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Ding Dong The Hag Is Dead!

June 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Yay! Another thing to cross off the Bucket List!

For the past month, Team Bite Me has been a revolving door. Honeymoons, digging up dinosaurs, work schedules and ISP eating interwebs has been the bane of the group’s existance and only added to the frustration of the proverbial wall we were banging our heads against for the Heroic Hagara fight.

The credit for that kill goes to more than 10 people. It goes to about 15-20 people who had a hand in our attempts:

Crix, Reluu, Tsorb, Dannan, Freggos, Truffle, Nos, Gamma, Morgish, Me, Haemic, Mavros, Mack, Chronoz, Angband, Cali and Star. If I missed anyone I sorry! Let me know because this post is editable! 🙂

Even with the absences we were able to keep practicing, which did help. So, on to the recap!

Monday night. Not our normal raid night. This was our “make up” day from last Wednesday. We had to call it on Weds because Crix and Reluu ISP shit the bed. The majority of the group said they could make it.

And half the group ended up being jacked up anyway. Truffle was digging up dinosaur bones in Utah, Morg (I assume) was at work and it was Freggos’ turn for his internetz to fail. So we had 3 “fill ins”, 1 role switch and 1 toon switch. Granted, 2 of the fillins were guildies who had further heroic progress in other guilds so they don’t exactly qualify as “fill in” in the sense that we just pulled in any ole scrub to fill a spot. Not that Haemic is a scrub! He’s OP too! ❤

So our group comp was:

  • Tank: Nos (Chronoz OT went LazerBoom in Truffle’s absence)
  • Heals: Reluu, Tsorb, Mavros
  • DPS: Glace (Haemic’s DK), Dannan, Gamma, Crix’s hunter Mathayos and me go meow

You know a hunter is super important on that fight with the strat we use. When the hunter is missing the strat goes boom. It’s a good thing Crix has an OP hunter too.

And having me as kitty was also super useful. That pain in the ass lightning phase where everyone takes a metric fuckton of damage? Ima bear! RAWR! Extra 37k health plus 4 pc tank CD? Oh yes. It was nice to feel useful, considering the rest of the fight I was pretty useless. Frost phase? gogo travel form with a mangle here and a rip there. DPS the boss phase? I was chasing the bitch more often than I was getting any real dps on her. Lightning phase? I WIN! Booya!

For a month we couldn’t get through one lightning or one frost phase. Sometimes we got through one with a few casualites. We never made it to the next phase after getting through one of either lightning or frost. Last night I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden, we get through frost, nobody’s dead!

Mav: Bloodlust!

Crix: No!

Mav: oops!

We get through ice tombs. Next up lightning! Ima bear! RAWR! Gogo barkskin, SI and super OP 4pc frenzied regen! We lived! Wooo! pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew. Ice tombs. Healer blocked! Get her out! Frost phase! 15%!


Frostfake on me. Travel form dance around watery entranchemnt. Frostflake on me. Travel form dance around watery entrenchment. Frostflake on me.. OH COME ON!!! We make it through! Everyone lived!



WIN!!! Achievements roll. Reported for spam. Reluu rocking her first heroic piece! BIS healer ring! wooo!

At this point nobody paid any attention to the iceblock that just killed Mavros after Hag died. Oops! Sorry Mav! ❤

Can you tell I’m still all giddy and hyper and excited?? Weeeee!

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In the beginning…

October 28, 2011 2 comments

First post, new blog. Weeeeeee!

This blog is about all things World of Warcraft – my guilty pleasure. I bleed horde blood in the game, and I once ran a leveling guild called <Dead Gnomes Society> on Uldaman US. The guild still exists as a bank guild for the real life friend that sucked me into the game. I felt it was a fitting name for my blog.

This blog chronicles the journey of a WoW nublet into a succesful Guild Leader.

So where do I start? My very very first toon was actually not a horde. Back in late 2006, I had another friend who lives in Amsterdam make me sign up for a trial account on the EU server Argent Dawn. I made a baby Night Elf hunter named Alyki. After helping me with the first few starter quests, he left me to my own devices and said “I want to see you at level 10 tomorrow”. Okay! So I set off on my new quests. Ding! Level 2! And away I go! I shot my arrows at little imp looking things that hopped around, I killed sabres…ding level 3! Off to kill me some spiders!

So I entered the cave of death. Got the first few spiders down but soon they were all over me. I tried to run away. I tried to shoot but “target too close” AMIGAWD… I punched them in the face. I drank a healing potion that dropped off my other kills. Finally it happened.

“You have died, release to the nearest graveyard?”

… um, okay. I’m a ghost. Now what? Let’s try logging off. Logged back in, I’m still a ghost. WHAT DO I DO!! I scratched my head. I ran around aimlessly. I finally logged off and deleted the character. This is too hard.


Fast forward to after the release of The Burning Crusade. I was dating a long time friend, and when he came over and played, I sometimes watched. I decided I wanted to play again. So I bought the game, downloaded it, and he walked me through navigating to Uldaman and making a character on the horde side. Ooh I can be a zombie. Sweet! So my Warlock Lunatyk was born. She ran around Deathknell shadow bolting bad zombies. When I was low in health I got to eat their corpse… BRAAAAAAAINNNNSSSSSSSSS.

(she was later race changed and name changed in case you click the link and get confused)

At level 15, Luna was hanging out in Orgrimmar and discovered the entrance to Ragefire Chasm. Suddenly I got a party invite. There was a mage, and um… some other people. They were all blood elves. They were jumping around and doing this cute twirly move. I wanted to do that! So I made another toon, a blood elf hunter named Alykki. I leveled her all the way to 70 and poor Luna was left in the dust. At this point the guild I was in <Dead Gnomes Float> used to be a PVP guild. Leadership changed hands, my bf’s brother took over, and he turned it into a raiding guild. We were going to raid Kara! As we were gearing up for it in heroics, I got a lot of unsolicited advice on how to play a hunter “you want agility”… “why the fuck do you have strength weapons?” and a LOT of “you’re doing it wrong”. I didn’t know what a rotation was, but I did become a pro at chain trapping! This was before camouflage and trap launchers!

DGF started being a little more focused on end game, progressing into ZA and Gruul/Mag. Finally they stopped inviting me to 10 mans because I was bad. I really was. But I was also really hurt. Nobody bothered to help out a lil nublet. So they decided they needed another healer. They also decided that DGF was for mains only, and that they wanted to make an alt guild.

So my paladin Alykii was born, as was <Dead Gnomes Society>. I recruited other baby toons into DGS to play with. I ended up making some really great WOW friends. When we got to 70 we moved those toons over to DGF to raid.

I will have another post “Confessions of a Healer” to go into more detail on Alykii’s adventures…which will then evolve into “Confessions of a Guild Leader”.

Finally, I was excluded from most raids and I no longer had a place in my guild. I joined a wow-friend’s guild and raided Kara with him on my paladin. I was then recruited into a T6 guild on another server, and was kicked the next day for being bad at healing….in kara gear they threw me face first into Sunwell.. gee mister Elite GL of your Elite T6 Elite Guild how did YOU think that would turn out?? I was stuck on that server for 30 days…and then I moved back to Uldaman for the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

To be continued…..

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