boom). I think we had about 3 people left alive at the end (neither of which was a tank) when he died.

Fun times!

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Dog Food!

November 14, 2011 1 comment

So we are officially a “heroic” guild – wee! Go Team “Kiss My Ass!” That only took… hmm… 3 weeks? That’s all I’m counting because the first couple of days we tried him, we didn’t get any serious attempts (maybe 3-4 attempts before flipping to regular). After last week’s 3% wipe, I think the group was ready to kill him last night no matter how long it took.

So riding that high, we decided to take a look at Heroic Rhyolith. That’s going to be one of those fights where we’ll either get him in the first couple of shots or wipe all night thanks to the RNG placement of volcanoes and sparks and adds and magma… He’s not much different from regular mode except fire’s REALLY bad (one-shot dead bad), there’s some extra adds and frickin’ laser beams that come out of his frickin’ head in phase 2.

So after we flip Ryo back to EZ mode the following takes place in our healer channel..

Rainy: Aly can I dps pleeeese?
Me: no you can dps on Aly
Rainy: yay!
-lalala pewpewpew-
Rainy: *yawn* I need something to heal.
Me: want me to jump in the fire so you can heal me?
Rainy: ok!
So I ran through magma flows, spark fire and volcano pits taking damage while she threw riptides on me. I think Yakkypoo would have had a heart attack if he saw the shenanigans we were pulling lol.

So we decided we’re going to continue to work on H Majordomo. What a mess that was last night… I got pounced twice on one attempt then I was somehow tanking 2 balls of fire at once on the next, then we had a premature meow. Plus the Patriots were handing the Jets asses to them while we were raiding so I was a little distracted and doing happy dances in my living room with every turnover and TD. Note to Bill Belichick: Your starting D sucks. Your Patchwork D does not. J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!

But I digress…

On another good note – my prediction was only a week off! Team “Bite Me” has defeated Ragnaros! Yay!! The gauntlet has been thrown down for team “Pwn Stars” – it’s only a matter of time.

Maybe we’ll see some more heroic screenshots soon.

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November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

We figured out H Shannox.

That mofo should have died. We got him to 600k. 3%.  I got face raged at about 2M, battle rezzed and face raged immediately again. If I lived we would have friggin’ had him.. I went all Cartman at the end of the SP movie on that attempt..


Our resto shammy has the plague or something. She was sick last week, she’s still sick. So we had Star fill in.. as heals! I got her baby shammy some bracers and some hawt enchants. She’s funny – she’s a complete nervous wreck when asked to heal or tank something. I asked her earlier in the day if she would want to try out healing FL. She said “I…uh…umm… lets try ZA/ZG first for some purples?” We got her ilvl up to 361. At this point I made no mention of trying heroics lol.

So we were running ZA/ZG and I was in vent with Yakk..
Yakk: Do you think Star can handle it?
Me: Sure – she’s better than she thinks. Just don’t tell her we’re doing heroics!
Yakk: she’ll freak out
Me: Yeah, so my plan is when we get in there, I’ll just flip it on and hope she doesn’t notice
Yakk: – dies laughing –

So we zone in… Yakk says “we’ll do Beth first to get Star’s feet wet before giving Shannox a few shots”
Grim: we going to do heroic?
Me: shhhh nope…. /wink wink
Star: wha?!!! Omg! You want me to heal heroic??! AHHHHHHHH!!!!
-panic sets in-
Me: Baptism by fire?
Rodin: (eavesdropping in vent): Aly you’re so mean

She was the Riplimb healer on Shannox, but I was having trouble healing the burst damage on face rages.. so we switched and had her raid heal the face rages. I was better suited to heal Grim’s steady JT damage with my hots. That was when we had our best attempts.

So Heroic Majordomo tonight…. shhh nobody tell Star ❤

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